Any luck with Rhapsody on Android via Bluetooth?

Any luck with Rhapsody on Android via Bluetooth?

I use Rhapsody (unlimited downloading, grandfathered in at $10/mo. for 3 devices!) on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3. It plays fine via Bluetooth, but the Tesla display thinks it's playing a sont that doesn't exist any more on my phone, so although I can play my music, I don't get cover art, song names, etc. Anybody have any luck with that yet?

DouglasR | 29. april 2013

Works fine with iPhone; don't know about Android.

riceuguy | 29. april 2013

Will try from my iPad tonight...

ThomasPK | 29. april 2013

I have Galaxy Nexus and Rhapsody plays fine, but I also get no cover art or song info. Tesla controls (skip, pause, etc.) sometimes work, sometimes don't.

riceuguy | 29. april 2013 just fine with my iPad.i wish you could have a phone and an iPad connected by Bluetooth concurrently!

jat | 30. april 2013

I don't use Rhapsody, but I have no problems playing Google Music via Bluetooth on my GS3 with proper titles and (usually) coverart. Sounds like maybe they aren't sending the tags over Bluetooth properly.

riceuguy | 30. april 2013

Yeah, Google Music works fine, but Rhapsody lets me play anything, online or offline (apparently unlike Slacker!).