Non-Owner in Florida invited to configure?

Non-Owner in Florida invited to configure?

I don't know how many of you are on Instagram but supposedly a Non-Owner who reserved on release day 03/31 and 3rd in line @ the Orlando Store got his invite to configure and is taking delivery in 4 weeks!!!

His Instagram is @auruspex . Go check out his page.

Maybe they are going from East to West.

I am a non-owner that reserved on 03/31 in Newport Beach, California (about 50th in line) and my delivery date got pushed to March 2018 - May 2018.

Any other NON-OWNERS get an invite yet?!

Coastal Cruiser. | 8 februari 2018

The answer to that question has been NO so far every time it is asked. The non-owners we have had heard about getting an invitation to configure has, to the best of my knowledge, always turned out to be a relation to an employee. ;>

MMHouston | 8 februari 2018

Skeptical while there are still owners who don’t have invites. Likely a relative.

ng0 | 8 februari 2018

yea, I was thinking the same thing. People keep claiming to be non-owners, but it turns out they're either 1) related to an employee, 2) they have recently ordered a Model S/X but have not taken delivery, or 3) they once upon a time owned a Tesla and for whatever reason they don't realize that counts towards being considered a "current owner".

dimitri.anast | 8 februari 2018

I just asked him to figure out if this is actually happening or not.

AJPHL | 8 februari 2018

Title of this thread is in all-caps, must be legit...

andy.connor.e | 8 februari 2018

There have been a little over 3000 confirmed deliveries. Dont get your panties in a wad just yet, there are almost half a million reservations.

RP3 | 8 februari 2018

> AJPHL | February 8, 2018
> Title of this thread is in all-caps, must be legit...

Username is in all-caps, comment must be legit... :)

sbenoit | 8 februari 2018

If Tesla goes by who ordered first, the 3 hour time difference between the East coast and the West coast means the East coast stores opened 3 hours before California, therefore, the east coast has order numbers lower than ours on the West coast.

jkellner | 8 februari 2018

I’m curious how owning several hundred thousand dollars in Tesla stock does not qualify me as an owner? This pre-onwer BS is getting ridiculous. But ones comes in and buys a 2011 S then gets to skip the line for a 3 or if your Related to someone who works at the company? I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in Tesla stocks and still do not qualify as an owner?

Previous tesla onwers can only buy so many cars at some point non owners will be required for success. Times UP

12Brent | 8 februari 2018

@jkellner, well hello mister fancy pants! Maybe you should buy an S, Richie Rich! Where do they draw the line for stock ownership? $100,000, $10,000? anybody can own a share of TSLA. Owning a stock means squat, you can liquidate anytime you want.

dl1972 | 8 februari 2018


flyboynwa | 8 februari 2018

@jkellner You must believe in the company to be investing in it as you are. Maybe you should sell some of the stock and buy an s or x and you to can move up. BTW I own a lot of airline stocks, last I checked they don't upgrade me to first class every time I travel.

maslowb | 8 februari 2018

Verified it's a relative of his who is an owner.

jkellner | 8 februari 2018

@ flyboynwa you’re 100% correct the airline does not work like that, nor do they upgrade someone who flew last month over you. The pre-owner preference is ridiculous.

jkellner | 8 februari 2018

@ 12Brent. I don’t know, make the cut off the price of an S or an x. You can also liquidate your preowned tesla as well. If the theory is that the purchasers of these vehicles drove the company to its current success that’s great. But so do stock investments , stock purchases are more lucrative and drive the business more than someone purchasing an older S or X.

maslowb | 8 februari 2018

@jkellner actually, people that do fly an airline a certain number of miles and/or times DO get upgraded.

flyboynwa | 8 februari 2018

good point @maslowb

maslowb | 8 februari 2018

@jkellner you're correct about stock investments. Tesla investors were first in line along with employees. People purchasing stock on the secondary market from other stockholders of course didn't impact Tesla.

accentcreate | 8 februari 2018

People "who" fly. We are not inanimate objects.

jkellner | 8 februari 2018

maslowb. I love to understand how you differentiate purchasing a used Tesla from an individual or the dealership/ showroom from purchasing stock in the company? I bet each and everyone of you responding like this are current owners and plan to skip the line.

jkellner | 8 februari 2018

maslowb you’re correct consider yourself a frequent Tesla purchaser maybe they can give you a fancy Tesla bag and sweat band or a hat. But to prevent me a non-owner and significant stockholder from purchasing a vehicle so you can get one 1st is ridiculous.

maslowb | 8 februari 2018

@accentcreate actually both are correct.

@jkellner I totally agree that the largesse shown secondary owners and previous owners is pretty ridiculous. I think current, new car owners should be the ones ahead of non-owners and certainly people who buy used to game their position and flip should be frowned upon.

dlinkeg | 8 februari 2018

I was originally Dec-Jan, then Jan-Mar, and now pushed back to Apr-Jun. I was around #120 in line on March 31, 2016 in Rocklin, CA, at the Tesla Service Center. I will remain on the reservation list, but I am getting discouraged. If no one else was getting their Model 3s, I wouldn't mind the wait, but discovering Tesla owners who reserved in May being invited to configure, really bothers me. I thought that the date of reservation was important, with the place in line on the date determined by whether that person was an existing Tesla owner or not. Now it looks like owners take precedence no matter when they reserved. VERY discouraging.