19" Aerodynamic Wheel option

19" Aerodynamic Wheel option

Today I heard from my customer representative:

... due to vendor timing and low customer demand, we’ve decided to pull our 19” aerodynamic wheel offering.

The issue with the wheels was we weren’t able to secure things like images for our customers, etc from the vendor. Their timeline was just not matching up with ours. On top of that, a low % of customers had selected them.

Low demand and vendor timeline were issues we could deal with, but then the wheels weren’t gaining as much efficiency as we had been promising. A combination of all of those problems led us to pull the wheels, although we have completed the engineering surrounding those wheels so they could very well be an option in the future!

It's frustrating to have that option taken away. When will there be another low-drag and good-looking wheel option?

Teoatawki | 13. juni 2012


I was still looking forward to a low-drag and good-looking wheel option. The visualizations of them so far were pretty cheap looking.

olanmills | 13. juni 2012

Yeah they're ugly.

dborn | 13. juni 2012

On an earlier thread their was a company making turbine wheels in 19 inch. Now that, i am sure would go VERY quickly for those of us who like the look but don't want 21 in tires.
Come on Tesla, how about offering them in place of the ditched aero wheels!!

dborn | 13. juni 2012

Lorinser RS8 seems to be the brand.

PeterSZ | 13. juni 2012

Compared to an ICE car the S is fantastic but for an electric car, the S is VERY inefficiënt. Forget those few extra miles. Just turn off the stereo or the aircon or drive slower. Just make this S even FASTER. That will help boost sales a lot more.

P852 (EU)

jbunn | 14. juni 2012

Well, they were fugly. Translation from marketing speak... vendor timeline... when we called the vendor, and told them we wanted to order three sets for the rest of this year, and asked when we could get them, they hung up...

Peter7 | 14. juni 2012

"On top of that, a low % of customers had selected them."

Hmmm, since the option to select them was a no credit downgrade for all customers contacted so far I can't imagine that is a fair statement to include.


Chris DC | 14. juni 2012

@PeterSZ Can you verify your statement?

jbherman | 14. juni 2012

dborn +1 on the 19" turbine wheel option. I have already discussed this with my sales rep and sent an email to TM.

Timo | 14. juni 2012

@PeterSZ, in what way Model S is inefficient? It uses less energy / mile than for example Nissan Leaf.

VolkerP | 15. juni 2012

PeterSZ seems to talk about the 580W sound upgrade :-)
It would add 5% to power consumption when traveling at 60mph if running full blast.

EdG | 15. juni 2012

Anyone running that full blast doesn't care about power consumption that day.

Mark E | 15. juni 2012

or eardrums

Brian H | 15. juni 2012

Or brain cells. In rat models, 15 minutes of 95db sound caused permanent damage to the occipital lobes.

Vawlkus | 15. juni 2012

They probably weren't using them anyway

Jason S | 15. juni 2012


On topic: how about some kinda of attachment to the wheels for when I'm going to take a longer trip and want the extra few percent of efficiency?

Right now I could do something out of the Red Green Show, but I promised my neighbors I'd avoid the Duct Tape after that one Halloween.... (j/k j/k)

Timo | 16. juni 2012

When we talk about aerodynamics, I was thinking about giving Model S 2.0 both rear view mirrors and cameras, and fold those mirrors when in highway speeds leaving only cameras. That should cut few points off the Cd and A, probably in same ballpark as aerodynamic wheels.

jerry3 | 16. juni 2012

Probably more because the fenders protect the wheels from a lot of air flow. At 60 mph each mirror uses at least 1 hp. More on an aerodynamic car.

Brian H | 16. juni 2012

Yes, the cameras on the X give a 5% drag/range advantage.