Yellow band along borders of touchscreen

Yellow band along borders of touchscreen

I got my car in January of this year and the main screen has developed a yellow band along the top and two sides that is visible in the daytime but not in night mode. It is very uniform in width. Rebooting did not make a difference.

A web search does not show any reports of this and I'm wondering if any of the owners here have had this happen to their cars.

Thanks. | 21 september 2017

I've not seen it or heard of anything like it. I'd run a couple of tests, such as turn on display clean mode (mostly black screen) during the day. Might also try the browser full screen with a white website page (like this forum). Sounds like the display might be lacking the blue pixel lines in these areas (a screen defect). Tesla service can fix it, but it doesn't sound like a software issue.

RedJ | 21 september 2017

I had that exact same thing happen on my car (nov2016 build). I showed it to a tech at the Santa Clara SC last month as I was in for service and they said that they'd never seen it before but immediately said they would replace it which they did.

unmesh | 21 september 2017

I tried posting a link to a picture of the yellowing but the site won't let me.

unmesh | 26 september 2017

Took it into the service center today and they said they would replace the unit.

They gave me a 100D loaner with only 5 miles on it! It drives like a much heavier car than my non-D but I may play with the settings to see if one of the modes is causing it to feel this way. Also noisier because of the front motor.

adspguy | 27 september 2017

I noticed this a couple of days ago on my December 2016 90D. At first I thought I was seeing things. Then I thought that maybe I just noticed it and now can't un-see it. But looking at it closely when I was at home I realized it is a real and new problem. As the OP stated, it didn't clear up with reboots either. I just had it in for its 12.5k service about a week ago, I guess I'll be going back to get it fixed.

rxlawdude | 27 september 2017

Hmm, clustered reports from Nov-Dec '16 and Jan '17.

Bad batch?

KP in NPT | 27 september 2017

Seems that way, rx, since this seems to be a new issue and only for newer far.

NolaDavid | 27 oktober 2017

I’m having the same issue in Dec delivery Model S. My dad is having the same issue with his. Nov. delivery. Sounds like a serious issue for Tesla.

davidj.morris | 27 oktober 2017

Same thing in my March-delivery Model S.

larry | 28 oktober 2017

I thought I had noticed something strange framing the center screen, but I though maybe it was the light refraction angle or something strange like that I realize it is a more widespread issue, I just made an appt to have the screen replaced. The service person I spoke to didn't say it was a known issue, but she wasn't doubting the problem....My 2017 90D was built in Jan, 2017 (delivered 1/22/2017)

Run4Waffles | 28 oktober 2017

I just noticed this on my March ‘17 S90D. :-(

I’ll need to call SvC.

MAPC | 28 oktober 2017

It's there on my late December build P100D as well. I noticed it when I took delivery of the car (Inventory/Exec car) recently but only noticed it when in map mode.

I will call my tech on Monday!


larry | 28 oktober 2017

For those who haven't noticed the yellow band around the center touchscreen, it can be very subtle, depending on the backlight level you use, or the background color of the screen you are watching. To get a clearer idea if the problem exists in your vehicle, I suggest checking the drawing screen with a white background, and if you have the issue, it should become more obvious, IMO, in that configuration....

KP in NPT | 28 oktober 2017

Bad batch??

lt1buick | 29 oktober 2017

I got a late December 2016 model S and have this exact problem, must be a bad batch. Have not had mine fixed yet

Mchenry7 | 1 november 2017

My March 2017 build just got the yellow band. No good

burdogg | 1 november 2017

Model X Dec 16 build same thing

larry | 2 november 2017

Just had my touchscreen replaced - no more yellow line, and the seems to be responding/ refreshing a little quicker (although that might be a placebo effect). Service gave me zero hassle about it - and provided me with a brand new 100D Model X to use while they performed the repairs.

As a young company, Tesla products have definitely had some teething pains, and I've taken mine for service in it's first 8 months more than all other vehicles I've owned combined....but, honestly, I've been treated great as the service center (Los Angeles / Centinela) every time. Prompt repairs, text alerts and updates, car washes, friendly personnel who seem to enjoy their jobs, and who get the job done. And fantastic loaner car program. First time I've had a vehicle that I enjoy taking to the dealer lol...

PeteB Lake Oswego | 3 november 2017

My Feb 2017 had exactly this same thing this October, about a 1/4" yellow border around the whole screen. Tesla service replaced the screen (or whole MCU?) and it's fine.

werner1979 | 5 november 2017

Noticed the yellow lines on white background today in December 2016 S60D. How long does it take for the new screen to be delivered and how long is the car in service for? We are not too bothered and are already looking forward to the P100D loaner.

stevenmaifert | 6 november 2017

@werner1979 - If the service center has the screen in stock, it only takes a day to replace. If they have to order it, who knows but probably less than two weeks.

ferdd4 | 10 november 2017

Thanks for all the support in the forum on problems and resolution. My S is a Nov 2016 build and has also developed the Yellow screen lines on the boarder. Notified service and waiting to hear back....Thanks

jordanrichard | 10 november 2017

Mar 2014 delivered car, no issues.

Khomapaul | 16 november 2017

MS90D 03/17 Production

Just noticed yellow bands on mine

adspguy | 21 november 2017

OK, so I finally got my dec 16 build 90D fixed yesterday. They ended up replacing the MCU rather than just the touch screen. They did NOT copy over my settings so I had to reprogram everything, kind of a drag. YMMV.

desai | 24 november 2017

Just noticed the yellow bands at edges of the screen for my March 2017 Model S. :(
Need to get it fixed.

susanellis | 5 december 2017

My 2016 MS90D has just developed this problem also.

oasis007 | 9 december 2017

Mine just showed this issue today. Yellow band around the screen. Manufactured Jan 2017

byrail2 | 17 december 2017

This just happened to ours yesterday (we have a December 2016 S75D). We have an appointment tomorrow morning to fix another issue, so will let the SC know. Hopefully, they have the screen in stock and can replace during this visit.

bp | 18 december 2017

Ditto - March S 100D, problem appeared last week (unfortunately, had the 12,500 mile maintenance a few weeks ago, so will either schedule a new appointment or try to live with it for another 10K miles...).

steven | 19 december 2017

Same here. Screen will be replaced :-(

plugzin | 19 december 2017

Ditto, Dec. 2016 delivered 90D. Will probably have it fixed at the next service interval.

steven | 19 december 2017

Amazes me that there are so many of us having this issue. My car was built early January and delivered in March (EU).
A former colleague of mine who ordered a week before I did has the same problem.
so maybe they got a bad batch of screens? But then they should do a general recall, no?

bp | 20 december 2017

This is what happened with the early production Model S cars. After a few years, many of those cars had bubbles appear underneath the touchscreen membrane - requiring screen replacement.

This looks likes a similar problem - a different problem with the touchscreen adhesive, that causes it to yellow over time. While it's inconvenient to get the additional service done, it's not a big deal - we'll get replacement screens - and it doesn't affect the operation of the car (like what happened with the screen bubbles with the "classic" Model S cars).

Bill_75D | 20 december 2017

I hope mine doesn't wait until I have 50,001 miles before it gets the yellow band. December 2016 build.

S75RedRidingHood | 20 december 2017

@Bill_75D mine is the same Dec-2016 build and I just noticed the yellow border lately until I switched to the light map so noticed it. If you have satellite map on all the time, it harder to notice.
Anyway, took them into San Diego Service Center and they finally took care of it. The service experience there is another story for another post however.

bp | 21 december 2017

The Service Center called me to schedule an appointment next week to replace the screen. They indicated this can't be done with mobile service - and has to be done in the service center. And, the replacement process takes long enough that they'll have to provide a loaner.

Wonder if the supplier for the parts is having to pay for the replacement screens, extra service call and loaner...

p.c.mcavoy | 21 december 2017

@bp - Most supplier contracts limit liability to value of replacement parts, just as most warranties you'll get on a consumer purchase commonly limit to replacement of the product. No other reimbursement for loss of service, etc. If it's a very tight partnership there can at times be other negotiations, but those tend to be pretty limited cases in my experience.

rxlawdude | 21 december 2017

@p.c., I believe the UCC allows a lot more recourse than you describe.

proxy | 21 december 2017

I have it too. Just noticed in the last couple of weeks. My car was delivered December 2016.

flagshipdynamics | 3 januari 2018

Same here - March 2017 delivery. Just noticed it in the last week.

bp | 4 januari 2018

WARNING... When Tesla replaced the defective touchscreen last week, due to the yellow boarder (probably an adhesive issue), they evidently also replaced the console processor. When I got into the car to leave at the Service Center, all settings/data had been cleared - and I had to start back over, like when we first picked up the car, to memorize driver settings, pair to my smartphone, enter home destination, adjust the car/app settings, memorize radio stations, ...

burdogg | 4 januari 2018

have it as well on my X Dec 2016 delivery. I caught up in Tucson at a charger someone that works in Fremont and in fact trains a lot of the Rangers - trained my CO ranger. Anyway, he had heard about it but hadn't seen it, after looking, his thoughts were right with what has been said, it has to do with the adhesive.
Taking mine in in a couple weeks to get replaced, is there any downsides to replacing? I just hate having my car disassembled :)

bp | 5 januari 2018

Only downside of the replacement - it's likely the car's stored settings will be cleared - and you'll have to start over.

barrykmd | 5 januari 2018

It's too bad they can't save them to a flash drive, then reinstall them. There should be a way...

am_dmd | 5 januari 2018

Yes be prepared to loose all settings. Even though tesla will say they will backup everything and only some settings will get lost but pretty much everything well get reset.

stevenmaifert | 5 januari 2018

They can save your settings to external memory. My screen was replaced earlier this year for the bubbles issue and the only thing I had to do was pair my phone again to the BT. Driver profiles, driving preferences and Media Center presets were all saved. If you are getting your screen replaced, ask the customer service rep about savings your settings.

ferdd4 | 5 januari 2018

Had the yellow band around the edge of the main screen. My S is a Nov 2016 build. It took 6 weeks to get the screen and a half of day to replace. The best I can tell is that the screen is a known batch problem. There was a video on You Tube that had an owner with a number of issues with the same time period of build and had the yellow screen edge as one of the issues. Just schedule and get it replaced......

jonathand76 | 17 januari 2018

Well just picked up my car from service for a completely different thing and when I got into the driver's seat, message on the dash said "touchscreen unresponsive" and press the two scroll wheels to reboot. Which I did, and then, yellow band all around the display. Just called Tesla and they are ordering a new one. My X was delivered in Dec 2016.

reed_lewis | 17 januari 2018

My screen on my one year old Model S has the yellow band issue. I am getting it replaced tomorrow.