Black door sills show dirty foot steps

Black door sills show dirty foot steps

I am beginning to cover all black surfaces in my Model S: first the floor, with the euro grey Lloyd's mats, now I feel the door sills need to be covered in brushed aluminum look 3M vinyl wrap. Possibly even cut out ' MODEL S' in a kind relief lettering underneath this covering. I have a 60 kwh, and the standard black plastic door sills look cheap and show dirt so quickly. This could be a cheap and effective solution to both these issues. ( how about carbon fiber? Chrome?)

Velo1 | 24. april 2013

I notice the same issue with my door sills. I think the 3M vinyl wrap (AL Brushed) is a great idea.

RedShift | 24. april 2013

I saw a sample of that material today at a shop that sells them. It's better than I imagined. Very realistic, and very upscale looking.

Only caveat is, I will have to prep the surface really well. (Sanding, priming, applying adhesive promoters and a heat gun to finish off)

Will post pix when I finish this project.

Captain_Zap | 24. april 2013

The door sills are the one detail that has bugged me. I was hoping that Tesla was going to make improvements on it.
Looking forward to photos. I wonder how the wrap will hold up though.

RedShift | 01. kan 2013

Completed my vinyl door sill wraps:

If you'd like to this:

1. Order samples. Mine is 3M brushed aluminum , but it looks less metallic than the Avery brand.

2. Use a hair dryer or heat gun on medium with low fan setting. Be gentle and patient to avoid wrinkles and bubbles.

3. Trim excess with an exacto knife, and any areas with wrinkles. On some complex curvatures its impossible to wrap without wrinkles even aided by heat gun.

4. Clean surface with rubbing alcohol or something equivalent. Stuff sticks very easily. No sanding was needed.

5. Use the cut template to 'mirror image' cut for the other side.

Overall these look very nice and don't show footprints easily.

I am happy with the results.

RedShift | 01. kan 2013

Forgot to add: the color I got matches my grey leather very well but hides dirt nicely.

elguapo | 01. kan 2013

@RedShift Great job, it looks really nice. I wish I was handy in any way. I will probably have to pay someone to do that. Thanks for the idea and the pics!

olanmills | 03. kan 2013

uh... well I find that a towel works nicely, you know, to clean things.

It seems like you guys prefer a more complicated route...

RedShift | 03. kan 2013


With my kids and many others who like to ride in the car every day ("hey, let's go to lunch in the 'nice' car") I'd be cleaning every few hours. It was driving me nuts. This solution not only looks good, it does not show dirt, almost none.

Velo1 | 03. kan 2013

Well sir, that is a great modification, and I'm follow your instructions - thanks.

We have the same colors, but where did you get the Tesla chrome license plate frame? I want that exact one, too.

RedShift | 03. kan 2013

Velo, nice color choice ;-)

The chrome frame came with the car. You can ask them for it if they didn't provide that.