A/C keeps blowing cool air when setpoint is reached

A/C keeps blowing cool air when setpoint is reached

I am hijacking an old thread of mine since I can't create a new topic, despite having requested owner privileges a couple months ago. So you can ignore the first 9 replies that were about the original topic of a Model 3 sighting.

Anyway, recently when I have climate control enabled to cool the car it seems to keep blowing out cold air even after the interior has reached the desired temperature. Today on my way home from work the interior temp was 77, so I turned on climate control (on auto) and set the temp to 73. The cold air came on as expected but partway through my commute I was feeling cold and noticed the interior was now at 67 and the fan was still blowing cold air, despite the fact that the setpoint was still at 73. I think this has been going on for a while because I have felt too cold in the past when the air was on but I only recently realized where the interior temp was displayed, confirming that it isn't functioning properly. On cold days I have used the heater just fine, so I know it is capable of doing other things besides blowing cold air.

Is there something I might be doing wrong that would cause this?

AJPHL | 17 december 2017

There were at least two delivered in SD area as of a couple months ago, as I had tried to get to see one when I was out there in the fall. I believe one was midnight silver so you probably saw one of the earliest-delivered examples.

jamilworm | 17 december 2017

One thing that also made me think it was the store's car was that the interior was super clean and there weren't any personal belongings visible in the car. But maybe it was just recently delivered and the owner hasn't gotten it messy yet.

flwrman | 20 december 2017

Just saw a black color Model 3 today in Fremont, CA. Saw the side and back only until it turned right on a green light and got a glimpse of the front for just a few seconds!!
Still anxiously waiting from 3/31/16 at 10:18 am for config. Live 5 miles from Factory. Non owner !!!

Xerogas | 20 december 2017

Oh wow, that is not stannous2’s VIN, so you saw yet another one in San Diego! To my count, that makes 3 for the area. I know the guy who owns #506

KP in NPT | 20 december 2017

@jamilworm that's how our Model S looks - 2.5 years later. ;-)

HWF | 20 december 2017

I recently returned home from a week in the San Diego area. While there, I kept a sharp lookout for a model 3. Alas, none to be seen.

andy.connor.e | 20 december 2017

If i spot a wild M3 out here, i am going to tranquilize it, bring it home, and put it in a cage until it obeys my every command. Which shouldnt be hard since it has voice command standard.

TabascoGuy | 20 december 2017

I saw my first M3 in person today here in Michigan.


What a beautiful looking car. I was really impressed. Everyone was right, pictures do not do it justice.

Jmarfia | 20 december 2017

I got to ride in one a month or so ago :-) I was on the fence about buying, and that ride convinced me ;-) Saw a red one parked next to me last week -- stunning.

jamilworm | 19 maart 2019

----**** A/C discussion starts here. ****----

Has anyone noticed this before?

howard | 19 maart 2019

I have noticed this every one in awhile during heat and when the temp comes up and feels comfortable it switches to blowing cool at the top. I have found for whatever reason the system is no longer in auto mode. Turn auto back on and it is fine.

jeff d | 19 maart 2019

I thought I was nuts but maybe not. I believe I've experience the same thing but just thought I couldn't judge how cold it was. Temp was set at 70. Which software version you at? I'm still running 2018.50.6

82bert | 19 maart 2019

Noticed similar behavior.

derotam | 20 maart 2019

Never seen my system turn off Auto mode by itself...

stevehendler | 20 maart 2019

Mine seems to be doing the same. On days with a lot of sun load, the interior can be say 85 and turning on the CC and letting it run causes it to run non stop with cold air even after set point is reached. On those days I have to just turn climate off.

andy.connor.e | 20 maart 2019

Are you talking about the fact that all the ductwork inside your car is still cold from A/C blowing through it, that for the next couple minutes it continues to blow cooled air.

jamilworm | 20 maart 2019

Ok I guess I'm not the only one.

@howard - I checked that and the system was still on Auto

@jeff d - I am on 2019.5.15

@andy.connor.e - I don't think that is it. Like I said it kept cooling down to 67 when I had the temp set to 73 and was still blowing cold, so that would be a lot of "residual coldness" in the ducts to pull that much heat out of the car.

Next time I notice it I'll do a bug report. For now I'll just turn off the air when it gets comfortable.

andy.connor.e | 20 maart 2019

+1 on doing a bug report.

kevin_rf | 20 maart 2019

Prius's behave the same way... Once they reach the proper interior temp, they have a tendency to blow cold air. Happened in both my '02 and '05.

bcflick | 20 maart 2019

Same. The fan speed adjusts, but never fully stops blowing.

CMHTesla | 20 maart 2019

I noticed this behavior with heat turned on, after it heats to the set temp cold air starts to blow.

Jg8240 | 20 maart 2019

Nice to know I'm not nuts. Cold air continues to blow in mine as well.