The BIG Day Arrives

The BIG Day Arrives

Tomorrow my wife, two friends and I are going to the Tesla Factory to take delivery of my S85, Pearl, Tan, Tech, Air, Sound, VIN#15676.

I have been like a kid since I put a deposit down last fall. Reading the Forum, visiting Menlo Park and Santana Row, two test drives and endless hours of amazing dreaming, fantasizing, and hoping.

My inner teen-ager is having a ball (even though I'm on older side of Tesla demographics.). A few weeks ago I realized that there have been two other times in my life when I felt this excited. Where I felt like a paradigm was shifting. When I read everything and felt like I was a kid all over again.

Once, in 1983, I focused on a seeming-important computer (the Macintosh). I was totally excited, put a deposit down, and anxiously waited for the computer to arrive. And, lo and behold, we are are using today what Steve Jobs brought us in 1983.

The second time was in 2006 when I knew that Steve Jobs would do it again with the iPhone. I admit it, I was like a kid and I stood in line excitedly anticipating that game changer.

Tesla feels the same way, a game changer, a paradigm shifter.

It is not often that a grown man has the opportunity to re-experience the excitement of an amped-up child on Christmas Eve! I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight.

Thank you Elon. May the Force be with you always.

hademarco | 18. juli 2013

The wait is worth it. Enjoy

tobi_ger | 18. juli 2013

Shouldn't you have mentioned your wedding day as well in case your wife is reading? :)

But yes, new technology puts a spell on many of us... I had that to a smaller degree before I got a Nexus 10 shortly after release (first tablet I ever wanted). If I were close to delivery of a Tesla, you'd need to pull me down from the ceiling.
Good luck with your delivery, enjoy!

Mathew98 | 19. juli 2013

@tobi_ger - You don't equate the ball and chain to getting a new toy like the MS, do you?

In all likelihood, @fritzlan had to get permission from da boss before plunking down the deposit for the said toy...

tobi_ger | 19. juli 2013

remains to be seen, who da boss allows to drive more. :)

HenryT2 | 19. juli 2013

I am used to getting excited about electronics. First time I've been excited about a car since my first one. It's been 2 months and I'm still loving every minute.

J.T. | 19. juli 2013

It's been a little over a month since I got my MS and I like it more every time I drive it. I was worried it was going to be a lot like other "toys" I've had. Much has been said about "boys and their toys" but as I recall, when I was a boy and I got a new toy I couldn't live without it was usually gathering dust in a corner after a week. Every time I select drive and gently press the go pedal I am simply amazed at my reaction to the glide. That stupid grin crosses my lips and I let out an audible "jeez."

Yes, I love my car but I'm surprised by how much. Spock cautioned Tipring that having is not so pleasurable a thing as wanting. Not so much with the MS.

Brian H | 19. juli 2013

"... having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true."

Just not in this case!

NKYTA | 19. juli 2013

It really doesn't change. At least after 7 months.

Walk down to the garage...
[NKYTA] handles extend...
[me] Good morning Nikita

My wife does the same morning ritual for my girl just passing by, on her way to the other bay for her ICE 'stang.

Captain_Zap | 19. juli 2013

Getting your Model S is like Christmas. Not just any Christmas, but the one where you got your first bicycle, record player or video game system or computer. It is like THE Christmas.

Maybe they should re-do "A Christmas Story" and replace the BB Bun with a Tesla Model S.

jchangyy | 19. juli 2013

Congrats...I was in your shoes only 6 months ago. The car continues to be a joy to drive. I sat in a Lexus LS 460 (2010) today, as I was looking to purchase a 3 year old lexus and realized listening to the engine and smelling the fumes was not so fun and missed my MS in an instant.

Remember, it's very hard to go back to ICE after driving a MS. you have been warned.

fuellss | 19. juli 2013

The real problem is that once you own a Tesla - ALL other cars loss thier appeal. Sold our Boxster, Lexus Rx400h and have for sale my 63 Corvette - > not looking back.
We also did the factor tour - very exciting times.

jbunn | 19. juli 2013

Must be having fun because hes not reporting back...

J.T. | 20. juli 2013

@BH Yeah, I probably spelled Tipring wrong, as well, but you got the gist.

JAFIC | 20. juli 2013

He/She will be back. They always come back. :)

Brian H | 20. juli 2013

A BB Bun would be very hard on the teeth!

ppape | 20. juli 2013

We took delivery of our Tesla on a Friday afternoon. For the next 2 1/2 days, we came back home in time to get some sleep and leave again the next morning. Ate out every meal. Visited anyone and everyone. We'll hear back from OP by Monday if we're lucky........Many of us have been there!

J. :-)