Another Pano Roof Question

Another Pano Roof Question

Is the glass on the pano roof two separated layers, like a double-pane window? I don't see that described on the site. I meant to look while at the Dallas drive event this past weekend but forgot about it while taking in all the other features, doing the drive, etc.

The drive was great - the 80 mph governor comes up very quickly and very effortlessly (even on the 'base' powertrain). I also confirmed that if you take a sweeping curve aggressively (as encouraged to do), the tires on the 21" wheels will start to sing eventually but there is still almost no body roll after a small initial lean at the outset. All my passengers agreed the car was very quiet, very smooth, and the electronics are awesome.

Michael37 | 20. august 2012

I don't think so. It looks pretty thin when it's open.

You can have a look here if you like:

Robert22 | 21. august 2012

Anyone been in a Panoroof in a heavy rain? Just wondering if there's a drum effect.

Teoatawki | 22. august 2012

Frankly, I'd expect the metal roof to be more drumlike than the glass roof.

Volker.Berlin | 22. august 2012

Frankly, I'd expect the metal roof to be more drumlike than the glass roof. (Teoatawki)

With 2" to 4" additional padding (see: headroom)? Unlikely.

Teoatawki | 22. august 2012

That's why they need the extra padding.

Cattledog | 22. august 2012

The pano roof is two layers of glass - a fixed layer in back and an operable layer in front that slides over top the fixed layer when open. They are approximately equal length.

vouteb | 22. august 2012

Is this picture showing the roof fully open?

Brian H | 22. august 2012

I think the NY Amped event was the only one that saw heavy rain ...

Volker.Berlin | 22. august 2012

Anyone been in a Panoroof in a heavy rain? Just wondering if there's a drum effect. (Robert22)

Is this picture showing the roof fully open? (vouteb)

Which brings us to the all-important question: Is there a drum effect when the pano roof is fully open in heavy rain? And if so, is it jazz, classic or folk drums? :-P

EdG | 22. august 2012

I drove the car at the NY Amped event. I wouldn't call it a heavy rain (though my mother-in-law would:). It was enough rain to put on the wipers and test out traction on a Performance version on a wet road, and, as I reported before, I'm very happy with the performance.

I don't remember any drumming sound (from the light rain). Good thing the roof wasn't open, otherwise the two separate pieces of glass might have resonated with each other and blown out of the roof! You never know.... (disclaimer for those on edge: kidding!)

Brian H | 22. august 2012

Pano open in heavy rain ... I wonder if there's a drain hole in the floor anywhere. >;p

Volker.Berlin | 22. august 2012

Sure! It's called sound hole and amplifies the drum beat.

Teoatawki | 22. august 2012

I get the feeling we're beginning to lose our sanity here. Tesla really needs to get to delivering our cars, as I'm afraid there is no other cure.

Brian H | 22. august 2012

But what if the glove box cover is misaligned by 2 mm?? Recalls are very inconvenient!

Volker.Berlin | 22. august 2012

Is there a drum effect when the pano roof is fully open in heavy rain? And if so, is it jazz, classic or folk drums? (myself, above)

I found the answer: It's ear drums. When I find out that someone left the pano roof open in the heavy rain, and the yelling and shouting starts...

andvib | 23. august 2012

The electric shade on the BMW pano roof certainly blocks quite a lot of sound, especially noticable in heavy rain.

I am more concerned with water leaks in 2-3 years time. My current '08 BMW 5-series' pano roof is (by design I was told by BMW) allowed to take in some water which is drained inside and along the right side of the roof and ultimately down in the rear right side compartment right above the rear right wheel. When I found 2-3 liters of water in there this spring, the mechanic told me I was lucky to have discovered it, as additional water would have flowed onto a lot of electronics conveniently installed around that area. They changed some rubber seals around the glass which seems to have worked (the new seals are unfortunately 1mm or 2 too thick, so now the roof won't close because the anti-trap function kicks in). My previous 5-series had a different drainage malfunction warning system where mold buildup in the surrounding roofliner was the indicator of excessive leakage. I guess I have learned that current pano roof designs are extremely complicated ( and that at least BMW still can't get it right after having offered such for 20-30 years.

My point with the above rambling is that I am still determined to order my Model S without Pano (unless normal adults will have to bend their heads backwards to sit in the rear seats).

Brian H | 23. august 2012

Yeah, who wants mold spores in their hair?

Water; can't live with it, can't live without it!

Michael37 | 23. august 2012

vouteb: I think it is fully open, or very close to.

Robert22 | 23. august 2012

My configuration specialist has confirmed that the Panoroof is tuned to a middle c in heavy rain, and g flat in hail (not exceeding 0.3 cm in maximum dimension). If more than one Model S is traveling within 50 feet of another during said precipitation, the cars will automatically sync to play "Panochords". NHTSA is currently determining whether highway chording be limited to major, minor, or augmented chords only in the interest of public safety.

P.S. I retract my question :p

Volker.Berlin | 24. august 2012

Robert22 LOL!

Brian H | 24. august 2012

A whole new meaning to the "feeling the Tesla vibe!" meme ...

The Model S; it's a hummmm-dinger! (And a ding-hummmmer!)

Rod and Barbara | 01. september 2012

Based on personal inspection of our pano roof, the glass appears to be single pane.

TheAustin | 05. september 2012

@EdG Did the Performance model you test-drove at the event have the 19" or 21" wheels? I live out on the eastern end of Long Island, and we get our fair share of rain & snow out here...I want the 21" wheels, but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to settle for the 19" ones from a practicality point of view.

EdG | 05. september 2012

@TheAustin: I wasn't looking at the wheels (sounds like "I didn't notice the color of her eyes").

I hope to enjoy the 21" performance wheels 3/4 of the year here in the middle of Long Island. If Tesla would have forked over the difference in the wheels, I might have ordered differently. As it is, I'm probably going to get a set of 19" wheels and put some snow tires on them at some point. I might wait a year to do so. Might not. Like you, I have another car for those few days someone might slide into me.. I mean, those days the 21" wheels won't have the traction I might want.