How much interest is there in a MCU2 retrofit/upgrade

How much interest is there in a MCU2 retrofit/upgrade

I wanted to start a thread about a hypothetical MCU2 retrofit/upgrade from Tesla, mostly to make sure Tesla is aware of how much demand there is for such an option.
I missed the MCU2 boat by days, having picked up my MS a couple days before the first confirmed sightings of the new computer. Had i known that it was coming, i would have probably reordered because it’s not a small upgrade, and has significant implications for future SW.

I don’t expect tesla to just roll this upgrade out for free, although some prorated amount wouldn’t be unreasonable based on how long you missed it by. Either way though, i think a lot of people would be willing to pony up cash to get a new and significantly faster computer.

Anyway, just curious how many people would be interested in that option if Tesla were to offer it.

Craig1965 | 12 april 2019

Well on my 2017 75D, web pages don't ever load. Well except after a reboot one or two will load but takes about 15 minutes to load a page, kind of like a 1987 computer. I would have to think MCU2 would be faster. Or I have a defective one. I've had them look into it for a while and they keep saying it is normal, but it isn't so I am going to escalate it. Also my handles only auto present about 20-30% of the time, whether the car is off or on and preheatting. It just seems like NONE of the antennas work at all.

packpike | 12 april 2019

@Craig1965 - I have a 2017 MX MCU1 and a 2018 MS MCU2. The browser sucks in both. Maybe if I had a stopwatch I could tell a difference in the screen lag, but in normal use you’ll never notice. As far as your doors working, what else do you carry in your pocket with your fob? I notice an issue sometimes if my fob is wedged behind my wallet. If you have the phone in the same pocket that will cause a big issue. As a test walk to your car with the fob in your open hand for a few days and see if it works better.

Jcastillo18 | 12 april 2019

I guess if you get mcu2 you can also upgrade the autopilot? Depends on the cost may be better to but s new Model s ?

TranzNDance | 12 april 2019

@packpike, ignoring the browser, how is the overall experience? The lag is noticeable just bringing up menus. It seemed to have gotten worse with recent updates.

EVRider | 13 april 2019

@Jcastillo18: Upgrading the MCU has nothing to do with upgrading the AP computer.

SnowFlake | 13 april 2019

I'm in .
85D with AP1 . I have seen limitation of the MCU, failed me couple of incidents when AP was activated. Since I follow the Tesla's instruction I avoided the worst incidents.(pay attention and keep your hands on). Also very careful when the trailers are on the next lane. Car showed me the option to parallel park between the wheels and under trailer.
Definitely I need MCU upgrade. Still my car does not come in to my garage from the street , 90deg turn and come inside. Which was the most wanted feature for me since I have a single garage house with double vehicles.
At the time I bought this was published on the website. Still believe one day tesla will provide me that feature.

cicob | 13 april 2019

Ok thanks @EVRider, good to hear. My son tested out the "iPad" in the Model 3, and said it was blazing fast.

barrykmd | 13 april 2019

SnowFlake | April 13, 2019
Also very careful when the trailers are on the next lane. Car showed me the option to parallel park between the wheels and under trailer.
Definitely I need MCU upgrade. Still my car does not come in to my garage from the street , 90deg turn and come inside. Which was the most wanted feature for me since I have a single garage house with double vehicles.

It's still the same buggy firmware. All MCU2 will do is make the mistakes show up a few milliseconds quicker.

EVRider | 13 april 2019

@SnowFlake: "Still my car does not come in to my garage from the street , 90deg turn and come inside."

No one else's Tesla does this either, since regular Summon doesn't have that capability. The MCU makes no difference. | 13 april 2019

As @EVRider points out MCU has nothing to do with AP. This has come up fairly often, along with a lot of confusion over AP versions and HW versions, I wrote up an extensive article that sorts it all out here:

MCU2 upgrade could still be useful, but depends on the cost. My guess is a retrofit will be at least $3K. I'd also suggest waiting to see how the new browser works.

barrykmd | 13 april 2019

TT - Useful how?

NKYTA | 13 april 2019

@barrykmd are you allergic to graphs and charts that explain things that might stem the flow of questions of new folks that didn’t spend time to do any initial Tesla research? And now it has been explained usefully?

It’s a good snow year in both the Sierra and the Rockies, go ski and chill, dude. You are starting to go a bit off the rails.

barrykmd | 13 april 2019

NKYTA - WTF are you ranting about? It was a simple question. Did I miss some graphs and charts posted on this GUI-friendly forum?

NKYTA | 13 april 2019
NKYTA | 13 april 2019

Apologies. The lack of facts these days has me going dystopian. And it seems that you have already arrived.

NKYTA | 13 april 2019

I assume you looked at what TT did?

Craig1965 | 13 april 2019

I have tried all those things. I always have my Android phone in my left front pants pocket and my keys in my right, so they are not next to each other or my wallet or anything else.

barrykmd | 14 april 2019

NKYTA | April 13, 2019
I assume you looked at what TT did?

Yes. In a nutshell, "The MCU is responsible for the main display, all external communications, audio, cellular, navigation, and settings. It has little to do with Autopilot, other than selecting various settings."

I've experienced (the virtually non-existent) difference between 3G and LTE in a loaner, which BTW, is also available without an MCU2 upgrade. My point is what real-life differences would an MCU2 upgrade accomplish? Unless I'm missing something, none. It would be like upgrading processors to improve performance of this DOS-based forum. Right?

Anthony J. Parisio | 14 april 2019

I think the main reason to get the MCU 2 is speed and the ability a dash cam and Sentry mode. For this I am willing to pay. So yes I would very much like to have it.

barrykmd | 14 april 2019

Anthony - So you'd pay $3000 for Tesla's sentry mode rather than $300 (or $600 if you want 360 degree coverage with 2 sets) for a Blackvue dashcam?

EVRider | 14 april 2019

@Anthony: If you read the previous replies, you’ll learn that upgrading the MCU will not give you dashcam capability, improvements to Autopilot, or anything else other than making the touchscreen more responsive.

Anthony J. Parisio | 14 april 2019

I didn’t know this. I thought dash can and Sentry was a function of the MCU. Are you sure about this?
For only Dash Cam no. For better Music, faster speed, Dash Cam and Sentry Mode yes. I was told the new MCU was responsible for all this.

NKYTA | 14 april 2019

@barry “I've experienced (the virtually non-existent) difference between 3G and LTE in a loaner”

LTE works much better in my Classic S than 3G. I only have my own data points to work with.

“My point is what real-life differences would an MCU2 upgrade accomplish? Unless I'm missing something, none. It would be like upgrading processors to improve performance of this DOS-based forum. Right?”

Funny :-). But who doesn’t want a faster processor these days??

To the OP, it would all depend on cost to me whether I might upgrade. But then we also have my wife’s 3, so we have all the latest goodies there. | 14 april 2019

@Anthony - I'm positive MCU2 has zero to do with Sentry mode or Dashcam. There are cars that have both these features with MCU1 today. It does requires HW2.5 (so far). Sounds like HW2.0 cars will get a limited sentry mode (no dashcam recording) soon.

@barrykmd "TT - Useful how?" (from my note on the value of MCU1 to MCU2 retrofit)

Good question .The only two values I can see with a MCU1 to MCU2 are slightly faster operation (touchscreen touch to action), and perhaps using your phone as a FOB.

This last one is a potential feature of HW2.5 that is not currently available. Due to additional Bluetooth antennas, a MCU2 retrofit might not include the antennas (which are not in the MCU2), so the feature might not be included with a retrofit.

My current guess is Tesla has seen so little end-use value to a MCU1 to MCU2 retrofit that they haven't bothered with it. It is always possible that will change or some new MCU2 unique feature will make it desirable. Today, not so much.

Silver2K | 14 april 2019

barrykmd | April 14, 2019
Anthony - So you'd pay $3000 for Tesla's sentry mode rather than $300 (or $600 if you want 360 degree coverage with 2 sets) for a Blackvue dashcam?
Sentry mode is worth it even at 10x the cost because sentry mode keeps info on the cloud and Blackvue keeps it local. You can however keep files on the cloud as sentry mode does, but you needed a mobile hotspot that is reliable.

barrykmd | 14 april 2019

Silver - I still think a Blackvue is a better choice than Sentry mode, First, the storage is much greater. Second, there is a cloud option available (which I've never used) with Blackvue. Third, you're not a prisoner of Tesla's firmware updates which may break or change it to something less usable. | 14 april 2019

@Silver2K - I see you point, but I actually agree with barrykmd IF your objective is to record something. The sentry mode may help avoid a breakin, which has a lot of value too. Having both Sentry mode and a good dashcam like the Blackvue DR900 is better. While the Tesla dashcam is supposed to put video on Tesla's servers, it's unclear how much is saved, and there is currently no way yet to get that video from Tesla.

Blackvue has a working system, where when the dashcam arrives home, it auto-uploads the day's view to the Cloud, where you can look at it from a phone or PC. It also does this with 4K resolution - although you need quite a bit of bandwidth to watch it. It saves a weeks worth of video for free, and there are paid options if you want a longer Cloud storage. You can also get the immediate video direct to your phone/tablet from the dashcam via WiFi, but the process is clunky.

Clearly the Tesla dashcam system has a lot of potential (for HW2.5+ cars), and will be slick to see how fast they can get to features commercial dashcams offer.

DRFLGD | 14 april 2019

I have MCU1 and HW2.5 and have dashcam. I expect to get Sentry Mode when the powers that be decide I'm worthy to download any version with it in it.

As for MCU2, my understanding is that it mostly gives better responsiveness for the touch screen and 5 GHz WiFi. While I'd like those, I'm not going to pay any amount of money for it and will assume that they'll give me a free upgrade (for that or maybe MCU3) because it will be needed for HW3. But I could be wrong on that last part.

Ohmster | 14 april 2019

We have MCU1 and HW2.5. Dashcam and Sentry Mode are both enabled for our vehicles.

Experienced MCU2 on a loaner. The screen is a bit more responsive. More satisfying was the map refresh speed and the streaming responsiveness of Slacker.

^I don't believe that HW3 will require MCU2 or MCU2+

'17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 8.5)*2. Grin on!

baldwin | 15 april 2019

I would pay for MCU1 -> MCU2 retro

baldwin | 15 april 2019

Also I have MCU1 with dash cam and sentry mode. I just want the most current tech possible in my vehicle.

cloudphytr | 15 april 2019

2017 Model S 90D, EAP, 20K
@TeslaTap - Thanks for the informative link but I have a question re a statement you made within the link, about FSD.

"Tesla has stated all owners who purchased Full-Self-Driving (FSD) option will get a free upgrade to the HW3 ECU processor, once software becomes available to take advantage of the new hardware. A tweet from Elon on 13-Apr-2019 states “Tesla will start FSD computer upgrade in a few months” for those that already purchased FSD."
Where did you get this information? TMC website references a tweet from Musk saying after May 1st the cost to purchase the FSD option will go up significantly. Don't know if this is a fool's errand, but I'm considering purchasing the FSD option ($5000) but not if future hardware will be required that I will have to purchase for additional $$. Calling Tesla support was not helpful. The individual I spoke with stated no additional hardware would be necessary for my vehicle. Everything would be via over the air firmware updates.

Thoughts? | 15 april 2019

It has been stated multiple times by multiple people at Tesla that FSD will get the retrofit HW3 AP computer. It's very clear to me that FSD will not work without it. Not all at Tesla seem to be aware of the statements by others (Elon, etc.) about getting HW3.

As to how fast we'll get those upgrades, that's less clear. An earlier statement said HW3 retrofits would occur when there was some FSD feature rolled out that required HW3. My guess is retrofits may start early, but could take 6 months or so for everyone to get them. It's not clear how fast the HW3 production, or how fast the service centers can install them.

My thought is Tesla is planning a FSD HW3 feature around Q4, and may want to get the retrofits done before that. Pure conjecture on my part.

As to the FSD cost increase - I saw the tweet, but it doesn't say how much. All guesswork right now. If you have EAP, I'd also call Tesla (not email) and see if you can get a lower price - perhaps $4K as that was the original after car purchase upgrade price. Never hurts to ask, but with all the price changes, it may be hard to sort out.

cloudphytr | 15 april 2019

Thanks for the information. I'll give it a try.

Shame, we can't get a consistent answer from Tesla customer reps. Guess they don't read their chairman's tweets.

diamonds2 | 15 april 2019

As a victim (twice) of the MCU-1 yellow border phenomenon, I was told, like many others, that replacement screens will be available this summer.

It will be interesting to see if we get an MCU-2 version to replace the flakey MCU-1 screens many of us have.

Does anyone know if replacing the screen is integral to the MCU, or are they separate issues?

tfrench | 5 mei 2019

I would definately upgrade, I am Pre-AP, so do not care about AP. | 6 mei 2019

@diamonds2 - They only replace the display, not the entire MCU, so no MCU2 for us MCU1 owners. Not sure I'd call the MCU1 yellow band flakey as they operate just fine, but it is visually annoying once you notice it.

So far, it's looking like no retrofit kit is being made (MCU2 is not a direct plug-in to MCU1). Not sure there is much advantage other than slightly snapper operation. So far there are no features MCU2 has over MCU1.

Silver2K | 6 mei 2019

Pole position is an advantage, TeslaTap! :)

inconel | 6 mei 2019

Wasn't pole position taken down because of copyright?

Is MCU2 responsible for dash cam and Sentry full features?

Bill_75D | 6 mei 2019

AP2.5 is responsible, not MCU2. | 6 mei 2019

@inconel - A lot of confusion over MCU and AP processor, (and Bill is correct). I wrote a deep dive to explain what each does, versions made, and features: that should help.

stever | 6 mei 2019

Rob.brewer11 | March 24, 2018
Yes, I'm in. And while I'm at in, how about swapping my 75Kwh battery pack for a 100?

I’d do a battery swap first.

Bumper | 6 mei 2019 aside from performance, I believe USB joystick is still MCU2 only. Although I have not tried plugging in since 2019.12.x so maybe it works now.

DBrohm | 6 mei 2019

Depending on the age of your car, you can't put MCU2 in a MCU1 car - it's not that plug and play. The hardware bus, the connectors, etc. are not fully compatible. I upgraded to LTE in my '13 P85+ but that's not the same LTE chip in newer vehicles so even though they perform the "same" function, later chips can be more efficient, appear faster, etc. Same with upgrading the lower res instrument cluster to the later, higher res version.

kevincwong | 6 mei 2019

I really don't have any complaints with MCU1 on our 2013 MS85. Teslawaze works when I need it, streaming music has never been an issue, but it would be nice to have a faster browser. However, I would not want to trade up a system that has been reliable to me for a faster system that might have more bugs and glitches. If the MCU2 (or MCU3) would be just as reliable, faster with higher resolution, and 5G bandwidth then I would consider spending upwards of $3K for the upgrade.

inconel | 6 mei 2019

@TT thanks for the write up. So for a HW 2.0 car to get Dashcam it would need two upgrades: front and side cameras to have RCCB and AP ECU upgrade to HW 2.5 or 3.0? | 6 mei 2019

@inconel - Yep, and a software update. It may be AP is tuned to either all color or all monochrome, but not a mix (ignoring the rear camera is alway color). So just changing out 3 of the 7 cameras might cost Tesla a lot of AP testing and validation work. My guess is they have no plans to offer a color camera retrofit. Just not enough volume to justify the extra software work (and risks of AP issues for a handful of cars).