Question for existing model 3 owners

Question for existing model 3 owners

I just got my invitation to configure which I did, now I am heading to my credit union to begin my application for financing, can anyone tell me the total amount including taxes in Ca. I ordered every option excluding full self drive. $57,500 total order. i want to provide my bank the exact amount i sish to finance. also, can anyone tell me when u received your vin? insurance can't give me an estimate on a policy without a vin.
much appreciated

EVRider | 28 februari 2018

I don’t know if the process for ordering a 3 is different from ordering an S/X, but for my S I got an order agreement that showed the price, and I think this was also shown on My Tesla. Didn’t you get this? The VIN will be assigned when the car goes into production, and will be shown on My Tesla.

david_gelfand | 28 februari 2018

You should get the VINfor your car in about 7-10 days on your my Tesla tab, after login. Total cost will likely be an additional 1k for delivery and 6-6.5k for registration, sales tax & EV tax

Itrnhds | 1 maart 2018

thanks guys

travelwolf | 2 maart 2018

Insurance CAN do an estimate without the vin, it will just be ballpark, not exact. You can also use one of the vins in the picstures on the vins in the wild thread to get your estimate and just switch it when you actually pay for the policy. Make sure you get financing straight before you pay the $2500 dollars (unless you already paid it)! You ca find your sales tax rate and multiple your total by that to figure out your taxes if it doesnt show you on the website. I would add a little to it to be safe, you can always borrow less than they approve you for, just not more.