Anyone else see this footnote*....

Anyone else see this footnote*....

*Price does not include Tesla Personal Delivery, Final Inspection, Prep and Coordination fee, taxes, license and title fees, or regionally required equipment, service, and charges

So it looks like it's safe to add on another $1000+ aside from sales tax.
While these charges aren't atypical of buying another car, it most certainly is not representative of a "new" type of car company. Hardly. Some of these fees could be waived by a truly "new" company. Put your money where your mouth is TM.

I think the issue here, as many have complained about, is this company has presented itself as a new generation of car maker, but the reality's the same old company raping it's customers because it has an insatiable product.
Because they have designed such a product, it gives them license to nitpick their customers, It's unfortunate because TM had the chance to truly be different and they're NOT, they just have a different product.

Requiring Active Air Suspension to get 2012 delivery is ridiculous.

...and for those of you who are arguing don't order and just wait an extra month or two to get what you want, you're missing a big point. Waiting til 2013 may mean a 50% or better chance of losing $7500 federal tax credit. It's a big deal. Are you willing to flip a coin for the rebate (for those that are eligible) ??

ggr | 06. juni 2012

I disagree, most car ads say "plus dealer delivery charge". Why should Tesla go out of their way to make the car sound more expensive than their competition?

Volker.Berlin | 06. juni 2012

Long thread on the "mandatory air suspension" issue, with lots of different perspectives:

Sudre_ | 06. juni 2012

I also see the option for Obama and you might even get a bigger deduction. So it might be better to wait until next year. Vote one way the EV will take off. Vote the other and the EV will struggle or even fail like last time. That is why I want to make sure I get mine this year.

David M. | 06. juni 2012

Sudre - I'm tempted, but I won't touch that. I'll just say that I was hoping to drive my Model S to the Polls in November.

Pretty sure it'll arrive just in time.

Scwins | 06. juni 2012

With all due respect, I'm not voting for a President based on whether or not I'm getting a credit. This country has bigger problems than me getting or not getting a credit.

MFrasier | 07. juni 2012

Being a new car company doesn't mean that they have to do EVERYTHING different. We want Tesla to succeed right? To do so, they need to make money. They can't do that by eating costs left and right just to be different.

Sure, they could bundle the fees into the price of the vehicle, and then we'd hear complaining that the car is 1-2k more than they promised.

Sorry, I think this is just silly nitpicking.

jbherman | 07. juni 2012

In a previous conversation that I had with a Tesla rep (albeit a few months ago), I was told that the cars would be delivered in a single enclosed trailer (not multiple cars on a large trailer like you normally see delivered to a dealership). I didn't expect TM to eat the cost of delivering my vehicle about 1500 miles from the factory.

stevenmaifert | 07. juni 2012

We're paying a little extra for the "Tesla Experience". If they sold their cars in traditional dealerships, there would be economies of scale and I don't think the add-ons would be quite as much. I don't like paying extra, but that's just the way it is.

evZygote | 07. juni 2012

TM might want to do something like the European pickup. Where owner has the options of picking up their car at the plan.

EcLectric | 07. juni 2012

I plan on picking my car up at the factory. Why should I pay $1000 for that?

zygote - aren't you a little too young to drive?

EFusco | 07. juni 2012

That made me chuckle, EcLectric...

What's the data on this "50% chance of losing the tax credit"?

EcLectric | 07. juni 2012

According to Wikipedia, there are some proposals to turn the credit into a rebate, which would mean you wouldn't have to wait to do your taxes in order to save the $7500. I haven't seen anything specific about an effort to end the credit. I've only seen references to the possibility of the law changing in 2013. I really don't think the federal government can act that fast - that's only about 6 months from now.

stevenmaifert | 08. juni 2012

From my March 3 post in the General Section:
"FYI - The President's 2013 budget proposes increasing the maximum Federal tax credit for "Advanced Technology Vehicles" from $7,500 to $10,000. Ref: pages 32-33. The bad news is that it won't apply to vehicles with an MSRP over $45,000 (no subsidies for us rich guys buying Teslas); they remained capped at $7,500 but the proposal shifts eligibility for the credit from the purchaser to the person that sells or finances the sale of the vehicle, allowing the seller to offer a point-of-sale rebate to consumers. The good news for us, assuming TM lowers their base prices by $7,500, is less money up front and one less tax form to deal with. There are some other tidbits in the proposal too lengthy to repeat here."

The Congress rejected the President's 2013 budget and I'm not aware of any separate legislation to make the above happen. If anyone else knows definitively, please comment.

stevenmaifert | 08. juni 2012

Sorry - Just tried the above link and it's as dead as the President's 2013 budget :(

EcLectric | 08. juni 2012

I don't think "..." is proper URL syntax...

Scwins | 08. juni 2012


The data is this: the federal credit is for 2012. It's not for 2013 and with the election up for grabs, there is no way it will be decided in the first few months of 2013 whether or not it will be extended.
So officially, the credit won't be there in 2013 as far as I know.

I think it's relatively safe to say if Obama is re-elected then it will be renewed, but if not...I bet it does not.

and is you live in California, there may be no $2500 left and the program might be unfunded in 2013. CA is in deep doo doo financially too.

Mel. | 08. juni 2012

Scwins,, let me get this straight, bush put In the $7500 deduction for electric, Obama wants to limit that to automobiles that cost less than 45,000. But if Obama gets elected we will be better off when we want to purchase a TESLA. .?

Sudre_ | 08. juni 2012

I thought the first tax credit started in 2009 and then changed in 2010... both on Obama's watch... I could be wrong tho. I don't follow the little details part of the political circus.

Obama will increase that for cars less than $45k.
It will stay the same for cars over $45K.

at least that's my understanding.

I think I heard something from Romney about getting rid of it altogether but like I said I don't follow it that closely.

jerry3 | 08. juni 2012

Well, right now the other party has conveniently forgotten that Bush started the tax credit in order to attack Obama. Facts mean nothing. Once in (assuming they get in), they'll conveniently forget about what they said before the election and likely use it to show how great they are.

Mel. | 08. juni 2012

Jerry 3 and sudre, , I really agree with you, and IMHO bush was an awful president but facts are still facts and I really would be excited if Obama was on our side and not just supporting ethanol......bush signed the energy independence and security act of 2007.

jerry3 | 08. juni 2012

Mel, Agreed. Bush ties with Johnson for worst President spot. Perhaps there should be a law against Presidents from Texas since they were both from Texas even if they were from different parties.