Another bonus--Warm refuge in a power outage

Another bonus--Warm refuge in a power outage

Freak early blizzard took down power lines while we slept. Furnace needs electricity to circulate air. Made me appreciate the fact that the Model S can provide prolonged warmth while safely "running" in the garage. Also a nice supply of power to keep mobile devices charged. Great entertainment and access to 3G and no worries about dying from CO poisoning. I've upgraded TSLA to a strong buy:)

negarholger | 04. oktober 2013

Model S as a shelter - awesome.

GeirT | 04. oktober 2013

:-) never thought of that. Thanks, now I enter winter with my contingency clearly defined.

dramingly | 04. oktober 2013

Did you estimate how long the battery would last?

jeffsstuff | 04. oktober 2013

Downside is, now you have no way to recharge it if the power is out for days or weeks. Of course a standby generator fixes this issue but it also fixes the initial problem so...

Bighorn | 04. oktober 2013

Considered the question, but don't have data to consider because power was restored. I had 190 mile charge and would anticipate that would be good for at least a few days, but that's conjecture.

negarholger | 04. oktober 2013

Not only good for cold, but also good for a heat wave. We had some days without power in blistering heat... and A/C uses less energy then heating. Good reason to keep the car charged.

Bighorn | 04. oktober 2013

Given clear roads, I could always drive it to a charging source.

jeffsstuff | 04. oktober 2013

Assuming they have power. Remember, hope for the best but plan for the worst.

That said, we installed a whole-house generator. A week later my wife found a new/challenging position in LA (we live in NJ) so, with my generator just installed and my Model S due in December, we now have to sell/buy. Oh well, the next owners will hopefully enjoy the generator.

Bighorn | 04. oktober 2013

My mom did the same thing in NY after a prolonged outage. It'll only be a selling point for you after all the epic storms. Elon said the superchargers will be ready for the zombie apocalypse and we're hoping for one locally in 2014, a supercharger that is:)

tes-s | 05. oktober 2013

@jeffsstuff - how is your generator fueled?

Wouldn't a generator, like the MS, would have a limited run time unless refueled?

krissu | 05. oktober 2013

I tought the thread is about getting heat from the car on fire...

Bighorn | 05. oktober 2013

Despite the s'mores, no unwanted fire. Just warm air from Climate Central.

carolinagobo | 05. oktober 2013

TSLA stocks are on fire going up again :)

Captain_Zap | 05. oktober 2013

We had a wind storm that knocked out power for 9 hours last week.

I took refuge in the Model S, sent out a few e-mails, got weather and news updates while listening to tunes in the cozy, warm cabin.

Joules has been good to me.

portia | 05. oktober 2013

our backup generator runs on natural gas, so it works when electricity is out.

Captain_Zap | 05. oktober 2013

We have a gas generator. We try to use it as little as possible. When we roll the generator out of the garage, we find that the exhaust is in the vicinity of the air intake for our heating system. I worry about carbon monoxide. That is why I opt for hanging out with the car unless we are out of power for a week.

I think that the Tesla would be able to run everything for several days even if it was really cold outside.

tes-s | 06. oktober 2013

@portia - what do you do when both your electric and gas utilties are out? With Sandy, they turned off the gas even before the electric went out.

Without utilities you are limited to the energy you have stored or generate at your house unless you go out to get more or have it delivered. Does not matter if it is the battery in your MS, gasoline, propane, oil, etc.