The price of AWD?

The price of AWD?

I'm starting to get the feeling that the only configuration we will see AWD in for a while will be a long range battery and Premium upgrades, meaning 53,000ish. I really was hoping for short range AWD version but I'm betting that is a long ways off if it ever happens. To be honest, we'd use a bigger car for long trips (to fit a big dog and luggage) until something like a long range model Y comes down to normal car prices, so range just isn't that big a deal to me in the 3. Sucks to live in snow.

As Elon hoped in the past, I hope that good competition arrives soon so we have more options, but I'm not holding my breath.

Unregistered User | 8 februari 2018

DL price is TBD. Based on past discussions, DL and P/ludicrous variant will be a future option along with the 20” option.

Price with all options will start the climb pretty quickly.