“Next Weekend” is officially over and no new nav...

“Next Weekend” is officially over and no new nav...

Well ”Next Weekend” as stated by Elon is now officially over and no new Nav or new Maps for either of our 2017 Tesla’s.

Just another tweet post with a date and a time receipt but the “promise” “commitment” “update”, call it what you will, was “broken” “missed” “did not happen” as per usual for our two cars.

Thanks Elon :-(

dborn | 2 april 2018

And no cars in Australia have received the update which was supposed to go to all cars..... according to

tes-s | 2 april 2018


dborn | 2 april 2018

Tes*s that is, unfortunately, now very very old. With such a short time frame, he must have known precisely where Matters stand. Just quite simply not an acceptable excuse. Unless of course it was meant as an April fools joke.

barrykmd | 2 april 2018

Not surprised at all.

Has musk EVER met a stated date or production figure?

inconel | 2 april 2018

I thought it has started rolling out to some cars? Did Musk give us the starting date or end date for ALL owners?

sr.smr | 2 april 2018

...programmers/developers/engineers were busy with frunk/trunk app

EVRider | 2 april 2018

@inconel: That’s right, some people received the nav update over the weekend. No one said everyone would get it over the weekend; Tesla has never updated everyone at the same time (and they probably couldn’t do that).

Made in CA | 2 april 2018

On Saturday we got the 2018.12 update on one of our cars. Why was that version pushed down and not the nav update version? The over-promise/under-deliver routine is getting old.

hoffmannjames | 2 april 2018

Elon did not lie. He stated that the new nav would roll out this weekend and it did. A bunch of people have said that they got it. By the way, the new nav is a separate update from 2018.12. A lot of people got the new nav when they they rebooted their system.

EVRider | 2 april 2018

It appears that 2018.12 enables the nav system, but there’s another piece (possibly updated maps) that isn’t available right away, but rebooting later will complete the update. There are some people who have received 2018,12 but still don’t see the new nav system even after rebooting.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2 april 2018

I have seen videos on YouTube showing the new Nav in Model S.

Bill_75D | 2 april 2018

I got 2018.12 on Friday, and have rebooted 3 times. No changes to my nav or maps yet.

JAD | 2 april 2018

Mine actually came before the weekend, so he under promised and over delivered could be argued just as well.

dortor | 2 april 2018

Got the update on P85D but not P100D (yet)

I’m willing to bet software is in place if you have latest update, but backend servers are part of the equation and they are ramping probably have new nav but your car hasn’t been enabled to use the new servers .

johnson.todd.r | 2 april 2018

I got 2018.12 several days ago, but the maps are not yet updated (though I haven't checked today). The nav still thinks that a highway underpass two miles from my house is closed, when its been open for at least two years. I always use Waze instead. I only use the Tesla nav if I am traveling long distance so that it routes out my charger stops. Even then, I use Waze to plot the route from one charger to the next. | 2 april 2018

@Boonedocks - You're going to be forever unhappy if you expect all 200,000 cars to get an update in a day. It's been well known for over 5 years that non-critical updates roll out over 4 to 6 weeks. Likely a few thousand posts on update rollout process - so nothing new.

As for Elon, his exact statement on March 25 was "New nav starts rolling out this weekend.".

tes-s | 2 april 2018

When they get bought by Apple of Google, they'll be able to do it in a day.

steven | 2 april 2018

@Boonedocks: just as always the rollout has started and it takes several days to weeks before everyone gets the update. Get used to it!

tes-s | 2 april 2018

"or" Google. Or Microsoft, or any number of companies that send out large updates to large numbers of devices.

rxlawdude | 2 april 2018

"When they get bought by Apple of Google..."

When did Apple become a subsidiary of Alphabet??? :-)

rxlawdude | 2 april 2018

@tes-s, don't you think automobiles are a wee bit more complex than computers, tablets, or phones?

tes-s | 2 april 2018

No, I think they are about the same when install software updates. Sending out a complete refresh of iOS, Windows 10, router firmware, or Tesla software is pretty much the same. Been done for many years.

tes-s | 2 april 2018

It's not like they need to do the update while you are driving on autopilot.

sentabo | 2 april 2018

It's a bit humorous to me that some people are getting their panties in a bunch over this. Relax. It will come when it comes. Enjoy your car.

Chris N | 2 april 2018

It might be difficult to tell if you got it or not. The only noticeable difference to me is the "NAVIGATION BY TESLA" watermark on the map when there's an active route. I got the 2018.12 update on March 29, but didn't that watermark wasn't there until this morning, April 2.

Chris N | 2 april 2018

*that watermark wasn't there

tes-s | 2 april 2018

My nav has been working fine for 120k miles - another 50k before the update won't make much difference to me.

GHammer | 2 april 2018

That "Navigation by Tesla" has always been there.

GHammer | 2 april 2018

"Sending out a complete refresh of iOS, Windows 10, router firmware, or Tesla software is pretty much the same."

Really? I don't know about yours, but my computer doesn't have the ability to hurtle down the road at 80MPH.

rxlawdude | 2 april 2018

The other thing that some are forgetting is, "does Microsoft or Apple pay for your ISP?"

tes-s | 2 april 2018

"I don't know about yours, but my computer doesn't have the ability to hurtle down the road at 80MPH."
Actually, yes - when it is riding in my Tesla, just like the computer that is in the Tesla getting the update.

Can your car play a youtube video? Not sure what that has to do with updating the software on a computer that is in a phone, computer, or car. It is a simple software update.

"The other thing that some are forgetting is, 'does Microsoft or Apple pay for your ISP?' "
Tesla does not pay for my ISP when I'm connected to my home wifi. Does it cost them more if they send out 10 updates over cell in a day, or 1 update a day over 10 days?

GHammer | 2 april 2018

"Actually, yes - when it is RIDING in my Tesla" not controlling, big difference.

SUN 2 DRV | 2 april 2018

The nav update DID roll out last weekend!

Elon NEVER said ALL cars would get it last weekend.

People please learn to read!

rednairb | 2 april 2018

I am new to the Tesla family, so you'll have to forgive me if my "not being around the block" so to speak, makes me insensitive to Elon's "broken promises". But really, is this a big deal? I understand being excited for something new, and then being disappointed when it doesn't get there on the day it was promised. But your car still works, right? And so does your Nav? So relax! Even if it's 6 month's late, it is still better than any other car company's FREE OTA updates!

tes-s | 2 april 2018

"not controlling, big difference."

No difference. Computer is not controlling the car when it is updating. Just like the phone is not receiving calls when it is updating.

Computer operating software has been updated pretty much this same way for decades. This is not rocket science.

dvanlier | 2 april 2018

How do you tell if you’re on the new nav engine?

sentabo | 2 april 2018

+1 rednairb

tes-s | 2 april 2018

I've gotten several updates of the past 4.5 years, several to much fanfare. But to me, the car is still pretty much the same - awesome!

Whether they roll out the update over a weekend, or take two months, that is a choice Tesla is making. Either they don't have the capability to do it in a weekend, or they choose not to do it in a weekend. The technical capability exists.

GHammer | 2 april 2018

@Tes-s You're missing my point, Tesla deliberately doesn't roll out updates all at once to minimize fleet wide exposure to bugs that could affect driving. Yes, for a nav update it's unlikely anything would go wrong but I do remember the torque sleep update bug. I believe Tesla has the ability to roll out updates all at once they just choose not to.

tes-s | 2 april 2018

I agree - they are rolling out the updates at the pace they want to. It has nothing to do with it being a car, airplane, phone, computer, or thermostat.

Bad iOS update or Windows update is higher risk simply because there are orders of magnitude more of them out there. iOS and Tesla are similar in that there are a limited number of configurations supported, and all manufactured by (or for) Apple and Tesla. Microsoft has a much bigger challenge with Windows where they don't control the hardware.

EVRider | 2 april 2018

Apple makes their updates available to developers and other beta testers before they roll them out to everyone. For Tesla, we are the beta testers, which I’m okay with; if they didn’t do things that way, we’d still be waiting for the first version of Autopilot. :-)

bill | 2 april 2018

It would probably make more sense for them to let you sign up for early releases. That way those that are willing to take the risk can get them early while those that want stability can choose to wait.

dborn | 2 april 2018

Roll out slowly, fine. Not a single car in an entire market? As I pointed out above many other countries have at least some cars with the update. Australia, zip.

GHammer | 2 april 2018

" It has nothing to do with it being a car, airplane, phone, computer, or thermostat."

I guess that's where we disagree, I know in a manufacturing environment where we had equipment controlled by Wintel machines we didn't do mass upgrades. We installed one by one with considerable delay between, particularly at the beginning.

Haggy | 2 april 2018

" It has nothing to do with it being a car, airplane, phone, computer, or thermostat."

My phone goes much longer between OS updates. So does my computer. For that matter, so does my thermostat. All I've gotten in the past few years were a few more voice commands, but there's a limit to how much I want to talk to my thermostat. I don't have an airplane. One of my thermostats has never gotten an update and I'm not sure if it's capable of getting one, but the web interface has been updated.

All in all, I'd give the edge to Tesla, since they never told me that I need to get a new car every two years and have given me the most overall changes at no cost.

Craig1965 | 2 april 2018

What is the new Firmware version to speed up the old MCU? And can you do it from the app? Has anyone with the old MCU gotten the update and noticed a speed increase in the touch controls, browser, maps, ect.? I have a 2017 75D and have not gotten the weekend update.

EVRider | 2 april 2018

@Craig: Maybe you were joking, but the new MCU is a hardware change. You’re stuck with your old, slow MCU until you upgrade your car. :-)

Craig1965 | 2 april 2018

@EVRider, no, Tesla recoded the software and the old slow MCUs will be much faster, not quite as fast as the new MCU , but considerably closer. Elon confirmed that as well as later in the year you can swap MCUs, but he said you won't need to due to the new faster more efficient software coding. I believe some youtubers have already made old vs new updated software on the old MCUs and shows it is considerably faster.

Craig1965 | 2 april 2018

Thanks, my firmware is 2018.10 so don't have it yet, need 2018.12 or .14 it seems. But the old MCU being twice as slow rather than 5 times as slow will be nice.