2015 Shareholder meeting - Expected More

2015 Shareholder meeting - Expected More

I really did expect more regarding the design studio opening and features of the model x. Back to waiting!

PJJAVA | 09. juni 2015

Yeah that was disappointing. | 09. juni 2015

Elon Musk: "The long-awaited Model X. Chuckle"

"First deliveries in 3-4 months". Aargh! 4 months is the middle of October. What gives?

scotttilson | 09. juni 2015

He said "probably" in 3-4 months! A lot more agony to come!

vperl | 09. juni 2015

When PETA takes up valuable time, we loose.

Power to leather

timf2001 | 09. juni 2015

Optimistic view: He said 3-4 months rather than 3 months so people don't complain when there aren't deliveries by September 9.

Pessimistic view: He said 3-4 months because they may not deliver until October, missing their Q3 target.

My view: Tesla will do everything they can to deliver in Q3, and will have at least some token deliveries by September 30. | 09. juni 2015

@tim: I believe that you have nailed it.

Elon and his Mom get theirs in September.
Everyone else "soon" afterwards.

Iowa92x | 09. juni 2015

Dumb questions from attendees, the old dude asking about combining the 7 kwh and 10 kwh home packs plus the crazy leather lady.

X in October.

NumberOne | 09. juni 2015

Elon really did not say anything that we were not expecting, except of course the CFO's retirement. It has been relatively common knowledge that the initials Model X deliveries will begin at the end of Q3. That is September. The end of September is slightly more that 3.5 months away from now, and I still look forward to get mine this year, even thought I have a regular production reservation. Either way, July is next month, and then we might be able to start playing with the design studio.

vandacca | 09. juni 2015

Now you know why Elon called it the Model-X. Its because the delivery date is variable.

scotttilson | 09. juni 2015

There are two things that will determine the fate of Tesla financially- The Model X and The Model 3. It blows my mind that out of a dozen plus questions, none were about these two subjects. I believe the first X's will be delivered right before the end of the year. I was hoping to either see the car, with an indefinite on sale date, or not see the car and have a definite on sale date. Getting neither and a "probably in 3-4 months" was maddening!

grant10k | 09. juni 2015

I suspect the rules they had to follow limited what kinds of questions they could ask. I base this on the fact that no one badgered him for Model X details.

vperl | 09. juni 2015

Badgered, the leather lady plus other occupy people, they took valuable time the silly questions and no news .

As I would say, no real meat in any questions.

priustech | 10. juni 2015

Oh my goodness the vegan thing was annoying. Our bodies are "designed" to have an omnivorous, though more plant based, diet. The car has vegan option already. I would consider vegans as religion entering the conversation. And I do believe in animal ethics. Just not dogma.

ScoobyDoo | 10. juni 2015

I really "liked" the first question: "Elon, what questions do you have for us?" What the f%$*K was that all about? Talk about wasting valuable time...

NumberOne | 10. juni 2015

I do not look to the questions for useful answers. Look at last year when one guy wanted to know if he could be the next CEO.

vperl | 10. juni 2015

That was the guy wearing the "Occupy" T-shirt

ken | 10. juni 2015

I agree with @LeonardD, nothing that was said was outside of what most of us expected, nor outside of what was promised. Best case is 3 months which is just inside the date promised, and worst case is 4 months about two weeks outside of what was promised. Most of us have been waiting more than a year, and in some cases two plus years so if we have a two week slip, but get the best SUV on the market, do we need to complain? Let's remember this was a shareholder meeting not a Model X grand announcement. We have videos of the X being driven in the Palo Alto area and it looks pretty good to me. Unless we are so unfortunate that we have been diagnosed with a problem that is terminal within the next three to four months, where is the problem? I would rather that they get it right than have delivery a few months sooner. As far as the shareholder meeting, if we wanted to glean information from Elon we should have planted a couple of trial attorneys next to the microphones to beat the animal rights questions. Not sure that I will have my X by Christmas but shortly thereafter looks assured. I will be patient, no Takata airbags please!

timf2001 | 11. juni 2015

The ramp-up is far more important to reservation holders and investors than the date of first deliveries. If they don't deliver until October but are building the supply chain in line with their prior delivery projections, they could still squeeze the same amount of quarterly deliveries into a shorter period of time and nothing would matter.

If however the delays are a direct result of a supplier not being able to deliver on-time or a part needing to be redesigned, the entire ramp up could get pushed out by a couple months or more. This would have a serious impact on Tesla's bottom line, not to mention further increase the frustrations of reservation holders.

Svenssons | 11. juni 2015

I like the guy with the Occupy T-shirt. Guess it was a nood to Musk. Guess many people watching the video missed the second word on it: Mars. Occupy Mars.