Winshield Wiper - not a smooth clean wipe

Winshield Wiper - not a smooth clean wipe

Just drove in the rain for the first time with the Model3 and noticed the windshield wipers don't have a clean smooth wipe. Almost felt like the window was wasn't of course. Anyone with this issue?

mikepisko | 1 maart 2018

I had it the first time it rained but now after driving in the rain several more times, it’s a completely smooth sweep. My guess is yours will be fine too after driving in another rain or two but if not, you can always take it in to have service take a look.


baboi | 1 maart 2018

@mikepisko, thank you for the reply. It is to rain for the next few days so I will just keep sweeping and hope it improves.

mark.ritter | 1 maart 2018

It does improve fairly quickly with use.

stevea137 | 1 maart 2018

If we could sticky issues on this board, this would have to be one of them...

New windshields will do this, especially with new wiper blades; it's an oily residue on the windshield leftover from manufacture. If you don't want to wait for more rain, just clean the windshield with some good glass cleaner (and not the blue mystery liquid at the gas station).