any former S550 owners?

any former S550 owners?

I've got my test drive scheduled for this afternoon. I'm on the fence right now; we'll see what happens after the test drive! This seems like a step down (on luxury/options only though).

tobi_ger | 05. juli 2013

This seems like a step down (on luxury/options only though)
Oh my, this should get the ball rolling (again)...
(ducks and runs)

shamrockceo | 05. juli 2013

I owned and S550, Saks Fifth Limited Edition, from July 2009 to February 2013. I gave it to my father when I wanted to change vehicles this year, since he talked about how much he loved it since I got.

I upgraded to a 2013 Bentley Continental GT V8 in February. Now, the price of the Bentley was double that of the S550. Initially, I loved everything about it, but soon began realizing that the technology in the Bentley was light years behind even the S550. Me, personally, I'm a tech nerd, so awesome technology in a car that works very smoothly is more important to me than pretty wood and leather that you get used to in a few weeks. Sure, those things are nice, but technology trumps both for me.

Needless to say, I'm waiting to take delivery of my P85+, then I'll be saying good riddance to the gas hogging, technologically inferior Bentley.

I can't wait, thank you Tesla! Now give us U.S. people some retrofit parking sensors and I'll be all set. I've come to greatly love and rely on those after driving high end cars in the P85+'s price range for the last decade.

KOL2000 | 05. juli 2013

OP reminds me of the people that, in 2007, complained about the iPhone not having enough buttons...

LEvans | 05. juli 2013

Are you comparing to a W221 (pre-2014 MY) or W222 (MY 2014) S550?

Do you need AWD? I am an E550 4MATIC owner and I too am shopping for my next car. I love the Model S but I am most likely going to go for the S550 4MATIC because I still can't order a MS with AWD. Living in the north east not having AWD is a deal-breaker for me as no non-AWD vehicle came make up the steep hill to my house without AWD in the winter with snow.

Mercedes completely redesigned the S550 for 2014 so they've made an incredible car even more phenomenal. Also with the S550 you are going to get radar cruise control, blind spot assist, and emergency break technology that automatically stops the car. All good things to have.

Tech toys wise, you can't beat the MS but in terms of pure luxury, you'd likely be happier and more comfortable in the S550 -- especially the W222 with the improved interior.

Both cars are great so do your research and buy what you like.

TomasT | 05. juli 2013

The moment you connect your car to your electric outlet at home... and you realize that you won't stop at a gas station ever again... that's the happiest moment of your life. Go for the Model S, just for that moment, it'll be worth it.

Not as luxurious ride as a MBS550, I won't argue that, but 100x more fun and much faster. Plus, S550's don't turn heads like the Model S does. Just saying...

Anonymous | 05. juli 2013

Just returned from my test drive;
The S550 is much quieter & much smoother driving (as to bumps & stuff).

That said, everything else is awesome in the MS. I put my order in for a S85. I was pretty set on getting the dual coat white but couldn't resist the RED. Driving my 550 back home was strange; felt like I was riding the brake the whole time. Transmission; up/down/up/down/lunge/etc. The Tesla's single gear is great; so smooth. I could go on & on, but I think/know I'd be preaching to the quire!

I wish they had showrooms though, I'd be driving my car today!

shamrockceo | 05. juli 2013

@TomasT - The Model S turns heads? Interesting, I thought it would be more low-key than the S550, so that's great to hear! I've yet to see a Model S driving in person, just sitting in the showroom (damn Texas laws, no test drives, etc).

Here in Houston, though, MBZ, BMW, Audi are more common than Hondas and such. Seems like every other car, they're so common. I'm excited to stick out like a sore thumb with my Model S. It can't be delivered soon enough!

All I do all day since ordering is read these forums and TMC forums...

TomasT | 05. juli 2013

@ shamrockceo
Yes, it turn a lot of heads. People ask me "what kind of car is that?" at least once a day. It's a beautiful car and low-key but there is something futuristic about it. Can't put my finger on it but people seem to get very curious about it.
I've become like a Tesla rep or something. You'll be asked all kinds of info about the car. Lol

I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

negarholger | 05. juli 2013

@tezzla - the MC red is gorgeous...

Brian H | 05. juli 2013

quire - 'A quantity of paper; 24 or 25 sheets'
choir - 'A chorus that sings as part of a religious ceremony'

Surprised you didn't put down an offer on your test car! ;)

shop | 06. juli 2013

Fwiw, the rumors I've heard say the model s will be getting awd in about 6 months, so if you can wait...

CAdreamin | 06. juli 2013

Tesla = exclusive use of domestic electric "fuel"

Another reason to feel good about driving an electric car.