anyone see this weird rumor going around that unattended acceleration filed with NHTSA?

anyone see this weird rumor going around that unattended acceleration filed with NHTSA?

looks like the shorts are at it again, or some dumb owner and his dumb wife trying to blame tesla!

eepic | 26. september 2013


Has someone been watching too many Iron Man movies?"

They must have confused Iron Man with Batman.

Lucius Fox: Let me get this straight. You think that your client, one of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands; and your plan, is to *blackmail* this person?

Tâm | 26. september 2013

Alarms, whistles, bells can only do so much! When you press both brake and accelerator, the car does chime and there's a message alert on the dashboard. However, some people are not trained to notice the alarm and the message in a stressful situation.

92 vs 100% acceleration has no relevancy. At either percentage, an owner can accidentally do serious damage to human and properties.

However, the claim of the fear of Tesla’s vigilante is uncalled for.

Tesla’s culture is very clear. It is not customer-blaming:

“The intent is to provide complete peace of mind about owning your Model S even if you never read or followed the instructions in the manual.”

but rather it’s Tesla engineering’s burden to make sure customers are happy:

“If something goes wrong, it is therefore our fault, not yours.

ye | 26. september 2013

I don't understand this whole 92% business. It sounds like, this amp is louder because it goes to eleven, just in reverse.

jat | 26. september 2013

@Tam - if the physical sensor can only report 0-92% for the throttle, if the car receives a position of 100% it would indicate a failure in the throttle or its sensor.

redders | 26. september 2013

Maybe these clowns are marginally less dumb than they seemed. We now have a bunch of posters focused on whether the wife made the car accelerate at 92% vs. 100% WHEN SHE STOMPED ON THE ACCELERATOR! Get over the 92 vs 100% thing people. SHE STOMPED ON THE ACCELERATOR!

If my wife had done this, we would have a private discussion about how it was obviously my fault and then get the car fixed.

Reminds me of a time when I was in the pro shop at Doral. Guy comes in and complains about how difficult the course was and he wants them to comp the entire box of golf balls he lost. Just go home quietly and commiserate. No need to proclaim your ineptitude.

EVMD | 26. september 2013

How old is his wife?

RanjitC | 26. september 2013

@EVMD How does her age matter? Please elucidate.

DonS | 26. september 2013

It is easy to hit both pedals at once and get a small acceleration. I'd prefer if the brake pedal engagement point was raised slightly. However, if you stomp on both pedals, the brake disengages the throttle. Try it yourself in a parking lot and never worry about again.

ArieK | 26. september 2013

If I remember correctly, during the Broder episode, Elon stated that only on demo cars, loaners and cars used for testing by the media had extensive data logging enabled.
Not sure how much detailed logging is done on regular customers cars.

Tâm | 26. september 2013


Did you try to see whether accelerator takes over the brake yourself?

I did. Repeatedly. The results are the same.

Go to the 17" screen.

Press the and hold the red square "emergency brake", the accelerator would move your car forward.

Press and hold the physical brake with your left foot, the accelerator would move your car forward even when the brakes clamps all the wheels down.

Don't underestimate the power of the motor that breaks free the stopping car from the brakes.

Tâm | 26. september 2013


I believe Model S are extensively logged whether it is for the press or consumers.

How do you think that it could tweet:

#WattsUp: More than 3.2 million miles have been charged at Tesla Superchargers, offsetting about 130,500 gallons of gas. #GoElectric— Tesla Motors (@TeslaMotors) September 23, 2013

The only difference is: There is no need to tell a reporter that "Dude! Please cheat very cunningly because be warned that each and every of your action is logged."

However, for owners, remember you kept signing papers after papers? One of them is: “TELEMATICS SERVICES SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT GENERAL SERVICES TERMS AND CONDITIONS”

S4WRXTTCS | 26. september 2013

@TAM - From my understanding of what you've said, and your testing the brake doesn't override the throttle. It only displays a warning?

So lets say you're in a safe place to test, and you have your right foot on the throttle (to simulate a stuck throttle), and then you use your left foot to brake. Does the brake completely disengage the throttle?

I can't do this test because I scheduled my delivery for march.

S4WRXTTCS | 26. september 2013

^ I know you did the opposite, but I'm also curious about whether there is a time limit. In the Roadster they had a time limit of how long they could both be held down for.

S4WRXTTCS | 26. september 2013

According to this thread hitting both the throttle, and the brake at the same time overrides the throttle.

S4WRXTTCS | 26. september 2013

I have a feeling like there is a delay between the time when it detects that both pedals are being depressed to the time it turns off the throttle.

and that's why some owners claim hitting both pedals overrides the throttle, and some say it doesn't. Where everyone is agreement that it does display a warning.

Alex K | 26. september 2013

@S4WRXTTCS | SEPTEMBER 26, 2013: According to this thread hitting both the throttle, and the brake at the same time overrides the throttle.

This is not true. Hitting the throttle and brake at the same time causes both of them to be engaged. The brake eventually wins, but the car still tries to accelerate.

olanmills | 26. september 2013

I read the Tesla engineer's comment as the only way it makes any sense:

The [software] accelerator is limited to 92%, the physical pedal can go to 100%.

coll1951 | 30. september 2013

I was doing some research before placing my order. I heard about the first one, about the woman backing up, then 4 days later a man reported another one going forward. I read his account on the NHSTA website. He when into great detail, his car had 10K, he said he was pulling into a parking garage and all of a sudden the car took off, as he took his foot off the brake. He said he never depressed the accelerator. He said in a split second he had crashed into another car. He also said that Tesla told their employees not to talk to him. I'm waiting to see if anymore shoes drop. His accident happened in late July, but it looks like he contacted NHSTA, after he heard about the reverse Lady. There was one more several months ago, when a 71 year old ran thru a fish restaurant. She claimed the car took off on it's own, she never complained to NHSTA.

shop | 30. september 2013

So, have you ordered one yet? Here's some perspective on the filing:

coll1951 | 30. september 2013

I'm surprised nobody has heard about the 2nd compliant, just go to NHSTA's website. So far there's only 5 total. 2 for acceleration, one for steering, and 2 for smell. I'm still waiting, I brought a Toyota Camry, and had a bad experience, with their recall over unintended acceleration.

bareyb | 30. september 2013

Ever since people got paid for the Toyota fiasco there have been claims of unintended acceleration across many brands. Oddly, almost no occurrence of the problem before it became so widely popularized in the media. I'm calling BS on most of the reports and user error on the rest.

Wrief | 30. september 2013

These "unintended accelerations" are real, the driver did not intend to hit the accelerator or intend to hit a wall or intend to hit another car or intend hit a restaurant or intend or intend...can you tell I'm calling BS!

Tâm | 08. oktober 2013

An update on my brake vs. accelerator tests.

My report above is now obsolete. Brake override was not present when I tested in a very earlier software update version in the far past.

However, brake override has been very effective with later versions.

Thus, nowadays, brake always wins every time. Your accelerator cannot break free from a brake. It's a dead stop!

And that's exactly what I like! Thanks Tesla!