How much interest is there in a MCU2 retrofit/upgrade

How much interest is there in a MCU2 retrofit/upgrade

I wanted to start a thread about a hypothetical MCU2 retrofit/upgrade from Tesla, mostly to make sure Tesla is aware of how much demand there is for such an option.
I missed the MCU2 boat by days, having picked up my MS a couple days before the first confirmed sightings of the new computer. Had i known that it was coming, i would have probably reordered because it’s not a small upgrade, and has significant implications for future SW.

I don’t expect tesla to just roll this upgrade out for free, although some prorated amount wouldn’t be unreasonable based on how long you missed it by. Either way though, i think a lot of people would be willing to pony up cash to get a new and significantly faster computer.

Anyway, just curious how many people would be interested in that option if Tesla were to offer it.

Uncle Paul | 23 maart 2018

What are the current benefits of the new MCU2?

Can it surf the web?

tessellat0r | 23 maart 2018

Right now the benefit is a much smoother map and more usable browser. I don’t particularly care about either, but i’m worried that in the future Tesla will add features that require MCU2 to operate properly.

dvanlier | 23 maart 2018

I would order it (AP 2.5 Model x a few months old)

danbry39 | 23 maart 2018

I'd be interested, but only at a very reasonable cost. Haven't figured what "reasonable" would be.

bill | 23 maart 2018

I would be interested

GHammer | 23 maart 2018

Dont really care.

harryjoshi | 23 maart 2018

I missed it by about 2 days, based on reports from reddit and various forums. I would gladly pay for the upgrade. It upsets me to have a brand new car in 2018 with a chip made in 2011. How many people use phones or tables from 2011?

Judging by some long threads on reddit and tesla motor club, it seems a lot of people are willing to pay to get the upgrade.

freeewilly | 23 maart 2018

Out of warranty first gen MCU costs $2700 to replace, 2nd gen probably cost about the same.

jvds | 23 maart 2018

i would consider it for a reasonable price (not more than $3000 providing that the upgrade is a real step forward.

kbuva | 24 maart 2018

I would pay for the upgrade

Anthony J. Parisio | 24 maart 2018

For a reasonable price, YES!

JaMo_75D | 24 maart 2018

I missed it by 7 days which sucks but oh well. I would only upgrade if it added features (ie adding ios/android apps). I woildnt pay just to make it “smoother”. I feel like current version does everything it currently does at an acceptable level

jordanrichard | 24 maart 2018

Harryjoshi, yet it doesn’t bother you that a new $2,000,000 Bugatti is still use an internal combustion engine design from the 1800’s..............?

Bill_75D | 24 maart 2018

I'll get my upgrade for free, when the FSD that I paid for in late 2016 doesn't work with the old MCU.

Rob.brewer11 | 24 maart 2018

Yes, I'm in. And while I'm at in, how about swapping my 75Kwh battery pack for a 100?

Victorg-90D | 24 maart 2018

Only people in this thread who want to upgrade MCU are those who missed it by couple days. I dont have problem with older MCU and it works smooth enough for me. Browser does not work, but having browser in my car is the bottom of the priorities list.

I have a similar feeling of "missing the boat", "cheated by Tesla" and "want to upgrade" with regards for battery size. Tesla announced 100Kwh battery after I ordered my MS-90D in dec-2016 and 1 month before it was built by factory, but I was not allowed to switch config to 100Kwh.

Andrew_OH_70D | 24 maart 2018

I purchased my first Model S in 2013 (Pre 10k VIN). I sold it with 83k miles and replaced it with a 70D with Autopilot. I've seen many reports on limitations on old MCU's, primarily focused on available memory, not processor speed. If this is the case, I would gladly pay a few hundred dollars to upgrade the memory so that Autopilot becomes smoother and driver acknowledgment becomes less frequent.

Tropopause | 24 maart 2018

I'm good with my car as is. With Tesla, buy when the car suits your needs and desires. No regrets or envy.

OTOH- if Tesla insisted on installing the new MCU, I wouldn't argue. :)

NKYTA | 24 maart 2018

@Tropo, sensible as usual. And no hand-wringing. +2

PatientFool | 24 maart 2018

@Bill_75D Wouldn't that be nice if the FSD fee included the newer MCU. One can dream i suppose.. Instead perhaps our cars will have slower reaction times kind of like a granny mode. :D

Kitchenchem | 24 maart 2018

I was told by Tesla Service rep that it is not retrofitable. I also just missed out by days. | 24 maart 2018

FSD has zero to do with MCU1 or MCU2. There is a seperate computer that handles AP.

Two known features (other than performance) is 5 GHz WiFi and bluetooth antenna extensions. The bluetooth changes are likely to allow a fobless operation using your phone like the Model 3. Both of these features requires new wiring harness or new wiring and updated mirror housings or antennas within the housings. I believe both right and left mirrors need modification.

I'd like a retrofit, but not at the price it is very likely to be - $3-4K. There is a fair amount of labor, especially to replace the wiring harness or add new wiring out to the mirrors. I can see why Tesla is not interested in a retrofit, as I expect at $3-4K few of us would bother.

Here's a page I created a few weeks ago for a retrofit:

melburstein | 24 maart 2018

If it becomes available, I'm in.

vpoz | 24 maart 2018

I suspect that more efficient, carefully crafted code would produce as much of an improvement in performance, especially if the processing load was spread around the dozens of other processors present in a Tesla.

StatsApp | 24 maart 2018

It's worth about $2k for me

james | 24 maart 2018

I'd definitely be keen to upgrade (just took delivery of an 100D last week) considering how much I paid for the car I'd happily pay up to $5k right now to get the latest MCU. If they could throw in the lighted vanities at the same time, bonus! (haha joking!)

E_nasby | 24 maart 2018

I would definitely want it. I just got a Model 3 and the MCU is much better in it than my 6 month old Model S!

bhanuk99 | 24 maart 2018

I would be interested in the retrofit/upgrade. Count me in.

ELCJ | 24 maart 2018

I’m all in for an upgrade.

coilette | 24 maart 2018

I would pay way more than it’s worth to get an OLED upgrade mixed in..

cb500r | 25 maart 2018

Would it also include phone charging USB-ports with 2A?
My phone does not even start charging, as it is only a 500mA charging port.

babyjocko | 26 maart 2018

I would do it if it costs less than $2000.

Attaran | 26 maart 2018

I would pay up to $3K to upgrade my 10/2017 built model S100D.

mmw03 | 26 maart 2018

Definitely interested and already contacted Tesla.

Told it wasn't going to happen.

mmw03 | 26 maart 2018

Definitely interested and already contacted Tesla.

Told it wasn't going to happen.

Muzzman1 | 27 maart 2018

Elon says it will happen. In Elon time that could mean 2 yrs from now

tessellat0r | 27 maart 2018

excellent news. I really hope it doesn’t take years and the price is reasonable.

Craig1965 | 27 maart 2018

Not gonna say, "I TOLD YOU SO", but I told you so. There has to be an upgrade path for chips that are not produced anymore. So we all can get the new MCU, read this for more info:

johnson.todd.r | 27 maart 2018

I've never really had a problem with the MCU being slow. The actual software for nav, iphone connection, and of course AP2 issues are much more important to me. | 28 maart 2018

@chrisniski - Depends on what you feel is reasonable. The current MCU costs about $2300 to replace, and the new MCU may require significant additional wiring, and new antennas to be installed. I'd be surprised if it is under $3K for a retrofit. Then again, if the new software boosts the performance, there may be little need for anyone to bother with an upgrade.

SO | 28 maart 2018

Not worth it to me. It will be in the thousand(s) to upgrade.

Hopefully the software improvement will be noticeable for the better as well.

Jack The Driver | 13 april 2018

I have to have my main screen replaced due to yellowing. Does anyone know if the MCU is part of the screen? Serv center says no but I have read in forums that once the screw was replaced everything was faster maybe MCU2. I would appreciate any insight. I canceled my appointment until I get the pricing of the upgrade just in case.

sr.smr | 16 april 2018

It took months to finally get the clicks and squeals out of my new car. I'm nervous having my dash torn apart and possibly starting with a whole new set of problems. I'm leaving well enough alone. | 16 april 2018

@Jack The Driver - Zero chance of a MCU2 replacement. Normally only the display is replaced, and in a very few cases (perhaps because of lack of display in local stock) the MCU1 is replaced with another MCU1. Currently MCU2 cannot be just replaced - wiring harness and new antennas are required.

Sounds like Tesla may come up with a retrofit kit, but it's not here yet. Now it's possible once the retrofit is available, they may discount the kit if you're replacing the display. My rough guess is the retrofit package will be $3-4K or so, and will not be available for 4-6 months.

melburstein | 16 april 2018

Count me in! Or, better yet, maybe it will be part of the FSD option that some of us purchased in advance.

melburstein | 16 april 2018

Count me in! Or, better yet, maybe it will be part of the FSD option that some of us purchased in advance.

VValleyEV | 30 september 2018

I am interested in aretrofit to MCU2. My Tesla Model S was built in Feb 2018 so I just barely missed the MCU2 upgrade. I have seen testing results from Teslarati that show a 4x improvement in speed, and it includes 5Ghz wifi. As others have pointed out, maybe my payment for FSD will help.

cicob | 12 april 2019

I too missed the boat with just a few days or weeks (at most) in Jan/Feb 2018. While I fully understand - and have no regrets - that the product continuously evolves over time, I do get a bit geared up about the MCU.

The new version had been announced ahead of my ordering-process, and so I did ask my sales-rep about the sluggish old MCU for Model-S, but he (of course) couldn't tell me by when the MCU2 would be made available. The answer, in retrospect, was "as we speak".

I especially second this comment above from last year: "It upsets me to have a brand new car in 2018 with a chip made in 2011. How many people use phones or tables from 2011?".

I too would be willing to pay some dough to get a snappy map-experience and improved BT/Wi-Fi.

TranzNDance | 12 april 2019

I would pay for a faster MCU.

EVRider | 12 april 2019

@cicob: You're not missing out on as much as you think you are. My previous S had MCU1 and my new one has MCU2, and I don't see a significant difference.