Frustrated with Tesla... Seems like it cannot deliver

Frustrated with Tesla... Seems like it cannot deliver

Over the past 8 weeks, I had 8 instances of extremely annoying issues with Tesla, and I am now convinced that this company has serious competence and credibility issues. My issues keep on escalating in terms of gravity... the latest one is a lie claiming that my file was submitted for city permits on Nov 21 (PowerWall+solar), whereas when I visited the city, I was told that there was no application for permit.
I have an order for a Tesla car, and I am really concerned about quality, service and ability to deliver.
I have submitted a post on Nov 14, 2017, describing my issues as the design team had to rework my file 6 times (and took 6 weeks) to get it right (they delivered wrong number of panels, empty files, panels that have the wrong layout, panels that are off center...) and just today -on the 8th week- I learned that their design needed to be reworked again and that city permit was not filed.
Please fix your your problems Tesla and deliver your commitments!!! Fix your design team. Get somebody to own projects and deliver them. Inform customers when there are problems. Do not lie to customers. My account is moradbenayed @ gmail . com / dorraf @ yahoo . fr. My poor sales lady is Erikka and personal concierge is Taylor Gurney.

Rocky_H | 1 december 2017

Holy cow, this is in every section of the forum. You know this has nothing to do with the Model 3, right?

rxlawdude | 1 december 2017

Flagged for douchebaggery

gar1116 | 1 december 2017

He wants to be heard I guess.

Carl Thompson | 1 december 2017

I wouldn't be too worried, @Moradbenayed. Solar panel arrays are not complex to design or install and Tesla has done a million of them. In the end it will be all right. If it's a couple of weeks late that's no big deal either.

I had similar concerns when my own array was being installed by a different company but when it was finally done it was exactly how I wanted and I couldn't be more pleased with the money-saving results.

So just relax and enjoy you array when it's done.

Carl Thompson | 1 december 2017

We've all been frustrated before so no need for all the hate, folks.

Rocky_H | 1 december 2017

No hate here for what is said--it's a valid gripe--except that I just don't need to see this complaint diplicated in 3 or 4 different sections of the forum.

TabascoGuy | 1 december 2017

"diplicated" Heh heh, was that a Freudian slip?