2014 model s price increase

2014 model s price increase

Love the model s and currently working really hard to save as much money as possible to make my financing resonable. I estimate by early next year or end of this year I will have enough to order a model s and sure it will be a 2014 model. Do you think the price will drastically increase compared to current pricing? Did this happen with Roadster models when they were released for those few years ?

Carefree | 12. februar 2013

Nobody can tell you. It all depends how the Model S will evolve. Take a look at the wishlist posted here. If some of these items make it into the 2014 Model S the price for the options might add up. You'd need a crystal ball to figure this out:-)

jat | 12. februar 2013

Just my guess, but I would expect a small price increase on the order of the 2012->2013 price increase of $2500. Of course, if they have trouble selling their full production capacity by then, the price might even come down (but as the Model X will be ramping up then, that seems unlikely).

Brian H | 13. februar 2013

It took 4 yrs. to get to the recent increase. I expect no price change for 2014. Remember there are no actual model years for the Model S.

kenliles | 13. februar 2013

I would agree with Brian here. You might see some minimal upward adjustments of certain options- that's about it IMO

prash.saka | 13. februar 2013

I, too, am with Brian here. I seriously doubt there will be any price increase, for at least the base version. The options could, however, see some increase.

Superliner | 13. februar 2013

@ Brian

However the cars were not available for three + of those four years. The price hike kicked in about, was it 5 months?? or so after deliveries began? (not sure of time frame here).

cmarkortiz | 13. februar 2013

Brian H so If your model is delivered and made in 2013 its not considered a 2013 version? glad to see all answers it would be nice for some of the option packages to actually go down in price, wishful thinking i know ....

jat | 13. februar 2013

The model year is equal to the calendar year in which the VIN was assigned.

trydesky | 13. februar 2013

My insurance company wanted to know the year, and TM told me it was a 2013.

sayidreddy | 13. februar 2013

Tesla has also said that they will have lease options aviailable sometime this summer so thats an option if you want the car quickly.

cmarkortiz | 13. februar 2013

definitely want to purchase car i know i will have a decent downpayment of at least 30k but my credit score is horrible due to past "issues" . In the mid 500s so not even sure where to try to look to get financing with such a low credit score .

Brian H | 14. februar 2013

TeslaMotors designates that by date completed. But there is no difference between a 2013 and a 2012 and a 2014, unless some specific modification has been made. That might occur in March or October or at any time. But there is only 1 Model S to date. There were several Roadsters (1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, Sportster) but none of those corresponded exactly or relevantly to a year designation. However, the regs require VIN differentiation, so TM complies with a calendar-based VIN code. There is no other significance to "model year".

Brian H | 14. februar 2013

Uncle Vinny will cover you, at 5%/wk. But I'm warning you -- don't miss a payment! He has a sure-fire method of making sure that never happens twice. >:) >B|
~~~~~~~~~But seriously~~~~~~~~~~
A cosigner or additional collateral might help. But don't expect the kinds of rates being reported here. Banks' own cost of funds is low right now, but they're risk-averse because they can't easily get compensating returns for default risk.

cmarkortiz | 15. februar 2013

ha Brian H, i know I would trade my 2008 mercedes c300 but since there is no trade with Tesla I would have to sell outright. By years end value would be around 12 to 14k probably but in this market I know its hard to sell a car outright, but that would be my extra collateral.

Lou in SoCal | 15. februar 2013

There are model years. Built in 2012, guess what, check your registration it's a 2012 model. Also, the 2013 cars have heated textile / cloth seats whereas the 2012 didn't.

I can definitely see a slight price change for 2014. It could be in a form of changes in the options/packages offered. Agree with @Superliner, if the clock started when the first car was delivered, the price hike definitely took place less than a year.

Brian H | 15. februar 2013

collateral means security for the loan; i.e., assets the banks can seize and sell if you default. Houses, yachts, and the like. First-born not acceptable.

cmarkortiz | 15. februar 2013

I have a home loan through bank of america but on another thread there is a guy saying he can put 50% down and cant get financing that makes me nervous for my situation.

Robert22 | 16. februar 2013

Model year definitely matters to your wallet if you're in a state that levys excise taxes.

Robert22 | 16. februar 2013

Levies rather...

Benz | 16. februar 2013

There will be improvements over time, that's for sure. Maybe not every year, but certainly every few years. My point is that a Tesla Model S build in 2012 will not be the same as a Tesla Model S build in 2016. Tesla Motors is continuously thinking about how to make improvements to their EV's. And that is good. Therefore, the price might just increase a bit as well over the coming years.

Brian H | 16. februar 2013

Yeah, year of sale/transfer is supposed to be a nice neat marker for that, but lotsa little fudges (title, loaded on truck, payment, etc.) even on that.

dstiavnicky | 16. februar 2013

No price increase, but a thousand new options that we all want will certainly push the average price way up!

cmarkortiz | 17. februar 2013

do orders stop and start again per year when they hit a certain number?

Brian H | 17. februar 2013

No. It's a continuous flow, ideally with 3-4 months between reservation and receipt of car.

cmarkortiz | 17. februar 2013

thanks Brian H really going to use these months and months to try and improve my credit score as much as possible(not sure how) and save as much money as possible to get my model s come end of year