Insurance required for delivery

Insurance required for delivery

Sorry for a stupid question. So they require a proof of insurance to take delivery. Which vehicle is the insurance for? The one I currently have or the model 3 I'm about to get?

jordanrichard | 19 april 2018

For the Model 3. Assuming that you are having them do your registration for you, that is why they need it.

Kj11856 | 19 april 2018

You should have that submitted in your documents section of your order. All they need is your current insurance. Doesn’t have to be the insurance on your new Tesla.

f3ath | 19 april 2018

@jordanrichard now that's confusing. How am I supposed to get the proof on insurance when I even don't know VIN and the delivery date.

Kj11856 | 19 april 2018

Your new Tesla does not have to be on your insurance yet. They just need it in your documents you upload to them. So no, a VIN is not needed yet.

Model_D | 19 april 2018

I uploaded the insurance card for my car (non Tesla) that I was planning on trading in for my Model 3. No problem with my delivery. In CA I think insurance companies have to automatically insure any newly acquired vehicle for a certain amount of time if you currently insure through them. Not sure about other states.

ebmcs03 | 19 april 2018

Model_D: What if I only carry liability now but want full on the new car? Yes insurances automatically cover new cars but at what coverage?

f3ath | 19 april 2018

Thanks guys. Cant wait for vin to appear.

sma206 | 19 april 2018

It is worth calling your insurance agent and making sure they cover Tesla because not all auto insurances do. I found that out when I asked my agent for a quote on coverage. Thankfully, our company will does cover Teslas.

hokiegir1 | 20 april 2018

It depends on your stat what you need and when. In Georgia, I was able to upload coverage on our *current* vehicles for the delivery checklist, but when I arrive to pick up the car, I have to have what's called an "insurance binder" -- essentially, a letter from my insurance that shows my coverage and states on it that it meets the minimum requirements for the state. We emailed it to our DS and she's filed it, but I have to actually have a printed copy in hand on pickup as well.

andy.connor.e | 20 april 2018

If you need proof of insurance before you pick your car up from any dealer, you need proof of insurance for your Tesla. Thats why they give you a VIN number before delivery.

jithesh | 20 april 2018

i had same confusion so I called Tesla. They said I do not need to upload any insurance information now. Once a VIN has been assigned Tesla will call me and talk through the delivery process. At that time I can get an Insurance using that VIN and upload that.

derek | 20 april 2018

I guess my question is: will Tesla give me a VIN before I have put anything into the Insurance section?
I've been waiting for 9 days for a VIN; I've filled out everything else except insurance.
I'm in GA -- I COULD put my existing insurance info in there but I was waiting to actually show proof of insurnace for the tesla itself.
*eagerly waiting for my VIN*

carlk | 20 april 2018

My insurance has a grace period that covers new purchases for a week but I don't remember needing to give Tesla proof of insurance when I bought my S and X. Maybe only if when you finance through Tesla?

hokiegir1 | 20 april 2018

@carlk -- it's state specific. GA requires you show proof of insurance at delivery, but other states don't necessarily have that requirement.

hokiegir1 | 20 april 2018

Didn't finish my thought. I'm not financing through Tesla -- I'm going through USAA, who also happens to be my insurance provider, so they obviously have all the records, but the law here says the dealership needs to see it before you can drive away.

jithesh | 20 april 2018

@derek they should. There is no need for insurance information to create and assign a VIN. A VIN is just a unique vehicle number that is assigned to the car during manufacturing process. If you still have doubts please cal Tesla and confirm with them. Tesla has told me that Insurance info is only required for delivery.

jordanrichard | 20 april 2018

karapetov, just how was I to know you didn't have a VIN yet.....? When you know the date that you are actually taking delivery, call your insurance company and add the Model 3 to your policy, effective the date of scheduled delivery. Then they should be able to provide you with an insurance card with that effective date.

Again, Tesla needs proof of insurance just for the purposes of vehicle registration and by law to allow you to leave their property with the car. You showing proof of insurance for a 2002 Ford F-150 or whatever, won't work.

mcmack15 | 20 april 2018

Fortunately, I touched base with my insurance company directly during this process (about 2 days before I was schedule to pick the Tesla up) only to be told they DID NOT insure Tesla's. I had been with the agency and this insurance company for decades. We had the house, two cars, and an umbrella policy with them for decades (and in some years we had 5 cars with them before the kids got married). Our only claim in all those years was some 5-8 years ago (when a tree fell on my car). The insurance company flat out refused to cover the Tesla--- --I appealed and they finally reluctantly agreed to insure it on an exception basis; HOWEVER, they refused to give me a price. Meanwhile the agency found 2 other companies to do it at reasonable prices---which I shared with my original company in one last attempt to stay with them------they weren't interested, BUT expressed surprise when I told them the other car, house and umbrella policies would have to go to the new company at renewal time in order to get the discounts.

In our state it is normal for the car dealership to require proof of insurance----they need it before they can register the car for the buyer. They deal with the insurance companies behind the scenes regarding the vin, etc. If picking the car up on the weekend, you need to get this info to Tesla Thursday to be on the safe side (insurance companies are closed on the weekends here).

andy.connor.e | 20 april 2018

Any company who "gives in" when you threaten your business with them does not deserve your business.

JAD | 20 april 2018

@jordan, I disagree, any dealership with let you leave with the new car if you can show proof of insurance of your 2002 F-150. That is proof you are legally insured which is required by law to drive, at least in CA. That insurance will cover you legally for a week??? for you to contact your agent and add the coverage you want for the new car.

That said, that only provides the minimum coverage required by law, the insurance you have for your 2002 F-150 may not be the coverage you want on your $50-60k new M3. Not a bad idea to talk to your agent and get the coverage you want so when someone hits you on the drive home, you are covered completely.

novocane | 20 april 2018

@mcmack15: Once they loose enough business, they will reconsider their policies about insuring Teslas. Maybe an argument could be made to not insure Model S or Model X, because they were relatively low volume and high price cars. But Model 3, IMO, is likely to be a dominant car in the coming years, perhaps it can be the top selling car of the year in the not too distant future. Not insuring such a car is not good for business.

SUN 2 DRV | 20 april 2018

It varies by state. In California Tesla just needs the insurance info from your current car. Went through the process just yesterday.

johnmann | 20 april 2018

mcmack15, are you with Hartford by any chance? I've been with them quite a while for both home and auto. They don't insure Teslas, so I will be going elsewhere soon.

mcmack15 | 20 april 2018

We were with Hanover. I pushed back a little bit as to why they wouldn't insure Tesla's (it was a model S), and they basically said it was because of dealing with Tesla on the parts. He actually told me this, so please don't shoot the messenger------he claimed they had to eat a huge loss (I seem to recall, somewhere in the $40K to $50K range) because Tesla no longer made some $30 or $300 part. In another call, I was told that their experience with Tesla parts wasn't good------they claimed all parts came from only one place in CA, and that it took months to get parts. This did not go over well with their customers so they made the decision to pass on this business.

Mikepdoyle27 | 19 mei 2018

I’ve been told by Tesla that I need insurance specific to the model 3 to have my car delivered. On the website I provided all the info about my current car insurance. That should be good enough. An insurance friend told me that current insurance is good for the first 14 days of a new car.
My VIN was recently removed from the website so I asked Tesla for my VIN so I could get the insurance papers drawn up. I live in Ontario.

davelloydbrown | 19 mei 2018

Use this link,

It is a link on the Tesla website but it is hard to find. They will give you an automatic quote on your model 3 as well as discounts based on the features in the EV.

karmamule | 19 mei 2018

In MA I only had to give Tesla my policy # and insurance agent's name and phone number and they took care of everything for me. (I did call to alert him they would be in touch)

Even up to and after delivery my account page showed the insurance step as 'incomplete' but everything was fine on delivery day.

ebmcs03 | 19 mei 2018

@davelloydbrown that i sure my tesla sit takes me to liberty mutual. And it doesn’t even have model 3!???? How do they partner with Tesla and not even have the model 3?

jsanford | 19 mei 2018

@mcmack15 Amica will do it; taking your bundle of policies elsewhere is a good strategy.

I wonder if your now-former carrier covers Bolt, Leaf, and plug-in Prius....

jefjes | 19 mei 2018

@ebmcs03- That was my experience with that link also. At first, I put in all the info and got a pretty decent quote but then it wouldn't let me finalize anything without speaking to a person. When that conversation took place, the price actually tripled! I read that there were only certain agents at Liberty that were familiar with the Tesla business relationship so when they called me back to discuss the quote, I spoke with a different agent and was told they are all trained on that relationship and after looking back over everything, the triple priced quote stayed the same. They won't be getting my business and it is hard for me to understand how that is the link from Tesla for insurance. The whole automated quote online program is a big bate and switch scam. The first agent actually said maybe it was giving me the price of just liability when she could clearly see the amounts of coverage that I had entered on their site. What a joke.

doelcm | 19 mei 2018

I've called to price insurance with my current insurer, and I have entered my info it into Tesla's form, but not submitted it or uploaded the image. I don't have a delivery date or a VIN (36 days and counting).

I think Texas requires insurance for the sale, but when I've purchased cars previously, all I've had to do is phone my agent from the car dealer.

johnmann | 19 mei 2018

This information may vary depending on who is handling your delivery, but all I had to do was show that I had some car insurance, not insurance specifically for the Model 3 I was buying. I uploaded a photo of my insurance card for my Leaf and Tesla was satisfied. In fact I canceled that insurance and went with another company before taking delivery and Tesla never asked for any further proof of insurance before letting me drive away in the Model 3.

jjgunn | 19 mei 2018

Just checked with "InsureMyTesla" - $240 a month with $1,000 deductible. hahahahah Moving right along

bobkorvas | 28 november 2018

This is an example of why you may need a better insurance agent. You would have been told about this and your policy language would 'automatically' coverage you newly acquired vehicle. That being said:
I'm new to this forum. I have questions as well as answers for you regarding insurance for your TESLA. I offer insurance nationally, as well as my primarily local region and from more than one carrier.

I can also tell you what to expect if you have a claim before you have one, and how to prevent making a poor insurance policy choice. I've read, researched blog posts and experienced this topic for 38 years. What I see is a lot of owners with a common problem. They worked with inexperienced insurance 'sales' person. Having an insurance license does not make that person on the phone a professional...! Generally the mistakes made are because the owners call directly to a 'single - direct- captive' company representative. The person on the other end lacks knowledge of other policy contracts as well as experience. Those are people generally are your State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, American Family or Geico - Liberty Mutual direct type interactions. I'm fully independent. That being said I have questions to you if you read this.

1) Who are you insured with? how long and WHY? (I'm always interested in getting companies that are better than the one's I'm using.)
2) have you had a claim yet? what did you learn?

Now my turn to give some 'food for thought'.

Did you ever think about the fact that because Tesla is so 'new', it's products are evolving and changing much faster? How that will make having a claim so much more difficult? What you can do to overcome that? Think about it, your standard car makers will create a product line and it will be pretty much identical for 3-5 year cycles with regards to parts so it's much easier to repair and replace your vehicles. But at Tesla that does not happen-not yet...If your car is totaled you will suffer a significant loss between the replacement cost vs depreciated value. You can have a longer repair cycle for parts replacement, financial loss due to refinancing or loan and lease payoff... Our agency knows how to protect you from all of that. Those other captive-direct carriers can't do all that..

you can reach me here or or No purchase necessary. You don't need to be insured with me. But it certainly would be to your benefit if you were.

bruryan | 28 november 2018

A quick note, in the past my insurance always covered new vehicles. A grace period if you will until I could take the time to get a new policy.
So it was a surprise when my auto insurance would not cover the tesla. So I dumped them, got new coverage for my other car and house.
In my case, it was an AARP affiliate. any other seasoned drivers might take note.

ikeru.abe23 | 30 september 2019

So do we just need the insurance for the Tesla at pick up or will they not deliver the car until you upload it.

garretn | 30 september 2019

I had to have proof of insurance uploaded before they would deliver my car.

bjrosen | 30 september 2019

This is on a state by state basis. MA requires proof of insurance to register a car. I had to call my insurance agent and the Tesla delivery center several times before I got them talking to each other, it delayed my delivery by a couple of days.