I admit it, this is a nitpick,....

I admit it, this is a nitpick,....

but does anyone else think that the lowest setting on the seat warmers is too hot? I use it for a couple of minutes and then have to turn it off.

Carl Thompson | 1 maart 2018

I was thinking the highest setting is too low... I like my buns toasty.

Robocheme | 1 maart 2018

Really or are you joking?

badaman | 1 maart 2018

What better way to burn off those cellulite.

Carl Thompson | 1 maart 2018

Yeah, really!

The only car I thought was hot enough for me was a ~2000 New Beetle. That seat warmer went up to 11! (One day I need to watch that movie.)

mikepisko | 1 maart 2018

My husband finds it too hot and turns off after a few minutes. To me, it’s great but I’m someone who is always cold.


PhillyGal | 1 maart 2018

I actually agree it's pretty hot. And it gets hot quickly, which is a good thing.

It hasn't been exceptionally cold here since I got the car but it will be a good thing for range-conserving on long trips. (Sufficient to use without heat or with cabin heat set really low.)

Shesmyne2 | 1 maart 2018

Agree. I put it on 1 for a brief period of time and find it pretty warming.
Hubs leaves his side on 3 all the time.
At least in the S..

Still Grinning ;-)

GAGSTESLA | 1 maart 2018

I put it on the lowest setting and it gets hot FAST, then seems to cool down a bit (maybe my arse is cooked by then:-)

sbeggs | 2 maart 2018

You'll love it set on 3 during the Grand Solar Minimum!

SCCRENDO | 2 maart 2018

It is too hot on the Model S and 3. I put in on initially at the lowest setting and then turn it off in a few minutes.

EVRider | 2 maart 2018

Wear thicker pants. :-)

andy.connor.e | 2 maart 2018

i agree. more pants

Carl Thompson | 2 maart 2018

I can't imagine you guys ever getting into a hot tub if a seat warmer is too hot for you!

andy.connor.e | 2 maart 2018

+1 @Carl lol

Some people i've met consider "cold" to be the instant in which the ambient temperature decreases. Some consider "cold" to be when they start shivering. Hot could simply be called feeling warm. Hot could be when it burns you. Everyone has their own interpretation.

LostInTx | 2 maart 2018

I have a butt warmer in my truck and in 14 years, have turned it on one time.

Unless I drive around naked in winter, again, that'll probably be it.

giskard | 2 maart 2018

I rarely use my seat heater, but only because it would drain the battery too much (my commute is fairly short and the MINI has a small battery). The biggest "ah-ha" moment when I had my i3 for a few months last year was my first morning commute with it when I realized that I could use the seat heater as much as I wanted without worrying about killing the battery no matter the outside temperature. I'm quite looking forward to that next winter when I have my Model 3 :)