Brand of Tires?

Brand of Tires?

I converted my reservation in an order today. I go for the 19" rims with air suspension due to comfort reasons. I drive a Mercedes CLS 350 CGI with a perfect air suspension today.

But the 19" rims come with all season tires for the MS in Germany/Europe. Who knows which brand of tires come as all season tires? The roadster came with Yokohama which is close to nil for me.

Does somebody knows more?

Are there already legally accepted third party rim in Europe on the market?

mkidding | 04. kan 2013

It looks like they are Goodyear Eagle 245 45 19 for the US market. Should be the same for EU?

horst | 05. kan 2013

I like Goodyear very much. That would be perfect! Thx