Today my MX reach 70k miles

Today my MX reach 70k miles

i am happy to say the MX perform well so far reaching 70k miles, with zero cost so far on maintenance, i am a happy camper.

Bparekh19 | 10 september 2017

Is it really zero cost for maintenance?

bob | 10 september 2017

no tires?

ken | 11 september 2017

Yes, did went through 2 sets of tires. otherwise no other expenses, by year end, i will have 100k on it, charge to 100% daily as well.

Triggerplz | 11 september 2017

You didn't get the 10.000 mile maintenance service done?

Tropopause | 11 september 2017

There's a ten-point-zero, zero, zero mile maintenance?

ken | 11 september 2017

tesla said i don't have to.

Triggerplz | 11 september 2017

Tesla said you don't have to have any maintenance service wow I paid around $2700 for the 4 year maintenance service and that's the discounted price for paying in advance

dmm1240 | 12 september 2017

A sales rep told me that going in for the annual maintenance checkup is not really necessary but it's a good idea to do it. If you read what they do, it's basically changing out the cooling fluid in the electric motors every couple of years and giving the car a top to bottom check up. Oh, and they rotate your tires.

Triggerplz | 12 september 2017

They definitely do not rotate the tires not on a MX

Triggerplz | 12 september 2017

Or maybe I shoulda said doing my first annual maintenance service they didn't rotate my tires and there were a list of things they did do, after spending $150.000 without tax I don't mind spending $2700 for the maintenance service, for those that don't want to pay for the service to each his/her own it's their choice but for me I decided to get it

shkvalu | 12 september 2017


Solarman004 | 12 september 2017

Ken, I'm impressed with how many miles you've put on your MX.
When did you take delivery?
What size battery do you have, and how much battery capacity degradation have you seen since new?
Other than those for commercial use, you may be one of the first X owners to reach 100k miles at the rate you are going! It's encouraging to hear how reliable your car has been. To often in the forum we just focus on problems. Thank you for posting.

ken | 13 september 2017

i took delivery may 2016, 90D, i now have 235m at full charge, vs 257 new, first few month i gone through many part update issues like most people have here, and then nothing wrong since, infant my warranty expire and i didn't buy extension either. SC continue to check on me every now and then. the engineered shock how much mile in it as well. he said my MX drive just like new one today if tested side by side.

ken | 13 september 2017

I now use pirelli verde tire, the conti tire wear out too fast.

Bparekh19 | 13 september 2017

70k in just a year and half or less?????

SteveMost | 13 september 2017

So, where did you go? Are you still driving at that rate?

ken | 13 september 2017

yes, still driving same rate

Gwgan | 21 september 2017

Nicely done. Half that many miles since 3/16 on my P90D , Burned through two sets of Michelin and one set of Conti’s and paid for service. One service included changing out the original coolant fluid which sounded kind of important.