Hypocrites corner: Dedicated to Welfare_Mitch and Remnant.

Hypocrites corner: Dedicated to Welfare_Mitch and Remnant.

Thank you Mike for this article. Truly explains how Welfare Mitch became a denier. A weatherman does not need to learn science. Looks like his colleagues have seen the light. I think its time for Welfare Mitch to hop on board.

lilbean | 2 november 2017

That was such an awesome WS! Loved it!!!!!!!

SCCRENDO | 2 november 2017

@Bigdufus. I care about baseball. I just don’t care too much about the Dodgers. I am an Angels fan. I did watch the series and would have preferred the Dodgers to win.

MitchP85D | 3 november 2017

It was an awesome WS! I thought the Dodgers had a better team, and there was no way for the Astros to win game 7. Boy, did they ever prove me wrong!

bigd | 3 november 2017

I thought they were going to win in 6 but no matter how much they cost me. Can only say “awesome”

bigd | 3 november 2017

Calling me bigdufus does not sway your hate for America

SCCRENDO | 3 november 2017

@bigdufus. You are even too stupid to realize that baseball is played all over the world. Did you know that it is played in Japan, Venezuela and Cuba. And some of your baseball heroes were not even born in this country. I bet your mother doesn’t know that you are still into the Halloween candy.

bigd | 3 november 2017

All caps is so anti American he cannnot even realize how antiamerican his commits are

NKYTA | 4 november 2017

GitHub doesn’t allow anti-American commits.

MitchP85D | 4 november 2017

I'm not sure if Captain Planet hates America, but I think it is a good bet he hates the Free Market! I think Captain Planet would like America better if we became more like Cuba and Venezuela!

SCCRENDO | 4 november 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. LOL. And the rationale for your statement is......????

SamO | 5 november 2017

Butt-hurt hypocrisy?

Remnant | 5 november 2017

@SCCRENDO (November 4, 2017)

<< @Welfare_Mitch. LOL. And the rationale for your statement is......???? >>

@Welfare_Mitch had said, "I think it is a good bet [Captain Planet] hates the Free Market!"

As the author of the most socialist, fascist, and anti-American statements on these Forums, it is most idiotic and/or disingenuous for you to ask that question.

Yes, you not only hate Free Markets, but actively and furiously campaign against them.

USA and their their Constitution are squarely incompatible with command (or centrally planned) economies.

rxlawdude | 5 november 2017

USA and their their Constitution are squarely incompatible with command (or centrally planned) economies.

"To promote the general Welfare..."

To some people, that doesn't include regulating the economy and harmful business practices.

Obviously these are Hannity Constitutionalists.

MitchP85D | 5 november 2017

Hellasmarter Dude, harmful business practices are weeded out in a true Free Market! Harmful business practices require government collusion to survive.

Captain Planet, 60cc SamO I have a point blank question for you. Is it better for flood insurance to be handled by the Free Market? Or by the Federal Government. Tell me the answer to the question and explain why. Something tells me you two won't do that because you know your answer will be used against you for other economic sectors.

I am for the Free Market. But if something is not available in the Free Market, how on this whirling rocky sphere can you blame somebody for buying into a government run program when it is the only thing available? I wanted my house covered if it flooded. Private homeowners insurance does not cover flood. I am not fully informed on the whys for that. If there is a Tesla owner out there who works in the insurance business, maybe he/she can explain why. I'm just a little blue-collar weatherman who knows that it rains hard in Houston. I called my insurance agent, and he set it up for me ten years ago. You can speculate, and I can speculate why flood is not private. I am more willing to listen to somebody who works in the insurance business to explain why. NOT, to you socialist A-holes!

Now, do any of you here think it is realistic for me or anybody else to put their insurance agent under a thorough examination about what flood insurance entails? Of course not! If you do, then you are not living in the real world. I just put a request in to my agent to get my home covered for flood, and he delivered after I threw in my 400 bucks. After I bought my flood insurance is when I started to learn about FEMA and what they do. Bottom line, I was covered for 200K on dwelling, 80K for contents. That was sufficient for my needs. I don't have a million dollar home!

Captain Planet, the rational of my statement is that the likes of you want a centrally planned economy as Remnant has alluded to. Cuba and Venezuela are prime examples of what central planning gets you!

SCCRENDO | 5 november 2017

@welfare-Mitch. You got your welfare cheese and obviously feel guilty for taking welfare. You are going on hysterical rants trying to convince us otherwise. I guess its only @Remnant who is impressed by your protests.
@Remnant. I do believe in free markets. But they need to be regulated to prevent environmental and human rights violations. Economies do not need to be centrally planned as Trumpm is trying to do. But we do need to protected against ruthless industries that pollute us and our environment and ignore human rights.

MitchP85D | 5 november 2017


If my roof was taken off by a tornado and I filed a property damage claim, would you consider that welfare??!!! Apparently, you would. According to your logic, anybody who files a claim to repair damage to their property is the same as applying for welfare benefits.

You are a jerk to a level of magnitude beyond comprehension!

SCCRENDO | 5 november 2017

If you take Government money it is welfare that you as a libertarian do not want to pay for. Who covers your roof in the event of a tornado? Private insurance or a government welfare program??

SamO | 5 november 2017

Look at him screaming all-caps. H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s.

It's like climate science. We can EXPLAIN it to you, but we can't UNDERSTAND it for you.

Insurance is socialism for profit.

In this case, the government backstopped your bad insurance. For flooding. In Houston.

So you got money from me.

You are a giant cheese-eating, Obama-phone loving, welfare-baby having, communist. By ever definition you and Scrappy have used on these boards.

You don't make sense. You don't see the consequences of your own actions. You are like a bot that can't pass the Turing test.


MitchP85D | 5 november 2017

No 60cc SamO, you do not have the capacity to understand the concept of homeowners insurance and property damage. If a windstorm knocks a tree over onto your house, will you file a property damage claim? What if a California mudslide engulfs your home. Better yet, how about one of those wildfires torching your home. Are you going to file a property damage claim?

Of course you will file a property damage claim. What I did was no different from what you and Captain Planet would do if your home received damage from a weather or fire event. Your 60cc capacity just can't grasp the concept.

Remnant | 6 november 2017

@SamO (November 5, 2017)

<< Insurance is socialism for profit. >>

Frightful ignorance!

Insurance against excessive risk was born out of the Free Market.

It provides compensation for unusually large and unpredictable damages, on the basis of risk actuaries.

When overtaken by government or its cronies –– like in Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, or Social Security –– insurance does become a boondoggle, fraught with inefficiencies and corruption In such cases, "insurance" is a misnomer, used for demagoguing the dupes among us, while the term "profit" is a misnomer for legalized plunder. These are "entitlement" programs and epitomize the socialist deterioration of our economic structures.

SamO | 6 november 2017


oh you have a mortgage, do you? Well Captain Subsidies, you've been at the government tit longer and getting a lot more milk.

You keep admitting to getting your government subsidy and don't even see it.

SHOCKed, shocked I tell you :-)

Your deduction cost me $77,000,000,000 in 2016 you big cheese eating deadbeat.

"Costing at least $70 billion a year, the mortgage interest deduction is one of the largest federal tax expenditures, but it appears to do little to achieve the goal of expanding homeownership. The main reason is that the bulk of its benefits go to higher-income households who generally could afford a home without assistance: in 2012, 77 percent of the benefits went to homeowners with incomes above $100,000. Meanwhile, close to half of homeowners with mortgages — most of them middle- and lower-income families — receive no benefit from the deduction."

SamO | November 6, 2017
The irony: in defending yourself against charges of taking government benefits, you reveal taking more government benefits.


Do you have kids? They are subsidized by me.

Employer-sponsored healthcare? Stealing my money.

Long term capital gains? Taking from Peter to pay Paul.

401k, IRA? There you are again, with your hand out and mouth open.

"$1.3 trillion worth of tax breaks that are allowed under the Internal Revenue Code. That’s the total estimated impact for fiscal year 2016 of the nearly 200 major “tax expenditures” – government lingo for tax breaks – that come in the form of exemptions, deductions, credits and other special provisions. Tax expenditures are defined as departures from “normal” income-tax law that benefit particular individuals and businesses."

SCCRENDO | 6 november 2017

@Sam0 +100. When others get government money it is called welfare. When welfare-MItch and Remnant get it it is called the free market.

MitchP85D | 6 november 2017

So 60c SamO and Captain Planet, are you advocating for a flat tax? I sure am!

SamO | 6 november 2017

Yes, we know. You are calling for something that will never happen WHILE getting triple helpings of government cheese.

It's part of the conservative bible.

MitchP85D | 6 november 2017

60cc SamO, time for you to put up or shut up. If your home was damaged by a weather event, would you file a property damage claim on it or not? Can you honestly answer that? I don't think you can! And the reason why you can't is because you are so invested into this idea that filing an insurance claim to repair one's property is a welfare payment, you can't back down now!

SCCRENDO | 6 november 2017

@Welfare_MItch. I think what we are both trying to get into your dense skull is that we have no problem with insurance. And Sam and myself claim insurance when we need to. We also pay our taxes without griping so we can have FEMA programs to bail us out if we were stupid enough to build in a flood plain like Houston and refused to acknowledge global warming. It's your libertarian ant-tax anti-welfare strategy where you still get to collect the cheese that we consider pure hypocrisy and we are just pointing out what a hypocrite you are.

SamO | 6 november 2017

Can't change the subject forever, Cheese. You've got your bony claw out for your government handouts and your judgemental welfare face, just two hypocritical sides of the same debauched coin.

Watching you squirm is even better than PWNing you over your climate dullardry.

Good luck Welfare Mitch.

Remnant | 7 november 2017

@SamO (November 6, 2017)

<< Can't change the subject forever, Cheese. You've got your bony claw out for your government handouts and your judgemental welfare face, just two hypocritical sides of the same debauched coin. ... Watching you squirm is even better than PWNing you over your climate dullardry. >>

It's clear you couldn't support discussions above your intellectual level, but you should at least accommodate some decorum if you've attended grammar school. You're undoubtedly the most pitiful iteration of coarse and obscene usage of the English language on these Forums, clearly intended to conceal your multiple creep + moron deficiencies.

Listen, animal ... ! You've not been educated enough to understand insurance, so it shouldn't even cross your rudimentary mind to insult someone for collecting on properly funded loss risks. You don't have a leg to stand on, vomit. Being PWNed is a promotion for you, douche-bag.

SamO | 7 november 2017

look at scrappy using his big words to make a delicious salad. keep it up monkey-boy.

SCCRENDO | 7 november 2017

@Brain-Remnant. It would be difficult for anyone to support discussions above their intellectual level. It depends entirely on where your intellectual level resides. In your case your Remnant seems incapable of grasping logical thought and appears a little weak on scientific as well other facts. Your strength does appear to reside in reflex, bigoted statements.

MitchP85D | 7 november 2017

I pay my taxes too Captain Planet! I've had the same CPA for over 25 years. They've done the same thing they have always done, and make sure I comply with tax law!

According to your dumb ass, anybody who lives somewhat near (within 75 miles) the Gulf Coast or the East Coast is in a flood zone!!! What in the hell do you expect everybody to do? Just abandon their homes and uproot themselves? Never mind the businesses and jobs that are within 75 miles of the coast. By the way, I am using 75 miles as a guide because that is how far I live away from the Gulf Coast. You keep vomiting out this mantra that I am in a floodplain when I'm not.

With the same logic, I can just as easily say everybody in California needs to uproot themselves and abandon their homes because the BIG ONE is due to hit any day now!!!

Remnant is damn right. Captain Planet and 60cc SamO have weak minds!

SamO | 7 november 2017

Only Cheese and Scrappy have minds nimble and intelligent enough to "outsmart" thousands of PhD scientists without the faintest grasp of climate, science or learning.

I bow down to your superior wisdom, handed down through the ages, with skills such as phrenology and healing crystals. The power of tinfoil headgear to prevent the CIA from reading your thoughts. Reverse osmosis to remove the fluoride that controls your children and makes your wife frigid.

Mitch and Remnant: Team Know Nothing

MitchP85D | 7 november 2017

60cc SamO and Captain Planet = Kool-Aid Drinkers

Lots of geo-scientists don't bow down to the global warming god you two worship!

SCCRENDO | 8 november 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. You made the mistake of moving to a potential flood zone in a jurisdiction where the politicians ignore environmental laws and let some build on wetlands. They even build on the back side of a reservoir that can fill up and overflow to get the houses behind it in a major hurricane. They were doing it to remove the "red-tape" that you guys don't like. You know those environmental regulations that get in the way of industry and hold things up. Your second problem is that you didn't do science at Texas A&M so you failed to understand that climate change was going on causing sea levels to rise and more severe hurricanes. But of course our tax dollars are still there to provide you with cheese when you flood again. I don't know whether you pay your fair share of taxes but by your own admission the IRS did have some questions. I know Trump is trying to cut FEMA so I guess you should tweet him and ask what to do. Perhaps he could put part of the Mexican wall around your property or introduce extreme vetting for hurricanes.Perhaps he could bring some of the military back from North Korea to protect your home.

MitchP85D | 8 november 2017

Absolute horse crap coming from Captain Planet. FEMA has finely detailed maps for what areas are more prone to flooding than others. The flood insurance rates are determined by what FEMA determines as high or low risk. Sea level had absolutely nothing to do with my flood situation. It was rainfall rate and total rainfall that occurred during the extraordinary Harvey event. Lots of good info about why one should have flood insurance. Click on "I don't have flood insurance--why do I need it.

MitchP85D | 9 november 2017

Last thing in the world I need is a lecture from some sanctimonious socialist turd about science.

MitchP85D | 9 november 2017

Get this, 98% of all US counties have been impacted by a flooding event. Hey 60cc SamO and Captain Planet, does that mean 98% of the US is a flood zone??!!! Feelin' pretty stupid now?

MitchP85D | 9 november 2017

Here, check California out for flood events!!!

Remnant | 9 november 2017

@MitchP85D (November 9, 2017)

<< Last thing in the world I need is a lecture from some sanctimonious socialist turd about science. >>

Brilliant ... !

A Sanctimonious Socialist Turd is a SASOT.

And he also needs to be down-ranked to foot soldier. He might however deserve the order of Planet Crap.

So, SASOT of the order of Planet Crap is no longer a Captain.

Time to cry fellas, time to cry ... !!!!

Or join the roar of the disappointed "liberal" idiots who celebrate the November 8, 2016 loss by screaming their brains off.

Madatgascar | 9 november 2017

A moderate jumps in midstream in an argument between zealots.

I trust everyone understands the Houston floods were the result of record rainfall, not storm surge or rising sea levels. But increasingly higher rainfall totals have been related to increased moisture levels in the atmosphere, which many climatologists attribute to global climate change.

I can't fathom how filing an insurance claim, whether with a private insurer or government, is comparable to receiving welfare. It's not in the same ballpark.

SamO | 9 november 2017

FEMA cheese.


Can it really be that hard to understand?

MitchP85D | 9 november 2017

Hey Madgas, your comments are very welcome here. Thank you! As a weatherman, I need to point out that Harvey's rainfall was more of a result from very slow forward speed than actual moisture content in the troposphere.

Remnant, I like SASOT. I think I will use SASOT for Captain Planet and 60cc SamO interchangeably. In fact, I might rank them. Captain Planet will be SASOT1 and 60cc SamO will be SASOT2.

Hey SASOT2, my family has supported FEMA with our insurance premiums for 10 years and counting. Now that I am a flood victim, you and SASOT1 are pissed off that I am using it. What do you think flood insurance is for?!!

Hey, have the two SASOTs checked out California flood events yet? It has been well documented for every state and county. 98% of all US counties have had flood events. Will SASOT1 and SASOT2 care to address that issue.

SCCRENDO | 9 november 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. The intellectuals on this forum, you and Brain_Remnant seem to be trying to up the ante. Moving up in the nickname department???. I knew you guys had some skill somewhere.

Believe it or not I am also concerned about California floods. Climate change consequences are not only confined to Houston. But at least California is trying to get away from fossil fuels.

MitchP85D | 9 november 2017

Hey Captain SASOT, have you bothered to check out wind energy in Texas?

SCCRENDO | 9 november 2017

@Welfare_MItch. I think you spend all the Texas wind energy on this forum. Yeah I am aware of the wind energy. But many would suggest that fossil fuel headquarters Houston could do more to move away from fossil fuels and perhaps also try bring in sensible environmental regulations to control building homes in the wrong places such as flood plains, wetlands and behind dams

MitchP85D | 9 november 2017

If the people demand fossil fuels, fossil fuels will continue to be produced. If the people quit demanding fossil fuels, the energy business will move away from it. SASOT1 has a difficult time understanding that very basic fact!

SCCRENDO | 9 november 2017

@Welfare_MItch. And we will have to continue doling out our tax dollars to cover your welfare cheese.

MitchP85D | 9 november 2017

Captain SASOT, are you assuming I am going to flood every year here in Houston? Highly unlikely!

SCCRENDO | 10 november 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. Who said anything about every year? But I still fear that you and your buddies whio rebuild in flood zone are going to continue to collect FEMA cheese intermittently

MitchP85D | 10 november 2017

Captain SaSoT, you still haven't addressed that issue of 98% of US counties having flood events in the past! People flood everywhere! Every year, somebody's home gets flooded. 20% flood outside of designated flood zones.

Your fear is shallow! Just about everybody's home is at risk for some type of damaging event.