Altitude Vs. Range

Altitude Vs. Range

Does anyone have experience with how much range is required to climb 1,000 feet in altitude? We are planning a trip from Harris Ranch Supercharger to Ridgecrest, CA, a total of 213 miles, but climbing over the Tehachapi summit at about 4,000 feet. Our destination of Ridgecrest Ca is about 3,000 feet. With our 85Kwh Model S at 65 mph on level driving, there would not be an issue. This same issue is faced by anyone leaving Folsom, CA Supercharger on their way to Tahoe. About how many miles should we add for each 1,000 feet of increase in altitude for any trip?

R3dStang66 | 12. februar 2013

Your in luck mcptwo... my commute is from Antelope Valley to Ridgecrest. I can tell you that my commute is about 75 miles and i use up about 25kwh. I assume your coming down from the 5 to 58 to the 14. I'll see how much energy i use from ridgecrest to 58/14.

RAFellows | 12. februar 2013

Try the Green Race web site. Add the Model S with your battery size then set the Start and Stop end points.

mcptwo | 12. februar 2013

Yes I will be coming from Carmel, Ca to the supercharger at Gilroy, over 152 to hwy 5, stop at Harris Ranch ( hopefully still have 50% ), then down 5 to 58, then up 14 to Ridgecrest. My concern is the steep grade up to Tehachapi. After that it is almost level to Ridgecrest, except the climb through Red Rock Canyon.
Just to be able to do this will be a victory, later at highway speeds depending on remaining range.
I could play it safe and go down to Tejon Ranch but that adds about 40 more miles to the trip. I will be doing this often since my son and granddaughter live in Ridgecrest.

Darmok | 12. februar 2013

Others have claimed 7 miles of loss per 1,000 feet of vertical. Check out this string over on TMC:

robkal007 | 12. februar 2013

At 60 mph I saw 10 miles loss for 1000 foot climb over Pacheco Pass on CA Hwy 152 going to Gilroy Supercharger. Got 9 miles back going down the back side of the pass.

c.bussert67 | 12. februar 2013

On our trip to Vegas via the Barstow supercharger, from our house it is 125 miles with an overall elevation gain of 1300 feet. We cruised about 65-70 mph most of the time. Avg speed overall was 51.5 mph. We averaged 333Wh/mi and consumed 41 kW of power.
It was low 50's outside and we used seat heaters for the first part of the trip to stay warm. 3 people in car with 3 heavy suitcases.
Mind you that includes climbing to 4000 ft and back down, but that all averages out. The main concern is point to point elevation.

Tâm | 12. februar 2013

Dear mcptwo:

I have not tried.

I imagine you might need to "Max Range" charge at Harris Ranch but it will degrade your battery prematurely.

I am new at this, and if I were you, I would use "Standard Charge" as much as possible and go ahead and spend another 40 miles to Tejon Ranch for peace of mind and freedom of speed.

For reference, your trip is 213 miles while Motor Trend's trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas was 210 miles.

Motor Trend made it because they were determined to succeed. If it were New York Times, they would have it towed and post disabled Tesla pictures on their newspaper!

Remember, if you try 213 miles straight for the first time, please glue your eyes at the Rated Miles and GPS destination miles remained. Put your car on cruise as low as 20 MPH to gain the range if you run low on rated/projected miles.

Tell us how it works out for you please.


Brian H | 12. februar 2013

Someone estimated 1kWh per 1,000'. So about 2-4 miles, say 3.

R3dStang66 | 13. februar 2013

From the 58/14 going speed limit, its about 57 miles to ridgecrest blvd going through red rock canyon using 17.5khw @ 303 wh/mi.