Alliant financing

Alliant financing

I had a question about those who used Alliant for their loan. Did everyone already have automobile credit history when they received their low APR loan? Did you have to make a downpayment?

Reason I ask is I was contacted by Tesla financing, and my application was denied by both Wellsfargo and Usbank because although I have excellent credit history, I do not have any automobile credit history. I sent in an application today to Alliant and was just wondering what I should expect come next week.

Thank you!

Ma'Tes | 25. juni 2014

Scott was very helpful.
Amazing how much you can quickly do on line.

Closed $85k loan @1.74% two weeks ago for our MS.

thranx | 25. juni 2014

I worked with Scott Paulson. Efficient, knowledgeable, a pleasure to do business with.

plusplusjames | 25. juni 2014

I qualified quickly for 95% financing. Yes, I had previous auto loan history.

IvanSanDiego | 25. juni 2014

@Ma'Tes @thranx Thanks for the info! Scott it is.

Brian H | 25. juni 2014

People often say this, but I have no idea why reviving a relevant "old thread" is a problem. New members are flooding in, and haven't seen them, for one thing. New developments on previous topics are frequent. Etc.

GAGSTESLA | 26. juni 2014

Pacific Marine Credit Union has 1.5% rates. I found them very helpful. And no, I do not work there.

NomoDinos | 26. juni 2014

Digital Credit Union has a "hybrid" discount that brings it down to 0.99% for I think now 65 months. I didn't check, but they mentioned that EV's qualify too. Worth looking into.

Rolando Dominguez | 26. juni 2014

Alliant offered 100% but only needed $85K 1,74% 72 months, I put 10% down.

Scott is the man to work with... has the whole process nailed, he's closed on many Tesla's

acegreat1 | 17. april 2015


sherry | 06. kan 2015

Tesla has completely redefined the car buying experience; and it's hard to imagine ever approaching it any differently. At the same time, I can say the same about Jason Freese and Alliant Credit Union.

I learned about Alliant through this forum and got lucky to reach Jason when I made my initial inquiry. Never before had I experience such a smooth process of obtaining a loan. He was super courteous and professional, and the rates were outstanding. Further, about one week prior to delivery; I received an email from Jason informing me that they were running a special on the 72 month financing - reducing it from 2.24% to 1.99% and wondered if I'd be interested. It's rare that such integrity and candor is on display, and my experience with Alliant has been nothing short of that.

I highly recommend them!

alarcila1274 | 21. oktober 2015

I finance part of my Tesla with Alliant Credit Union with Mark Wooster (800-328-1935 ext 2166). Everything was done via email and phone call. It was very fast and efficient. My Finance term was 84 months @ 2.99%. This was the best rate on the market for 84 months. I also highly recommend them.

AMDFOREVER | 21. oktober 2015


Do you happen to have an email address for Mark that you're willing to share? I'm currently overseas with unstable phone support - as I'm researching financing options right now, I'd like to contact. Thank you

tflax | 21. oktober 2015

I financed in June 2015 with Jason at Alliant, it was very easy.

They will finance 100% of the vehicle cost at 1.99 - 2.24% for 6 years/72 months. The process was quick and easy.

Jason's info:

Jason Freese

Jason is doing a ton of Tesla loans and is very good at what he does.

I would highly recommend using Jason if you are looking for a loan.

AMDFOREVER | 22. oktober 2015

Thanks @tflax; much appreciated!

AMDFOREVER | 27. november 2015

As this thread helped me greatly while I was overseas, I just wanted to give back a little.

I worked with Mark Wooster at Alliant and man was he friendly! We first started out with email correspondence, as our internet was poor - unable to sustain long phone calls. Once we had passed a good understanding back and forth I made the call. Luckily we managed to do it all in one call and no hiccups! Mark was able to secure my loan at the rate I was hoping for, along with duration, and had a enough time to cover any delays in travel before taking delivering upon my return state-side. We passed all applicable documents back n forth electronically and the final signatures were all digital as well! He always promptly got back to me via email, or phone call once I was back in the US - never left me hanging with a question.

Overall - GREAT experience working with Alliant! Can't say enough good things about Mark and hope others may reach out for his assistance. It was very welcomed experience after my trusted USAA bank damn near spat in my face with their poor excuse of an offer for servicing the loan requirement. Also, Alliant has a much better "GAP" option than USAA does so check into that if you think you'll benefit.

So to those that may be getting giddy with holiday cheer right now and have prospects of taking delivery before the holidays - or might stumble on this thread months from now: please hit up Mark for your loan needs! His email is:

Thanks and happy holidays to all!

thebigguy | 27. november 2015

I have to echo tflax. I works with Jason Freese as well based on this thread and it was a breeze. Got approved for an 84 month loan (the rates are so low, mine was 2.99%) and it was done in about a day. I'm taking delivery on Dec. 9, so I still have to finalize the loan, but Jason has been great. I figured I'd go with the 84 months to keep the payments low, especially with my investments returning better than 2.99% right now. I called Jason and he responded super quickly and I was all set.

Jason Freese

jludw32299 | 28. november 2015

Have to agree that it was no effort and seamless process. Jason Freese was a breeze to work with. This was in May, 2015. 84 months, 1.99%. Unbelievable financing at the time.
Best interaction and no hassle financing I have ever done. Very attentive to details and explains things well.

emuanda | 01. desember 2015

Jason took care of me as well. My delivery is tomorrow and I was planning on leasing. I changed my mind yesterday and decided to finance. Jason took care of everything ASAP! Probably not going to sleep tonight :)

tflax | 02. desember 2015

I called Jason just the other day to find out pricing on a Model X and was able to quickly give me pricing with 2.49% @ 72 months within minutes.

Dofpic | 02. desember 2015

i just got quoted 1.99% for 60 months on model s for delivery in late December. Pretty psyched!

EmperorTytus | 05. desember 2015

Just closed on a 1.63% ACU 60 month Tesla loan. Thanks over there to Jaime Mares! Super people.

avesraggiana | 11. februar 2017

Reviving a thread that has been quiet for a long time. Just ordered my Model S but haven't applied for financing yet. Alliant's best rate these days is above 2.2%. All you earlier posters are very lucky.

drklain | 11. februar 2017

Not so much luck as timing. The Fed started raising interest rates last year and all rates (from car loans to mortgages) have gone up accordingly.

SO | 11. februar 2017

Try DCU.

avesraggiana | 11. februar 2017

@S)_S90D I’m sorry, what is DCU? Thanks.

SO | 11. februar 2017

Digital Federal Credit Union.

1.74% APR

I have not personally used them but I heard this from someone else on here. I ended up just paying cash but otherwise I would have gone through them. Hopefully they are legit.

avesraggiana | 12. februar 2017


Thank you very much. I’ll check them out.

avesraggiana | 12. februar 2017

For those of you who developed a first-name relationship with your Alliant-guy, Scott, Mark, Jason, etc, did you contact Alliant directly, or did Tesla Lending put you in touch with them?

bill | 12. februar 2017

Alliant did my first car back in July and they were doing it directly. When I bought my second one in November Tesla was handling the process but I ended up going to Aliant directly when Tesla was unable to do things that they could not like handling the down payment electronically. One other thing was Aliant has a option for $5 more per month they will pay the note if the car is totaled no matter what the car is valued at and will also give you $500 towards the deductible if you have an accident. Tesla was not offering that. May be better now because back then Tesla was just starting to handle the Alliant loans.

avesraggiana | 12. februar 2017

@ bill Thanks for the updated information. I believe I’ll go through Tesla Lending first. If I’m not satisfied with any of the loan terms they’re offering, I’ll contact Alliant directly and see if I have any better luck. Thanks again.

thranx | 12. februar 2017

@arnelnacino; I've bought two Teslas and both times went straight to Alliant. Was on a first-name basis with these guys immediately. Probably spent as much time talking about the Cubs as about my loans. Absolutely painless process involving minimal time on my part.

eztider | 12. februar 2017

As of last June Alliant was the way to go.

BigD0g | 12. februar 2017

I received 1.99 on Friday from Alliant

avesraggiana | 12. februar 2017

@thranx @eztider @BigD0g Jawing about the Cubs over a loan app is about as laid back as it gets. I hope to be as lucky.

Thanks, guys, for all your input. Very reassuring to see that at least some of us are getting the much vaunted, low, low interest rates. I’ll be putting down 10% and financing the rest. My credit score is in the high 780s, depending on a who you use, and my debt to income ratio is a pretty decent 31%. I hope those numbers are good enough to be approved.

Right now I wish I had been like my brother who took a greater interest in things financial than I ever did, and consequently he’s got his money working for him. He’d be like one of those lucky people on this forum who could pay cash, or cash in an investment on any Model S he wanted, and not even flinch.

avesraggiana | 12. februar 2017

At least, I hope to be approved, to put down 10%, blah, blah, blah....

inconel | 14. februar 2017

Financing through Tesla, I got 1.99% yesterday with TD Bank