Is the Blue easier to keep looking clean than the Black???

Is the Blue easier to keep looking clean than the Black???

I love the blue but it's almost as dark as the black.

Would it be just as hard to keep clean?

If so, I think I will go with low maintenance silver. Looks awesome on the tail end, as tail lights look almost blacked out on the silver body. Front end looks a bit plain in the silver though.

Velo1 | 04. oktober 2013

I have blue and it shows dirt pretty easily, especially on the back end. I imagine it would show dirt similar to black, just mine has a blue base or background behind the dirt.

carlk | 04. oktober 2013

I would buy the car with the best color I like when it's clean. Get the OptiCoat done and try wash it as often as you can. That applies to even lighter colored car. You want that gorgeous car always looks at its best don't you?

Thomas N. | 04. oktober 2013

I am so very happy we chose Pearl White. My car was dirty in two days. There's this grime of dust/dirt on the back that I don't recall with any other vehicle I've had. Maybe I just never cared enough to notice.

The other day I ran my finger along the trunk and was shocked at the buildup. So I washed it. With a black or blue car you'd need to do that literally every couple of days or it would look bad.

mjs | 04. oktober 2013

I love our blue. But it does take an effort to keep it clean.
I suspect that we get a tiny bit of slack as compared to the black, but i doubt it's much.

I did have to quit my job so I'd have the time to wash the car 4 times a day :)

But, I love the car, and I don't care as much for the job, so it's all good.

RedShift | 04. oktober 2013

No | 04. oktober 2013

Love my blue...

RedShift | 04. oktober 2013

I might attempt to opti-coat my car. Washing and detailing takes too much of my time. After opti coat I will only do quickie machine washes, I am hoping.

Rte66 | 04. oktober 2013

It's been 25 years since I had a black sports car. I find my blue Model S to bee much easier to keep clean. It could be that I don't obsess as much, or it could be that modern silicon based detailing products make it easier.

carlk | 04. oktober 2013

@Thomas N. Choosing pearl white if you like the color is a good reason but because it stands dirt better is not imo. You don't see cocktail dress made of blue denim just because it stands dirt better. MS is the kind of car that the owner owes to himself to keep it always at the best but that's just an individual opinion.

@hingisfan I will most likely get a black, I think all black MS with grey 21" rim is really cool looking and I have never owned a black car, but blue looks just as great if not better. I live in the Bay Area so I'm not too worried about getting dirty too fast, at least most time of the year.

howsbayou2 | 04. oktober 2013

Much as I love the blue, we went with grey, which is quite forgiving.

Lou in SoCal | 04. oktober 2013

I've had two black cars and currently driving a black Model S loaner...and I am so glad I didn't get black. I just can't stand the swirl marks on black paint which also applies to any other dark color including the blue. The loaner I have is brand spanking new and it has swirl marks from the gitgo.

My car is white and I love it. Can't see the swirl marks and very easy to clean. Since you mentioned silver as your other option, I would go with that or the grey. I personally like the grey. Sometimes wish I went with grey instead of white.

PaceyWhitter | 04. oktober 2013

Even with Opticoat, I wouldn't machine wash it.

Keep some detailing spray and a microfiber cloth in the car fro bird crap or other stuff you want to get off quickly. Other than that, just give it a quick hand wash using the two bucket method once a week.

300k | 04. oktober 2013

I bought the grey, which I would call charcoal color, I was surprised when I washer it how dirty it actually was, it did not show it.
The bigger problem with black is sitting in the sun in a parking lot- the temperature climbs to the point of damaging the leather interior, I had a black car and had to replace the leather seats do to this problem.

Winnie796 | 04. oktober 2013

Silver silver silver....otherwise, hard work!

Thomas N. | 04. oktober 2013

CarlK - I would have picked Pearl White anyway. I believe it shows the lines of the Model S better than any other color, it keeps the car cooler in the heat (I know - maybe an urban myth) and the fact that you can just hose it off with water and you're good for another week was a bonus.

That being said I personally feel that when black is completely washed and waxed it is the best looking Model S. The issue I had is that lasts about one day and I don't want to put the time into getting it to look like that each day.

elguapo | 04. oktober 2013

I have blue. I love it. It is not easy to keep clean at all, no matter what you do.

gooshjkc | 04. oktober 2013

The best color to have if you never want to clean your car is gold. Unfortunately and sort of fortunately, Tesla is not offering that color.

jonlivesay | 04. oktober 2013

I have black which is hard to keep perfect but worth it. Love the car in black, but the car looks awesome in most colors, what a shape?

carlk | 04. oktober 2013

Use this and a foam cannon. Weekly cleaning can be fast and easy not to mention little chance of getting swirls. You may not even need to touch the car if you don't give dirt the chance to stay on the car for too long.

I would get OptiCoat and clean the car often no matter what color I choose to have.

@Thomas N. I did try to observe black cars, it's a very popular color among MB and BMW, on the street. Most of them look pretty decent but it's good weather season now. I don't know how they look when raining season starts.

Brian H | 05. oktober 2013

Thomas N;
Having trouble envisaging you in a denim cocktail dress. If you decide to try it, post pix. ;)

Bighorn | 05. oktober 2013

All this time I thought Thomas N was a guy!

danej | 05. oktober 2013

The Blue is impossible to keep clean. Wish I'd gone with Grey or White.


CarlE_P439 | 05. oktober 2013

Ditto to the silver. I've had my MS for 10 months and cleaned it maybe 8 times. Looks good.

TeslaLandShark | 05. oktober 2013

I strongly considered black but I was replacing a black car and it always looked dirty and showed all the dings. I ended up getting grey. As others have stated, grey hardly shows the dirt at all. It's a really interesting shade of grey, I call my MS the LandShark.

I parked behind a blue recently that was kinda dirty and it didn't look too great. It's a great color, just be prepared to wash it more frequently.

rfriess | 05. oktober 2013

My Opti-Coated MC Red seems to be pretty tolerant of dirt build up.

nvjx | 05. oktober 2013

All dark colors will show the dirt. White/Pearl White show the lines of the car best and look good even when it is dirty.

carlk | 05. oktober 2013

Again I find it strange that people's prioty of a gorgeous $100K car is how good/OK it looks when it's dirty.

NomoDinos | 05. oktober 2013

carlk - +1. I've already gotten a verbal committment from our washing/detailing guy to come weekly after my MS arrives :)

Also getting blue, love it in all the colors, though. (Even brown, which I never like)

SUN 2 DRV | 05. oktober 2013

Carl: think of it the other way around. They know how often they're likely to wash their car and they want it to look as good as possible. Simple...

eking | 06. oktober 2013

I got my blue Friday (it's a stunning color) and I already had it hand washed. Seriously. :)))

carlk | 06. oktober 2013

@NoMoDinos That's the way to go. You can hire a gardener to take care of your beautiful lawn or you can install a "low maintenance" yard if you hate yard work but hire a gardener seems to be a very simple solution. For me I like to do my own yard work and wash my cars.

@joehuber Sorry I didn't mean to tell others what they should do. I was just giving a different opinion than what some said about the undesirability of dark colored car.

nvjx | 06. oktober 2013

carlk, you obviously have a dark color car but my goodness why are you so sensitive and rude about the fact that any dark color car shows more dirt. Everyone can not wash their own car like you do. Some like me can have a bad back and have to take the car to a car wash which is a hassle. I wish people weren't so sensitive and rude on this forum. If you can afford a $100K car you must be intelligent enough to have made that kind of money unless you inherited it and weren't taught any manners.

carlk | 06. oktober 2013


Where is this personal attack coming from?

No I have a silver Porsche now, not because it hides dirt better I still wash my car often, and only thinking about getting a black (or blue) MS. Looks it's you who are sensitive because you like(?) to keep your car dirty. Anyway I was only offering my opinion of how to make the car look at its best which is what op was asking.

This is what I posted earlier in this thread. It's an easy 15 minute job if you don't let your car gets too dirty. Then I'm pretty sure very few people would think hiring someone else to washing the car is too much of a hassle.

"Use this and a foam cannon. Weekly cleaning can be fast and easy not to mention little chance of getting swirls. You may not even need to touch the car if you don't give dirt the chance to stay on the car for too long.

I would get OptiCoat and clean the car often no matter what color I choose to have.

nvjx | 06. oktober 2013

carlk, I appreciate your tips about how to wash a car but if you notice my post above I have a bad back so I can not do that. Besides, I like many other people have a lot of things to do rather than wash a car. The heading for this thread is - "IS THE BLUE EASIER TO KEEP LOOKING CLEAN THAN THE BLACK???" So, in my opinion any light color would look cleaner than a dark one. This is common knowledge. Black and Dark Blue would show the same amount of dirt and would need to be washed more often than any light color cars. End of story. No need to make mountains out of mole hills.

By the way I hope you enjoy your Model S whenever you get it. Regardless of color, it looks good in all of them and most importantly - DRIVES LIKE A CHARM!

GeirT | 06. oktober 2013

I hope it is not to hide the dirt and grime that is the issue for choice of colour but rather what you love to be in when you take your beauty out riding. I agree with carlk on this - and for me it is the blue. That said, I loved the brown a fantastic colour, and the green that reminds me of English classics, besides the shark grey that is mean with the 21' grey turbines... contemplating back and forth. I landed on blue after managing to have TM change two weeks after my order from grey.
For me the MS looks great in any colour. It is a matter of personal preference. If upkeep as to wash off dirt is a negative I suppose that grey, silver is a better choice than darker cars. But that as a reason for choice I frankly find a bit sad...

madbuns | 06. oktober 2013

Nope. Not easier.

But SUCH a gorgeous color...


fuellss | 06. oktober 2013

We use the "California Duster" for all our cars. Keep one in the garage and one in the trunk and dust 1-2 per day. We once went 2 weeks without washing our beautiful gray. I just touch up the windows as needed...Use a yellow micro cloth on the rims to get the street dust off. Don't mean to change the subject BUT , I love the look of "wet" tires but the rims seem to get grimey faster..Please let me know if you've found a good "wet" tire spray and name of. PS, be sure it doesn't contain petroleum, our tire guy said its the equiv of a egg cooking in oil...egg=tire.....sun=oil

ToddMG | 06. oktober 2013

Love my blue.
Keeping it clean isn't a big deal.
But FWIW, I'd prefer dirty blue over clean anything else.

fuellss | 07. oktober 2013


jinglehyme | 07. oktober 2013

12,000 miles in and I have to say that the Blue is a dust collector. I had a Gray loaner. It stayed much cleaner. 2cents

Pungoteague_Dave | 07. oktober 2013

The blue and green are essentially shades of black in terms of keeping them clean. Silver looks clean even when dirty. All three of those colors look great, but if you are a time-limited professional who doesn't want to obsess over car maintenance, I have found that a series of silver Mercedes always looked clean.

I personally love the pearl white on our S, and it looks cleaner than friends' green and blue Teslas most of the time, but it does get dirtier looking faster than silver.

DallasTXModelS | 07. oktober 2013

I've never seen a black car that you couldn't see all of the wipe marks left from washing, waxing... except for the new flat black (stealth) look which I just couldn't see doing to a Model S, maybe a Roadster.

Amped OC | 08. oktober 2013

Calover: +1 on the California Duster. We bought one when we got our blue Model S, and it was the best small investment we made for the car

carlk | 08. oktober 2013

People who have or are considering to have dark colored cars should not let this scare you away. Swirls and scratch marks can be avoided if you wash your car correctly (two bucket method or foam gun with clean mitt) and never go to the car wash even the hand wash ones. A good detailer can always remove the marks for you so it will not be the end of world. Better yet get the Opticoat done when the car is new and you will less likely to have the problem.

The other side of this is the disadvantage of dark colors can also work as their merit because of how they reflect lights. You can never make a light colored car shine the way a dark colored car does. You just have to spend a little more effort to keep it look the best that's all.

DallasTXModelS | 09. oktober 2013


Tesla says do no use a mitt because of scratches.

carlk | 09. oktober 2013

Where did they say it and what kind of mitt they're talking about? I believe a high quality MF or lamb skin mitt is fine long as you keep it clean before and during wash. If you use Chemical Guys super sud, they carry many different types but I think "Mr. Pink" is the best one, and a foam gun then chances are you might not even have to touch the body if you don't let dirty to stay on the surface for too long.

Also try Optimum No Rinse (ONR) wash which you can do in the garage in winter. People swear it makes your car shine without risk of getting swirl marks if you follow the correct method of using it.

eking | 09. oktober 2013

@carlk just curious how long does it take you to wash your car? Do you do it every week? Thanks :)

jeffpoel | 10. oktober 2013

I have the navy blue and it shows dirt and fingerprints like nobody's business. I had it perfected and opti-coated and it had a mirror finish which I ruined by taking it to the car wash ONCE. Never, ever machine wash this car. The paint is as soft as a baby's butt and opticoat doesn't protect it from car wash. When it's in the sun I can see thousands of tiny scratches all over it. What an idiot. I was warned. Having said that, I like the look of the blue with gray 21s better than other colors, as long as its clean.

carlk | 10. oktober 2013

@eking It takes perhaps 15~20 minutes when the car is not too dirty. Last weekend I washed my car along side with my wife. I used a water jet and foam gun connected to a garden hose (better if you want to invest in a pressure washer) and did rinse-foam-rinse-foam-dry without even having to touch the car except the rims. My wife used mitt to wash hers but still let me to rinse and foam it. We ended up both having a clean and shinny car.

I wash my car whenever I feel like to no less than every other week but you do it right instead of do it in haste. A dirty car can always be cleaned but like the other poster found out it's hard to remove the scratches soon as you get it.

You can read the reviews on Amazon of Chemical Guys super sud and Optimum No Rinse wash. Like me you will probably say wow why I have never heard of such nice products. These really sound too good to be true but they are there for sure.

Alex K | 10. oktober 2013

@carlk | OCTOBER 10, 2013: You can read the reviews on Amazon of Chemical Guys super sud and Optimum No Rinse wash.

I have never washed my brown Model S since I got it over 10 months ago. I use Chemical Guys EcoSmart - Hyper Concentrated Waterless Car Wash & Wax. This is a waterless cleaning system. I wipe down my car with it every few days just to remove any dust that has accumulated. For hard to get rid of bugs, I spray a bunch on and let it sit there while I clean the rest of the car.

I have some of their other products such as their Honeydew Snow Foam Cleanser & Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Gloss Spray Sealant & Quick Detailer, but so far have only used EcoSmart and Hybrid V7 on the Model S. If you go to their website, you may get lost with all the product they offer.

It's more economical to get their products in the super concentrated form and use their recommended Full Function Power Atomizer & Pump Sprayer. Most of the product are also available on