3D printing small parts for Tesla Model S

3D printing small parts for Tesla Model S

I've replaced many plastic and other material parts on my cars by modeling and 3D printing with my Replicator 2 from MakerBot. Timewise, not a cost savings, but fun and a glimpse of the future perhaps. Most recently printed for a Porsche 966TT (a friends) spoiler actuator part (that is unavailable without purchasing the entire device ($$$)).

Thingiverse 3D printing project site posting:

It would be great if Tesla jumped out in front of all the other manufacturers and set up a site with all the potentially 3D print replaceable parts for their vehicles. Perhaps they could sell the files for $1-5 each, or just make them freely downloadable. The project above would have been much easier if I could have avoided the CAD modeling (time consuming).

I think this would unleash a massive amount of free advertising for Tesla (not that they have any shortage of media coverage right now).

Waiting for my 85/performance plus/black/black/carbon fiber/21" grey wheels/tech/pano/rear seats hopefully early August.

420weblazeit | 19. juli 2014

It would be better if showrooms had 3D printers they could use to get parts almost instantly, that way, only the parts needed would be made, no plastic would be wasted, and there would be no wait time. Though, you would need the right coloured plastic, or have a painting expert and have to wait for the paint to dry.

Good idea though, I like it!

vgarbutt | 26. juli 2014

Well unfortunately, 3D printing is nowhere close to instant. But certainly you could order one and pick it up later in the day or next day. I love the idea.