What happened? At christmas I was looking at an enhanced inspiring Masserati looking vehicle and now I see a 4 door hyundai tiburon on steroids. the new design took me from I can't wait to buy one to doubtful in under 6 seconds. i love what tesla is doing and this car was very alluring. My hope is that you can work this through. wishing all the best.

ChristianG | 25. februar 2011

This was discussed before. It's an alpha built so not all parts are already there. Especialy the black nose is most likely just a placeholder.

All in all the design is still pertty close to what it was. (if you compare what other carmakers do with the design study of a new car and than look what they build...) So it seems to be too early to really fear about the looks.

If the Beta comes out we'll see. The general feedback of the alphabuild in this forum has been negative.