Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists

Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists

Like climate disruption we have politics being the problem.

Bobee05 | 7 februari 2020
Mike83 | 7 februari 2020


Tesla-David | 7 februari 2020

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Mike83 | 15 februari 2020

Nuclear power plants need lots of Cold water so they are built near Sea level or large bodies of water so sea level rise and warming climate exasperate the Climate Crisis.
Taxpayers are subsidizing this especially the current Republican nuts.

Mike83 | 24 februari 2020

The US subsidizing the fossil fuel industry is killing many Americans in all states besides this reported link:
Anyone watch Hunters( Al Pacino about Nazi hunters and how monsters are created?

Mike83 | 1 maart 2020

I discovered this summary of the effects of the Climate Crisis caused by the excessive burning of fossil fuels. it has something like 50 countries involved. The saying 2 heads are better than one might apply, ie. 50 countries are better than one. That more people are looking at the facts the crooks will have nowhere to go.

Mike83 | 5 maart 2020

What the shoreline used to be and how one community is accepting the challenge. A very eloquent article.

Mike83 | 14 maart 2020

A informative article on how the Climate Crisis deniers will deal with Sea level rise.
Of course the fossil fuel cartels will be bailed out, of course other problems with global warming may make money worthless.

Tesla-David | 14 maart 2020

Thanks @Mike83 for the article linked. Can't wait till Mar Lago is also under water. It will be one day and Drumpf and his minions are disgusting beyond belief for not acting on the science/facts regarding Climate Emergency and now his belated and underwhelming action on the Corona virus pandemic.

Mike83 | 25 maart 2020

5 ft. sea level rise. This would be devastating. Seeing the tragedy of allowing fossil fuel interests to run the country because greed is more important than life is just plain dumber than shit.