Arvada Colorado, My 3 and Girls Scout Cookies

Arvada Colorado, My 3 and Girls Scout Cookies

We picked up our 3 on Friday and it is amazing. I want nothing more than to just drive it around and talk about it. The only issue is I have to be out this weekend slacking Girl scouts cookies with the kid.

So here is the deal - My car and I will be out at the below address from 11 - 1 on Sunday. Come stop by, say Hi and have a look in the car.

Feb, 4th 11-1
3S Liquors
8031 Wadsworth Blvd
Arvada, CO 80003

*No rides, just look and see
*Cookie sales benefit the troop (not on person)
*No purchase required
*If you bring a GS with you, and she talks with me about the importance of women in STEAM, I will show her how to pull up Mars rover on the screen of the 3.

12Brent | 3 februari 2018

I will try very hard to get my 10 year old GS down there with me! We are about 20 minutes away. What color M3 did you get?

tomknick | 3 februari 2018

GS cookies and getting to see the M3...count me in!

garyrandwilliams | 3 februari 2018

12Brent - Midnight Metalic Grey. I will park it off a little way from the other cars if I can.

Coastal Cruiser. | 3 februari 2018

Question #1: Can GS cookies be transported across state lines?

Question #2: If we bring a troop of GS's to the event, are we required to take them with us when we leave?

Bri | 3 februari 2018

Why are GS selling cookies at a liquor store? Wouldn’t business be better at a pot shop?

12Brent | 3 februari 2018

@Bri, fantastic idea! Going to have my kid set up outside of the Cannabis Superstore!

garyrandwilliams | 3 februari 2018

Coastal Cruiser. Q1: Wrong kind of Brownies dude. Q2: All GS will be counted at the end of the event and we will only depart with the same quantity of GS that we arrived with. We are not accepting additional GS at this time or anytime in the future. In short, your GS, your problem.

PhillyGal | 3 februari 2018

"*If you bring a GS with you, and she talks with me about the importance of women in STEAM, I will show her how to pull up Mars rover on the screen of the 3."

You're my hero for the above statement!
Signed, a proud female engineer.

PhillyGal | 3 februari 2018

... who has been told numerous times that "you don't look like an engineer."

Rutrow | 3 februari 2018

PG, here's what "looking" like an engineer means.

burdogg | 3 februari 2018

Rutrow, that is funny. On the X forum, that is the gif that someone uses after my long posts. It is an ongoing joke that if you are having a hard time sleeping, just find one of my posts and you roll be out in no time.

Coastal Cruiser. | 3 februari 2018

There was a woman who had a sort of BLOG who made a post about the original Star Trek Series. She made the point that nearly every single woman that Captain Kirk engaged in romantic entanglements were not just beautiful blonde bimbos as widely perceived... that indeed they were scientists, physicists, and other titles in the S.T.E.A.M. acronymia. The post is hil-a-ri-ous. Will have to look for it.

noleaf4me | 3 februari 2018

@PG - the world needs more good female engineers. My Niece just graduated from Penn State as a chemical engineer (going to work for Exxon......oh well...) I work with several female engineers and they are all awesome!!! I got 3 boys and they are all in the english majors in this household ;-) My middle one is studying EE and would love to go work for know who....

Rutrow | 3 februari 2018

LOL burdogg!!! I don't frequent the X Forum so I've missed that joke, but it's a good one!!! :-0

garyrandwilliams | 4 februari 2018

Just an update - it is cold here in Arvada today but we are still going to have our GS cookie booth. Our 3 will be parked further away from other cars in the KingSoopers lot so we don't have to worry about dings. Come see my husband (Chad) or me (Erin) at the GS booth for a tour.

BTW - I took the 3 out on the ice-covered roads this morning just to see how it would handle. It slid around a little but it drove very differently making me wonder if it has a program to adjust for ice? OMG I love this thing.

Theturtons | 4 februari 2018

Thank you so very much for generously opening up the doors of your 2-day-old Model 3 to a bunch of eagerly awaiting, future Model 3 owners.

You are a true ambassador for Tesla and the future of sustainable transportation, Erin. Your unselfish generosity is inspiring!

All the best to you and your family and I wish you many safe and joyful miles behind the wheel of your beautiful new Model 3!

Indebtedly yours,


PS - The Tagalongs were delicious!

tomknick | 4 februari 2018

Thank you for opening up your 3! It was amazing to see it in person! Better then any video or picture I’ve seen! Really excited to get my own!!!

Absolutely spectacular!!!!

12Brent | 4 februari 2018

Agreed, and add my thanks to the above! Although crawling all over your 3 will not help my obsession!

Resrch03 | 7 februari 2018

Can I ask what your insurance rates are? I'm up north a bit, but I imagine the rates wouldn't be that much different.

djharrington | 7 februari 2018

Buy 10 boxes: sit in the car
Buy 50 boxes: ride through the parking lot
Buy 100 boxes: drive around the block

OrangeinCO | 7 februari 2018

I'm in Westminster! SO glad deliveries have begun for anyone in CO...I totally missed this post. Will you be out anywhere else in the near future?

garyrandwilliams | 8 februari 2018

Resrch03 - My insurance went up kind of a lot. But then I drove a 2000 CRV with a lot of miles. For three cars it is $1000 a year.

ChrisFellure - Oh we are driving this thing everywhere! I know we have more cookie booths in a few weeks and will post once we have times. (If you see a grey 3 we are fine if you come up and ask to look inside. We are learning that it's kind of like driving a unicorn.)

Shesmyne2 | 8 februari 2018

If I'm not mistaken there was a GS in SF that parked herself in front of a dispensary and made a boatload
of money. Brilliant..
Love them ThinMints!

Still Grinning ;-)

Bighorn | 8 februari 2018

SF was in the news 4 years ago for this, but the latest coup was in SD: