How can I stop mirrors from folding?

How can I stop mirrors from folding?

In winter the side mirrors can become frozen closed. I'm trying to be proactive and turn off auto-folding. But they keep folding sometimes anyway. I figured out that auto-folding is part of the driver profiles. So I turned folding off in my wife's profile too. I thought I had fixed it because they didn't fold for a couple of days. But the mirrors were folded this AM (with one stuck folded). Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

EVRider | 14 januari 2018

If you turn off the mirror auto fold setting, the mirrors shouldn’t fold or unfold automatically. If auto fold is OFF and the mirrors are still folding on their own, have Service check it out. I have auto fold OFF and my mirrors don’t fold or unfold on their own, although it’s possible that Summon (which I don’t use) might fold them even when auto fold is OFF.

gowansd | 15 januari 2018

Yes, Summon folds the mirrors even if the auto fold setting is turned off.

avnguyen99 | 18 januari 2018

I have a similar problem. I turned off the summon feature but the problem still exists. Can't stop it from folding. Any other suggestions?

jordanrichard | 18 januari 2018

I am in my 4th New England winter with my car and never have I had the mirrors freeze in place.

Ruben.gonzalesjr | 16 mei 2019

Didn't used to do this as I don't like auto fold. Just started happening the last couple update.

EVRider | 16 mei 2019

@Ruben: Not sure exactly what you're referring to when you say "didn't used to do this," but Summon has always folded the mirrors even when auto fold is disabled.

mcmack15 | 16 mei 2019

Check your wife's settings again---for some crazy reason 'they' may have reset her profile to auto close again.

I had this same issue a few weeks back, and as I was at the SC that week to get my tires rotated I brought it their attention. They thought it was because of my wife's profile, and sure enough----even though we never had her profile set for auto close it was set that way. Think it 'just' happened after one of the updates, refresh, etc.

Hasn't happened since.