Tesla Replacement Parts - 3 months waiting can't it be faster??

Tesla Replacement Parts - 3 months waiting can't it be faster??

I have a 2017 Model S that was in a relatively minor front end collision in July. The shop said the repairs would take 3 weeks, but the parts would take 1 month to arrive. After a month, they told me they could not get the front bumper assembly and the interior headliner. The front bumper assembly finally arrived after two months. So, I would get my car back after in 3 months for a 3 week repair.

Today, I was informed that they have no estimated arrival date for the headliner. So, they have pushed my completion date out another month with no real end in sight. 4 plus months for parts for a 3 week repair is crazy. I love the car, but recommending it would have to come with a huge caveat. After 5 years of production, this should be sorted out.

I only drove the car for 4 months, and now it will have been in the shop for most of the time. So frustrating!!!

Any suggestions??

Tropopause | 10 oktober 2017

Why do you need headliner for a "relatively minor front end collision"?

Tropopause | 10 oktober 2017

And why do you have five redundant posts? | 10 oktober 2017

If minor accident, I always recommend to continue to drive (if possible) until the parts arrive. I agree they wait is excessive. This guide helps with repairs and has people to contact at Tesla to speed up parts:

rxlawdude | 10 oktober 2017

@Trop, I thought the same thing about the headliner.

lilbean | 10 oktober 2017

85% TEA

Tesla Ownership | 10 oktober 2017

We can help -- we have a team of Body Repair case managers at your disposal. Email the name and VIN to and they will hop right on the repair. We're shipping 95% of parts within 4 days of order.

wm_vasquez | 10 oktober 2017

I'll send my info. That's exactly what I need.

Thanks for the help

Sid4300 | 7 december 2018

Model S got rear ended and is in Tesla approved body shop (Servise King) for 3 months now waiting for parts. Body shop keeps extending dates in increments of 2 weeks each time saying certain part has not arrived yet. Now ETA is end of February 2019 which will make the total repair time 6 months if parts arrive as promised. It is so frustrating that Tesla is only interested in selling new cars but does not care for repair parts supply. I also blame body shop as l asked them that l like to keep the car, as it was still driveable, until parts arrive but that time they said parts will be coming in one week and repairs will complete in 2 weeks. Insurance already paid full amount to body shop. I am making loan payments and insurance while l can not use the car. If anyone knows how to escalate this and if that can help please let me know.

rxlawdude | 21 september 2019


PrescottRichard | 21 september 2019

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