Battery Charging

Battery Charging

Once you have plugged in the car for the night, at your home, does the electricity draw stop once the Telsa battery has reached 100% or will the car continue to draw electricity throughout the night while it is still plugged in?

jonlivesay | 22. november 2013

Only draws to the set limit which is usually between 50 and 90 % then it stops charging. If you set the start time correctly it finishes charging just as you need to drive off. Very easy to do.

Timo | 22. november 2013

AFAIK it does occasional trickle charge to maintain battery state if it is plugged in, but that's like leaving a lights on when leaving the room, so not really an issue.

allen.riddoch01 | 23. november 2013

Yes, it stops after the battery is 100% charged.

Brian H | 23. november 2013

Or 50% charged, or 90%, or wherever you have set the target level.

Brian H | 23. november 2013

Unless you have a short-circuit, electricity is only drawn to do "work", like charging or lighting or cooking, etc.