Trouble with wing doors in garage.

Trouble with wing doors in garage.

We park in a two car garage mostly in the center, no other car in there. The first couple of months the doors opened just fine, the next few months though the doors barely will open while in the garage. I have to squeeze in there just to get my kids in there. Any suggestions? I hate to have to back out the car every time I want to open the rear doors.

vhampton2104 | 9 april 2018

Btw, there seems to be plenty of room to open way wider, they just won't now while in the garage. You'd think you could just push them up higher, but the car doesn't allow for that either.

mathwhiz | 9 april 2018

If there's adequate clearance for the door(s), then override obstacle detection for the door(s). It's in the owner's manual, page 9 I think...

buickguy | 9 april 2018

I'm in a similar situation. I overrode the early stop and supposedly instructed the doors to open wide whenever at this location. Doing so is a hit or miss proposition, mostly a miss! Tesla needs to address this as a software fix.

Blue Pilot | 10 april 2018

I'm in a similar, yet opposite situation. I park in a 2-car "low" garage with my MX and an Expedition. For the first few weeks of ownership, the MX door would stop when approaching the garage door disconnect handle, which left plenty of room for an adult or child to enter. Now it opens completely and bangs the garage door no matter what. Very confused.

Ohmster | 10 april 2018

You can press the top button in the back by each FWD which will raise the door to full height. Not sure if this was always a feature or cut in on later production units.

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