Can I get an options list with a vin?

Can I get an options list with a vin?

Looking to buy a car at auction from out of state. Is there a way for me to get what options are installed with the vin number? I called Tesla and they said no. There are not many pictures and quality is crappy. Bolsters appear larger so I believe it has next gen seats (P90D). Just curious what options this car has so I can determine what to bid.

T35LA | 9 februari 2018
billm0066 | 9 februari 2018

That doesn't give any options unfortunately. | 9 februari 2018

@T35LA - Thanks!

@billm0066 - The VIN doesn't encode much, as you saw. Mainly safety equipment, motors (single/dual) and model year. So a few options, but sounds like it is not what you want. You'll need to get the details from the seller. I'd be reluctant to buy any car sight-unseen from pictures. It would have to be the deal of the century, and then I'd worry about what's really wrong (accident, parts removed, severe wear, etc.).

jordanrichard | 9 februari 2018

No VIN on any car is going to give you a full listing of options. VIN identify the manufacturer, where the car was made, which model it is and then its production number.

There is simply no way for a VIN to tell you what color or type of seats are in a car, what level of a sound system it has, etc.

billm0066 | 9 februari 2018

The car is a salvage vehicle I plan to fix. Cant get options from the seller or Tesla so it looks like I will just take a guess and hope it works out.

greggsymington | 9 februari 2018 should give you a list.

john | 9 februari 2018

Tesla service can tell from the vin and print it out if they want to. When I took my car in for service I asked them to print out the option codes for my car and they did.

desai.hetal | 10 mei 2019

I really like to know that, please.
I am trying to buy model 3 from Carvana and they don't have an option listed clearly.
new from Tesla is getting too expansive for me.
all i am looking for is standard color (black- black and 18' wheel) with 10,000 or less miles on it.
with a long-range battery (310 miles I guess)
and premium interior with Autopilot with Full Self-Driving Capability $50k or under (include taxes and fees)
please any one cal help i greatly appreciated.

Aerodyne | 10 mei 2019

EV CPO can do the same. 99% accurate to the SC list, plus you can do it for any VIN.

It was said once this is a thinking person's car. Do your research!

strezitom | 17 mei 2019

Its a bit old school, but the WindowsPhone app Tesla Companion gives a full detailed view of the cars specification.
Of course, you'd need the tesla account to connect in the first place and a rusty old phone, too...

Still beyond me, how and three year old app on a dying platform could be better than the most recent Android / Iphone app.

akikiki | 17 mei 2019

If he does not own the car, he's not going to be able to access a Tesla account that will connect to the car.

john said Tesla service can use the VIN and print out info on the car. I agree, they probably can. But there might also be Tesla policy that directs them not to do so unless its the actual owner and registered as the owner in the Tesla system. I would guess they did it for john because he was the Tesla recognized owner of the car.

PBEndo | 17 mei 2019

Tesla has a unique reason the VIN alone doesn't encode all options - there are significant after purchase upgrades that are merely software unlocked. If you add FSD, unlock battery capacity or add ludicrous, the VIN doesn't change but the value of the car changes dramatically. A decoder would never be able to determine if these things were added after purchase. Since the upgrades go through Tesla they would be the only reliable source using VIN alone.