14-50 receptacle

14-50 receptacle

Installed this morning. 2+30 hrs and wire run 50 ft.


dsvick | 27 september 2017

I've got a quote for $500 for mine. I'll probably get it done in next few months (not expecting delivery until February) and want to, at least, sit in one (the car, not the outlet) before going forward.

KP in NPT | 27 september 2017

That sounds like a good price for that long a run.

HockeyEV | 27 september 2017

I need to find your electrician! I keep getting quoted around 800 each as i am installing 2 so a total of $1,600! Maybe my run is different though as it has to come up from the basement to the garage. I am in Northern NJ.

garyjtate | 27 september 2017

My 200 amp box is located in garage, on the opposite corner by garage door he installed outlet. 50-60 ft run. I have staircase to attic above garage so that made a straight forward install.

akgolf | 27 september 2017

I was able to have one installed next to the circuit box last year for $75.

Carl Thompson | 27 september 2017

"I was able to have one installed next to the circuit box last year for $75."

You were able to pull a permit, buy materials and have an outlet installed for $75?

95dawg | 27 september 2017

$75? Your uncle/brother/neighbor who's an electrician did the work then?

seattlemag | 27 september 2017

I would kill for those kind of rates. Quote for me in Seattle area was $650 in garage for 14-50, directly below the panel. That doesn't include permits. Electrician would add 15' of wire for extra $50. Still debating whether to go down a notch and install 14-30 connector because I'm on 100A service and we'll have to do a load analysis on the townhome in order to make the inspector happy with the 50A CB installed. I'm hoping I can use the fact the the M3 MC will only go to 32A in my favor.

If I go with the 14-30, I've estimated that the 24A charge rate will provide about 22 mph. That's probably good enough for most commuting days, and a lot less hassle. It would also bring total cost down to $500.

And I've resigned myself to getting in inspection "by the book" given the HOA I'm in and to minimize any potential rental or resale issues that could creep up in the future.

KP in NPT | 27 september 2017

Did you get other quotes, Seattlemag?

Everyone should be getting multiple quotes - and preferably not mention it's for a Tesla. Certain electricians have been known to jack the price when they hear the T word.

dsvick | 27 september 2017

@KP +1 on the multiple quotes!! I got four and the lowest and highest were different by $200. The bonus being that the lowest was also already licensed in my city and on Tesla's recommended list. Although I'll have to buy my own charging cable holder from Tesla.

seattlemag | 27 september 2017

I've only got 2 quotes so far, KP. But good idea to leave out the T word!

I'll ask for a few more and focus on the "D" word ... dryer ;).

Just never mind the other circuit labeled dryer on the panel.... I need two! :)

akgolf | 27 september 2017

@95dawg - My nephew offered for free, but we actually had an electrician do the install. The electrician was at the house doing something else and quoted me the price for the outlet. I was surprised at the cost, but didn't complain. Works great with my Leaf.

Patronus | 27 september 2017

About $220 for one installed next to circuit breaker box. Approx. $70 labor, $60 parts, $70 permit + tax.

Tesla2018 | 27 september 2017

My panel is in my garage so I only need a few feet of wire. I think its about $6 a ft at Home Depot. The receptacles vary from about 15 to 100 depending on the type. Not sure how much the breakers are but they arent very expensive. I am gping to have my plug wired so I can also hook up a generator to to power things in the house in case of a power failure. Not sure how its done and think I need an A/B type switch for turning off the main power for the generator to avoid backfeeding the line when power comes back but my brother is an elecrician and said he will do it for me.

noleaf4me | 27 september 2017

Installed my charger in my garage myself 4 years ago (for my leaf)....Just cost for the charger, wire and labor rate is pretty low ;-)

Frank99 | 27 september 2017

Tesla2018 -
Really, don't even think about plugging a generator into the outlet. Get a permit, let your brother do it, and get it inspected. Linemen out trying to restore power after a storm really hate it when they grab hold of "dead" power lines only to find that someone's done a redneck job of installing a generator and those dead lines have power on them.

Tesla2018 | 27 september 2017

I know that some type of switch or panel s needed so that the generstor doesnt backfeed into regular power lines. That is why I am having my brother do it since he knows that the town will require. My neighbor is contractor and has some type of panel box that shuts off the main incoming breaker and has separate breakers for the circuits that he wants to have on at various times of the day powered by the generator when the power is out.

Frank99 | 27 september 2017

The guy out there trying to restore your power in the rain appreciates it.

dgstan | 27 september 2017

Holy Cow!!!

I was just quoted $2400 for a 50 foot run from my garage to my existing breaker box. Nothing but the wire and the outlet - box is fine as is.

You guys are right - next time I'm leaving out the "T" word.

jefjes | 27 september 2017

@noleaf4me- Did the same when I got our Leaf used last year. Bought a JuiceBox 40 off Amazon and got the breaker, 6 gauge wire, and 14-50 outlet at Home Depot. Went straight thru the breaker box that is on the outside of the garage wall into the garage right where I wanted the receptacle anyway. I only bought 3' of each color of wire and ended up I probably got 2' to much.

@Tesla2018- If you are planning to backfeed the 14-50 with a generator instead of having it hard wired, it will require a hot male plug once the generator is putting out power. That can be pretty dangerous for the unknowing person to mess with but if it were me, I would start by turning off your main breaker first, plug in the male receptacle that will become hot, then start the generator. Once utility power is restored to your area, reverse that process and you should be fine. Legal? No. Safe? Yes, as long as you do it exactly the way I stated.

Mapowing | 28 september 2017

$750 here from Mojave Electric in Vegas +$550 for Tesla Wall Connector

globalMan | 28 september 2017

Mapowing -
Does the $750 include panel upgrade to 200A, and does it require long wiring, trenching, etc?

Iwantmy3 | 28 september 2017

I haven't looked for a quote yet since I am still a year away from getting my "3" I have a 100' run but I can buy the cable a lay it myself. I am hoping that all I need an electrician for is to hook it up and make it official.

Still wonder how much I will get charged just for that. I had a new panel put in 15 years ago that has plenty of open slots ($500 for the panel and doing the wiring at the time. I was happy with that)

PhillyGal | 28 september 2017

@Tesla2018 - The receptacle itself is like 9 bucks. Add 2 or 3 for a cover plate.

@garyjtate - Congrats! Sounds to me like a very fair price.

@Everyone else - Do not, not, not mention a Tesla. Lie if you have to. Say you want your house to be worth more later. Say you're thinking of taking up hobby welding. Say your brother Ed is coming to stay with his RV for a while.

PhillyGal | 28 september 2017

Side note: I have mine installed nearest to my breaker panel, which is the total opposite of my charge port in a very small garage. Yes, it's sort of a pain. You have to climb behind in an awkward way to get to the charge cable, which we have hanging over a the tire of a wall mounted bike.

But "sort of a pain" means taking 20 seconds instead of 10, so I wouldn't pay for the extra wire run if I was doing it all over again.

Sandy’s 3 | 28 september 2017

Mines being done right now. Sitting outside using my neighbours wifi! (with permission ;). Doing a complete upgrade. Already have buried 200amp to the meter. 100 amp to 200amp panel. 80' run of Teck armoured 6/3 wire to a, for now, Nema 14-50. Panel upgrade $1130. Wire run, outlet and CB $750. Includes permits and inspections. Large company. Good price in Ontario, Canada

Randkthorn | 28 september 2017

For $170 I aspirationally had a 14-50 circuit and outlet installed to Tesla recommendations when our house was built a couple of years ago. That great deal is going to cost me at least $50,000

globalMan | 28 september 2017

"...Do not, not, not mention a Tesla. Lie if you have to..."

Can't if you want them to install the Tesla Wall Connector.

Can't if you decide to hire a Tesla-recommended electrician.

topher | 28 september 2017

"Can't if you decide to hire a Tesla-recommended electrician."

Why not? Do you think Tesla-recommendation are their ONLY business?

Thank you kindly.

jefjes | 28 september 2017

@gllivyl- Just have them install a 14-50 receptacle then later have that run used for the Tesla HPWC if that is what you want. It would be a simple conversion and if the receptacle isn't used after the Tesla HPWC replaces it, you may be out $10 for that part that you can easily use else where or sale to get part of that cost back. The possible money you would save by not announcing it's for a Tesla for the initial power run could more than make up the difference.

globalMan | 28 september 2017

jefjes - thanks.

KP in NPT | 28 september 2017

+1 Topher

seattlemag | 28 september 2017

If you go through Tesla recommendation for an electrician, they are required to tell Tesla how much they charged and go through all the legal requirements (permiting, etc). The electrician told me that he would personally not worry about installing a 50-amp circuit without a permit, but since he has to play "by the book" in order to be a Tesla recommended provider.

I totally understand how that could increase their costs but is important to maintain a good relationship and get business. The guy I worked with was very reasonable but was clear he wanted to maintain a good relationship with Tesla. I can see why Tesla wants to make sure all installations go through without a hitch and are accomplished by a well qualified professional. I'm sure they also are using the installation data for their own internal strategy and analytics.

All that being said, calling up said providers and avoiding the T word is the best approach :)

Rocky_H | 28 september 2017

Owner: "I want a 14-50 outlet installed here."
Electrician: "That'll be two hundred dollars."
Owner: "Yeah, it's for my new Tesla!"
Electrician: "Oh, did I say hundred? I meant thousand."

PhillyGal | 29 september 2017

@topher +1

patswin | 29 september 2017

You could always play the sympathy card with the electrician. Since a 14-50 outlet is used for campers as well tell him your in laws just retired and bought a camper. They are always visiting you now and asked if you could install outlet to plug into. You don't want to but spouse insists :- )

me072 | 29 september 2017

My electrician is proposing using 4 gauge instead of 6 due to approx. 130 ft run length to detached garage...Any problem with using 4 gauge instead of 6? I've gotten many quotes ranging from $1300 to $2900...unlicensed electrician and no permits is the lowest. here in North Jersey.

me072 | 29 september 2017

BTW that's for installing a NEEMA14-50 outlet

Frank99 | 29 september 2017

AWG 4 for that long of a run might make sense to minimize voltage drop @ 50A. There's a good calculator here:
although it shows a voltage drop for AWG 6 of 5 volts, and for AWG 4, 3 volts. I'm not sure that's enough of a difference to care...

garyjtate | 29 september 2017

I’m Using the mobile connector here which is restricted to 32 amp.

hmgolds | 29 september 2017

50amps at 220v! I have no problem doing it myself with a proper inspection but no way I'd use an unlicensed electrician with no inspection. And no permit means no inspection. My 2 cents.

Unless you know how to do it right and watch them every step of the way. But then you'd probably do it yourself anyway. BTW, what is an unlicensed electrician?

PhillyGal's welding suggestion is excellent. Much easier to claim a stick welder in the garage than a 2nd dryer or range. :)