Almost perfect...But I need more time...

Almost perfect...But I need more time...

$119,000 for the Model S, P85...OK but you think you can fix a couple of things;

1. Side Mirrors;
I would have a problem after parking when I get out of my car and fold in the drivers side mirror and then
walk around to the passenger side and fold the other one too...and lets not forget bringing them
back out again before I get into the car...It would be nice if you made them automatic...

2. Vanity Mirror lights;
Since I will never let my wife or girlfriend drive my new Tesla S...Can you put a light in with the vanity mirror to keep them or give me something I can make them do when they ask to drive...

3. Back Seat;
It would be nice if you made the back seats comfortable...

4. Rear facing seats;
If I hated my kids and wanted to take the chance of pushing them around in a wheel chair the rest of my life-I would never get the Rear facing seats...There is no way they would survive someone crashing in the rear end...Not counting the psychological trauma...

5. Rear Camera;
If would be nice if you put some reference lines in the rear camera...and really, a rear view camera?...Kind of late you think...Everyone is using Side and Top View Cameras...

6. Door locks;
When I walk up to my Model S...and the doors unlock...It would be nice if I could just have my door unlock and or a choice...I kind of hate to make it too easy to get car jacked...or my wife or girl friend getting kidnapped or raped...I just really don't want that excessive Drama...



ps I would have more/could have more but the test ride was only 20 or so minutes...

Thomas N. | 12. september 2013

I have never seen these mentioned before. You bring up valid points.

elguapo | 12. september 2013

You will "never let your wife or girlfriend" drive? I found that line to be the most interesting part of your post.

Iowa92x | 12. september 2013

I laughed.

LV2SF99999 | 12. september 2013

Hmm. "never LET you wife or girlfriend drive" probably means you don't have a girlfriend now and when/if you do, you won't get from girlfriend to wife any time soon!

lbjack | 12. september 2013

Something to keep the gals a mirror. LOL!

Actually, quite constructive stuff. Of course, rear facing third row "kids' seats" aren't at all unique to Tesla. But good general point anyway.

Thomas N. | 12. september 2013

I think Seeking Alpha just picked up on this thread. They have a new article:

"Is an EV right for you? Chances of rape in a Tesla are five times that of a Honda Accord."

negarholger | 12. september 2013

Door locks - you can program how they behave. I have mine not extend when walking up.
Also when you are in drive the door handles do not extend when touched from the outside - you have to put the car into park... in the beginning I always forgot it when my wife wanted to open the door.
Actually I feel the MS is more safe in this regard then other cars. The only issue you have - and this has been discussed on this forum - when in park and sleep in your car with the fob inside the car, then an outsider can open the doors from the outside. Simple solution put the fob in a metal box ( e.g. Altoids) and the car can not detect the fob is inside the car.

JPPTM | 12. september 2013

Rear jump seats are over engineered--Elon puts his kids there. Double bumper-boron steel. He says it has been tested to 50 MPH crash.

S4WRXTTCS | 12. september 2013

I've heard most of these complaints, and I do think they are valid complaints (1,2,3 and 5).

But, you might be the first poster ever to have both a Wife and Girlfriend.

You're certainly not the first to claim that they would never let their SO drive their car. On average they succumb to letting their SO drive it within the first week.

mrspaghetti | 12. september 2013

@S4W: no, only the first to admit it publicly

Dreamknightmanga | 12. september 2013

SDS.... cute....

nickjhowe | 12. september 2013

@aamcpl8 - guess the Model S just isn't for you. But thanks for the comments! Let us know what you get instead.

bradslee | 12. september 2013


Did you notice that MS also lacks the following?

- door pocket;
- coat hanger;
- roof shade, if it has the pano roof;
- spare tire.

What an imperfect and less featured car!

dlewis | 12. september 2013

6 is the only one I really care about. It would be nice to be able to have only the drivers door handle extend for some situations.

mrspaghetti | 12. september 2013

@bradslee - there actually is a door pocket. Look inside the little area you grab to pull the door closed. There's rubber matting down there and everything.

Not that you can fit much in there, but it does exist.

Bighorn | 12. september 2013

I think duplicity was implied in Bamboo8's ceiling makeup saga:)

AmyOo | 12. september 2013

#6 I was told the next software update would include the option of having only the driver's door unlock. Very important for me.

celtrog | 12. september 2013

How come it won't play an iPod?

or hands free dialing??

Eryx | 12. september 2013

Regarding #4, the back seats are very safe. These aren't some clip on seats, an extra bumper is added for additional safety. As JPPTM mentioned, the CEO feels safe putting his kids in the back seat.

tomkist | 12. september 2013

It would be nice to be able to choose what the car does when you unlock it. One door, front doors, all doors unlock. Lights and horn choices for when you lock and unlock. Very nice features in my BMW that I don't have in my Tesla. Not deal breakers, certainly, but with everything being programming on the Tesla, it seems like it wouldn't be too difficult to implement.

pebell | 13. september 2013

You know what I just learned? There are no cup holders in the back. Shocked!

@Bighorn - good memory, and spot on :)

#6 is a valid complaint though. The first time I saw all 4 handles pop out in a video my first thought was: "Oh, not sure I'ld want that!" But then I realized that on my last 4 cars I have always unlocked all doors with the remote when walking up to the car, even if there might have a menu setting somewhere to only unlock the driver door.

I think the fact that the handles auto-present psychologically feels more insecure than when the handles are simply always there - as if the car actively invites perps to open the door.

p1SL | 13. september 2013

There are many reasons why rear-facing seats are safer for younger riders. In some European countries it is not uncommon for kids to face backwards into late adolescence. As far as the strength of the reinforced bumper, etc, I don't know but most high speed collusions are head-on or side-impact, not rear impact.

Mathew98 | 13. september 2013

How come @aamcpl8 sounds like a barrage of other posts under different aliases? It's the same regurgitation of missing cup holders and coat hangers, etc...

If the MS doesn't suit your needs, then go shop for something that would. Nobody is holding a knife against ya to buy it.

If the instant acceleration from the test drive didn't sell you, then nothing else would!

EVMD | 13. september 2013

What is the big deal with power fold mirrors, are you living in Rome? you need those in the old continent but is US I don't think so.

2-Star | 13. september 2013

And it would be nice if the Fob could put the MS windows back up as well as put them down.

Gizmotoy | 13. september 2013

@EVMD: Urban areas with bike lanes. Of course, then you'd only need to do one side or the other, which was not what he was complaining about.

HGP16 | 13. september 2013

@fredtowers -- Hey, Freddy: you're a tech wizard; I'm surprised you haven't made the fob modification yourself! Will you drive the P85+ from Maine to Florida?

jbunn | 13. september 2013

The rear of the car over the wheels is about as wide as the mirrors. Folding them in won't get you much.

2-Star | 13. september 2013

@hgp16 -- Hi, Greg. We're shipping the cars to Naples as always, using Bill's Auto Transport from Greene, Maine. Cars leave 9/27; we fly down 9/29. They seem eager to take their first Tesla.

I wish I COULD figure out how to program the fob!! I guess it wasn't written in Visual Basic. Guess I'm just getting along in years. Come see us on the beach in Florida. Regards, Freddy

Nicoletta | 13. september 2013

7. Don't know how many women are on this board, but, as someone who will be ordering my MS very soon, I'm planning on spending a lot of time behind the wheel and ZERO time adjusting my make-up in the vanity mirror. However, since I will never let my BF or husband drive my new Tesla...can you please but an XBOX 360 console in front of the passenger seat to keep them busy so they won't ask to drive the car?

Bighorn | 13. september 2013

Have you considered a porn slide slow on the big screen?

sunnysailor | 13. september 2013


There are a number of women on this forum. We all drive.


You might want to let the females in your life drive your car. My 71 year old mother drives my P85 and has a great time driving it when she visits. She is a good driver and still takes the onramps fast with a grin on her face. She wants my Dad to buy her one.

Brian H | 14. september 2013

1. The stalks are too narrow (aerodynamic reasons) for power folding motors.

"late adolescence"? I don't think so. That would be around 15 yrs. old! Good luck with that.