An Aftermarket Approach to TM's Opportunity Console

An Aftermarket Approach to TM's Opportunity Console

Those with an interest in the development of a viable aftermarket center console option can follow the latest progress of the Center Console Insert (CCI) at: Soflauthor’s Center Console Insert at TMC in the “Tesla Parts for Sale” forum. I posted a new progress report with some rendering of the fabrication design earlier today.

The mods at TMC set up a special thread for the CCI, so with the exception of pointers like this one. That’s where I’m posting progress reports and fielding questions/comments.

I hope you stop by to see (and if you're so inclined, comment on) the latest progress.

Brian H | 18. kan 2013

The plugincars article featured a reference to a source of inverters for Leaf and Volt ... and some General Purpose ones. 1 KW for about $250.

2050project | 19. kan 2013

More articles in addition to the plugincars one w/ aftermarket mods options, and the the CCI got mentioned in the press picked up in both and Business Insider this week...

"So I recently purchased a Center Console Insert (CCI) from an independent company called Teslaccessories. It snaps into place between the floor rails and provides a better-placed cupholder and a small closed storage area. It's a big improvement."

Soflauthor | 21. kan 2013


We’re pleased to let you know that our production and fulfillment processes have improved to the extent that those who sign-up on our CCI Waitlist will now be given an invitation to our private CCI store in no more than 10 days. If you haven’t yet signed onto the list, please visit:

This morning we mailed invitations to a large group of wait list members who signed onto the list over the past month. As always, CCI orders will be placed on our production queue on a first-come, first served basis.

The CCI will also be present at the following upcoming events:
- All EV Rally, BC to BC (Canada 2 Mexico)
- Assault on Mt. Evans, CO (Tesla Road Rally)

I posted status and a pic of a future interior product over at TMC. You can find the post here:

Brian H | 21. kan 2013

2nd row seat warmer?

GeekEV | 22. kan 2013

FYI, this looks like possibly the perfect iPhone mount for the Model S (if you have an iPhone 5). Too bad it doesn't come in black. I bet a little spray plasti-dip could fix that...

"Unlike the short, flaccid charging cables on the market, you can bend Trunk vertical to charge on the wall, bend it the other way and use GPS in the car, or straighten it out and put it in a pocket when you're on the move.

Why do you need all that cord? With Trunk, there is no wrapping, no tangling -- no mess."

Soflauthor | 30. kan 2013


The CCI Wait List opened in October, 2012, and we’ve reached an important milestone. With the exception of Wait List submissions in the last two days, we have now provided access to the invitation-only CCI store to everyone on the wait list. Barring technical glitches, we plan to open our CCI Store ( to the general public late on Friday. If you would like to get a “jump” on the general public and order early, please sign up at our "old" website before Friday evening.

We’re pleased to announce that our fulfillment times have improved yet again. We can now target delivery of Custom CCIs in a 3 to 6 week window from the date of an order. That represents a 25 percent improvement in fulfillment time. For our Standard CCI orders, we target delivery in a 1 to 2 week window from the date of an order. We have now delivered CCIs in 37 states and Canada, and just received our very first European order—from Norway!

New Products

If you’ve been following these updates, you know that we’re hard at work on design and prototyping for three new products.

Our first new product is a custom nose cone for the exterior of the Model S. Although things are preliminary at the moment, we’re looking at two product variants—one is a classic “grille” look with our own take on what a Model S grille might be. The other is something a little more edgy. We’ll see how the design work evolves and present it to you when is matures a bit. A CA wait list member reminded us to be sure to accommodate a front license plate (we don't have them in FL). Good point ... it's back to the drawing board (well, actually, the CAD system).

Our second and third new products will address rear seat storage, cup holders, and rear seat entertainment options. We’ve come up with a couple of unique approaches to these capabilities and are working on preliminary design and prototyping. For additional information, follow our posts at TMC:

2050project | 31. kan 2013 going to be sponsoring upcoming EV events too...

stigcell | 31. kan 2013

How about some killer all weather rubberized floor mats? I think it is incredible what you guys are doing. Huge props!

Soflauthor | 01. juni 2013

@stigcell: Thx for the props. Actually it's far from "incredible," but it did/does take a lot of hard work.

We achieved another milestone last night. Our website redesign is complete and we've now opened up our new site and e-commerce store to all - check it out. Ordering for CCIs is now immediate (no more wait list). In addition, we're able to take an order and fulfill it in a reduced period of time due to an improving production process and fulfillment optimization. Custom products still take time, but we're getting much better at it.

Also, all those on the CCI Wait List have been transitioned onto our VIP List. If you haven't already, feel free to sign up on our VIP list which gives you priority ordering (jump to the top of our queue), qualifying you for special promotions/discounts, early notification on new products, and access to our VIP newsletter.

And to those who haven't been to the site in some time, feel free to browse, and shop if you'd like...

2050project | 06. juni 2013

Saw the blog update on the website too w/ prototyping photos of new products nosecone grille and rear seat storage options -

Brian H | 06. juni 2013

Beyond impressed at how consistently you seem to be doing everything right, from product to corporate activities, sponsorships, and image. Major props.

2050project | 09. juni 2013

Uploading pic of the Standard CCI from - in tan:

2050project | 09. juni 2013

And, - the Custom version (obeche) and Carbon fiber:

Brian H | 09. juni 2013


Soflauthor | 05. juli 2013


It’s been over a month since my last update, and what better time than a holiday weekend to post, so ...

The response to the CCI continues to be outstanding. We’ve been working very hard to improve production efficiencies, thereby reducing the time it takes to fulfill an order. In many cases, we’re now fulfilling Standard CCI orders in less than a week’s time, and we continue to whittle down the time required to fulfill Custom CCI orders. We're now getting a slow but steady stream of orders from Europe—an interesting development. In the US, we just got our first order from Alaska!

We’ve been going a million miles an hour (new businesses are like that) and we haven’t had much time to think about future directions. But we haven’t completely ignored the issue either. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Our First Partnership

Analyzing our order data, fully 45 percent of all CCI orders come from California. Therefore, it seemed appropriate that we partner with a CA company, but only a company that understands the Model S, has strong automotive chops, is a leader in aftermarket modification of Tesla vehicles, and is respected by the community. We’re pleased to announce that Al & Ed's Autosound - West Hollywood is our exclusive stocking dealer in California. They’ll be happy to answer any of your questions, help integrate our products, make special modifications, and show you a wide range of other enticing aftermarket options to enhance your Tesla.

New Products

We’ve created a rough prototype of a back of the seat, flexible storage (BFS) system that should be capable of accommodating everything from a tablet to small items to a few magazines. It will also provide a unique pocket that will allow back seat passengers to holster their smart phone in a convenient place. We’ll begin beta testing over the next month. Hopefully, the product should be available for sale in the 4th quarter of this year.

We’re also working on a Custom Model S Nosecone for those Model S owners who want to give their exterior a custom look. We’ve done some early modeling and molding and will begin beta tests over the next few months. If design, materials, and other production related issues pan out, we’ll begin sharing first looks with you later this year.

Finally, we’ve come up with a preliminary design for a rear-cup holder solution that does not take up space on the rear bench seat and folds out of the way when not in use. We still have design work to do and should begin prototyping later this year.


Next week, we’ll be flying out to Silicon Valley to be part of TESLIVE—the first-ever conference/expo dedicated to all things Tesla. We’re proud to be part of it. We’ll be exhibiting at TESLIVE and bringing six different variants of the CCI for you to see and touch.

On a personal note, I’m really looking forward to meeting some of the many forum denizens who have followed our adventures over the past few years. If you're going, be sure to look for Matt and me.

DrTaras-BreastCar | 06. juli 2013

These are exciting times, no doubt, for the cottage industry that is Tesla aftermarket. Some see it as removing market share from OEM, but in fact that is a myopic view. Look at so many other examples to see that it does quite the opposite! It pushes OEM to stay current and keep its quality high. It also exposes an OEM brand to SEMA after market circles where OEM might not get exposure and then actually grows the brand! Think about that 1st time that the 2nd dealer parked next to the 1st auto dealer and the 1st was miffed but then saw that as more auto dealers parked in the vicinity their location got more exposure and it became a destination to buy cars. Sure, not an exact analogy but then that's why it is called an analogy. Think of how Audi & Kia design have been positively affected by the aftermarket and have adopted it into their OEM design and then other auto manufacturers have followed suit! Anyway, more power to you & look forward to meeting y'all at TESlive!

2050project | 01. august 2013

Just saw a link (on TMC) to a CCI customer who posted his own youtube video review of his center console insert installed. Has a few critiques, but, overall it's a solid overview, looks good:

Soflauthor | 15. august 2013

CCI Update

Sales of our CCI continue to go very well. We’ve now received orders from 40 states including AK and HI and from four European countries (even though the Model S has been only recently available in the Europe). We continue to be amazed and pleased by the response to the CCI. If you haven’t yet ordered a CCI and now believe it might serve your needs, visit us at:

We get a continuing stream of questions and comments about “new” products in our pipeline. I’ll give you an update on the status of a new CCI variant and on our new products (not yet available, but coming).

The Basic CCI

As some of you already know, we’ve developed another CCI variant that is designed for those Model S owners who want an elegant center console that matches the design intent and curves of the Model S, but who don’t need or want upholstery color matching, a coordinated veneer deck, or a phone caddie.

Called the Basic CCI, this variant is priced quite competitively. We soft-launched the Basic CCI at TESLIVE and have already received many orders for the unit. It is available now and can be ordered at For more information on our expanded family of CCIs, check out our CCI comparison (

New Products

Progress on our array of new products continues. Prototypes for all exist, but in my view they’re not for prime-time just yet. Here’s an update:

Second Cup Holder Insert. We’ve had a number of requests for a second, front seat cup holder that integrates with the CCI. We’ve come up with a potential solution that allows a CCI owner to insert a second cup holder into the closed storage space of the CCI . For those owners who absolutely, positively must have two conveniently located cup holders (at the expense of some closed storage space), this upgrade (available in the Fall) will provide you with enhanced beverage holding capability.

Back of Seat Storage. We’re still testing and tweaking the design of our back-of-the-seat storage product. A few design, aesthetic, and fastening issues remain to be resolved, but we’re making progress and hope to release this product late in the year.

Rear cup holders. Along with a very talented partner, we hope to offer a unique rear cup holder arrangement that provides two very conveniently located rear cup holders and still allows full use of the three rear seats. This unit will require a relatively straightforward DIY install, but can also be purchased and then installed by your local custom shop, if you’re not the DIY type. We hope to have this product available by year’s end.

Model S Nose Cone Enhancements. We’re also working on custom nose cone enhancements for the Model S. Work is proceeding slowly, but we’re making progress toward one or two prototypes that we’ll share with you when they’re ready.

An Artistic Model of the Model S. At Teslaccessories, LLC we use relatively high tech laser cutting equipment to fabricate the CCI and some of our other forthcoming products. But our laser cutter can also be used to create some pretty cool 3D art/sculptures. In our spare time (hah!), we’ve been experimenting with the creation of a 3-D artistic model inspired by the Model S. It’s something you might place on your desk, on a display shelf, or anywhere else you desire. The intent is to provide a "sculpture" that captures the essence of the Model S in a visually pleasing way. We’ve begun work on this and hope to have it available for the Holiday season.

I’ll keep you up-to-date on all of these forthcoming product offerings in the coming months.

Brian H | 15. august 2013

Evolving nicely. 'Grats. You could call the Basic CCI your "Henry", any color you want, as long as it's black.

Soflauthor | 15. august 2013

@Brian H: That's why we call it "Basic." As you know, other options are available.

Brian H | 15. august 2013

It would sell better if you call it the 'Henry'! >:)

Soflauthor | 16. oktober 2013

A few days ago, we posted a "Coming Soon" page describing our upcoming products at our website. You can see it here: The page contains a first look at some of the things we’ll be offering to the Model S community in coming months, along with a few prototype photos.

If you’ve been following since we began our journey in the Fall of 2011—from initial center console line drawings posted on the forums to early foam and wood models, and finally to our flagship product—the CCI, I think you’ll agree that we’ve had quite a ride.

Now, with the forthcoming introduction of a broader range of products, our company is moving from infancy to something more substantial. Through it all, our goal is to provide high quality, unique, and really cool products dedicated to the Model S (and maybe later, the Model X and Gen III). Visit us to learn more.

2050project | 17. oktober 2013

@Sofla - lots of new products and you received an intensive thorough product review on your original CCI with the new x2 just today:

2050project | 06. november 2013

@Sofla - obeche gloss looks good...