Unlock car from computer?

Unlock car from computer?

Is there a way I can unlock my car from my computer?

Phone is dead, key card is not on me, but at a coffee shop with my computer

kevin | 10 februari 2018

Probably not, but use your computer to call Tesla roadsode assistance an they can unlock it.

BonnyB | 10 februari 2018

another option is to use someone's phone to unlock it for you by logging into your account. If you didn't allow mobile access... then yeah you gotta call Tesla

burdogg | 10 februari 2018

What kind of computer, I know widows 10 has some third party apps that you can put on your computer - now are they up to date enough to include the model 3? I don't know, as I don't have mine yet to check on.

MarylandS85 | 10 februari 2018

A final option is to charge your phone for a minute.

PBEndo | 10 februari 2018

It's not elegant, but you can install Bluestacks, an Android emulator on your computer. Then you can run the Android version of the official Tesla app on your computer.

Tesla Companion and Tesla Control are two third party windows apps that you can install as well. There may be others

burdogg | 10 februari 2018

Forgot about Bluestacks - even though I have it running on my computer and the Tesla app running through it - duh!

EVRider | 10 februari 2018

Visible Tesla runs on a computer and can unlock your car (assuming it will work with a Model 3). It's not supported anymore but still works (for Model S anyway) and is free. See

stevea137 | 10 februari 2018

Just curious, even if he does unlock with an android emulator; how will that help him? The car won't allow him to drive off until it see's the a key (either the keycard or phone) will it?

Or do you just need to get in your car to charge your phone to resurrect it? In that case, why not just ask around the coffee shop for an emergency 5-minute charge?

burdogg | 10 februari 2018

You could also start the car from the app on the computer - just have to type your password in again. (At least I think, I haven't tried the bluestacks method to start the car)

PBEndo | 10 februari 2018

I don't think you can do remote start with visibleTesla, but using the Android app through bluestacks would be no different than using the app on your phone. You could unlock and remote start just like you do with the phone (assuming you can do that on a M3)

EVRider | 11 februari 2018

Right, Visible Tesla can only unlock the car but not start it, but the OP asked about unlocking. Better solution is to keep your phone charged or bring the key card with you. :-)

Bri | 11 februari 2018

Hopefully Digidood made it home or wherever he was going.

I’ve had something like this almost happen in our Leaf when I drove to town with my DP, dropped her off for an appointment, and continued to my office a few miles away. As I was reaching to turn it off I noticed the “no key” light was on and that my key fob wasn’t in my pocket, fortunately before shutting it down.

The takeaway (for all of us) is don’t forget your wallet or wherever you keep your key card, or leave the key card IN the car when at home. Maybe consider hiding a spare key card somewhere accessible from the outside.

Haggy | 11 februari 2018

Visible Tesla does work with the Model 3 for most things. Only a handful of things don't work or show up properly, such as predicted range. It also lacks the graphics for the Model 3, so it will show a Model S with missing wheels. You can use overrides to get an image of a Model S that looks as close as you need, even if the wheels are wrong, the color might be wrong, and the body is wrong. It won't let you pop the hood or trunk remotely.

I've used the official app under Windows with an emulator and it worked fine. The only problem I had was on an Android laptop that opened the app in landscape mode, and showed everything sideways.

burdogg | 11 februari 2018

The really cool thing here though - If you could get anyone to let you borrow their phone, you can actually get it to unlock your car AND start it so you can get home. You just have to find someone that will let you:
a) borrow their phone
b) download the Tesla app

Once you find that person (most people are very willing to help out in the world today), you just then need to log in to the Tesla app, unlock the car, start the car (re-enter you password) and within 2 minutes step on the pedal and put it in gear. After that, you sign out of the app, and can even remove the app from the phone :)