Smart home interfacing?

Smart home interfacing?

Hi - does anyone know how to use data from the Powerwall 2 to regulate smart sockets (or similar)?

Since installing our solar panels, we suddenly have plenty of electricity. We decided to install a couple of electric storage heaters to make better use of the power we're generating. For the moment, we regulate them manually, but it would be nice to have them on networked sockets, controlled according to the charge status of the Powerwall. For example, if the Powerwall is at >90% charge and rising, switch on one or both of the storage heaters.

It's probably possible to DIY this with Raspberry Pi, but I wonder if there's already something off the shelf that would do the job. Could Amazon Alexa or Google Home handle something like this?

- Jim

robin | 2 april 2018

I wrote a SmartThings integration so that I could turn on appliances to use excess solar. Really simple to do. I posted it on this forum, but it appears to have been removed. You can get to it here as well

jcbrodie | 2 april 2018

@robin Very cool - I'll check it out. Thanks!