How do I turn-off autoplay on my iPhone X or through the Tesla controls?

How do I turn-off autoplay on my iPhone X or through the Tesla controls?

I have turned off, "Car Play" on my iPhone X, but every time I get into the car, my music app on my iPhone launches, and starts playing songs from my phone. I'd like to choose when music from this app gets played. Suggestions?

Thank you.

paul | 22 januari 2018

I would love to know the answer to this too.

DTsea | 22 januari 2018

you cant. only workaround is to set audio source for music to streaming or radio.

fqazi | 4 november 2018

How do you change the audio source?

elnova | 4 november 2018

This is the firmware bug which need to be resolved for long now....for now the best is to lower the volume so the next time you enter the car the experience will be less annoying

FloridaFun | 5 januari 2019

Anyone have any ideas on this? I have turned off Carplay as suggested elsewhere, to no avail.

I don't hear the music (the radio or streaming via TuneIn take precedence) but it's sucking my data and battery! | 5 januari 2019

Autoplay is is controlled by the app on your phone, and some apps don't give you an option. Time to select a better app if your phone's music app doesn't have an option like "Don't auto-play when Bluetooth connects". Often people install multiple music apps, so you need to go through all music apps and check the settings.

EVRider | 6 januari 2019

@FloridaFun: I think the issue with "silent" music playing from your phone is related to USB loading errors -- when the car is unable to play from USB it seems to try switching sources to the phone but never actually switches audio (and USB remains the selected source). FWIW, I had this same issue on my 2016 Model S, but so far I haven't seen it on my new 2018 Model S100D (though I still have USB loading errors).

stevenmaifert | 7 januari 2019

I have an Android phone. Auto play has never been enabled but I still got the silent phone media player background starts. I went into the phone's Bluetooth settings which showed that the phone was paired with my Model S as both a phone and a media source, with a checkbox to disable either. I took the check out of the media source box. I have not had any silent starts since then and the audio for phone calls still works fine. I've had the car since 2012 and this was never an issue until V9 came along.

me | 21 januari 2019

OMG PLEASE fix this. It is so annoying. It is dangerous, because sometimes it starts playing after I make a phone call and I have to scramble to turn it down or off. AND a serious privacy issue. The car pics random tracks off the phone. Imagine having a private meeting or something on your phone that plays when someone is in the car! PLEASE FIX IT ASAP!

steve | 22 januari 2019

Turn off bluetooth on your phone. It also has a choice of input on the music screen. Choose something else.

DaneMand1 | 24 januari 2019

Delete the Apple Music app from your phone and it will never happen again. So much nicer!

Jessielove77 | 14 juni 2019

I have had this issue since the V9 update. My car is a 2015 Model S. My phone was am iPhone 8+ which I upgraded to a Xr, in hopes of the issue resolving itself. It hasn't. I have spoken to both the service center in person and the diagnostic support through email. They had me try multiple ways to get this issue resolved. It still occurs. I agree it is likely a firmware bluetooth bug that seriously needs fixing. It uses your phone data, depletes your battery, and is ridiculous they have not fixed this issue. The only thing I have found that works is to not sync the phone with the car and go old school illegal with it not being hands free. Thanks Tesla.