Browser question

Browser question

There are several websites I go to where the keyboard does not come up when selecting an input line. I am not sure if others are also having this problem or know if this is some kind of Tesla browser issue that will be dealt with in late 2014 as Elon suggested? Is there a way to force the keyboard open?
Example: If I go to, the keyboard refuses to come up. If I go to it works fine. | 02. november 2013

I just confirmed it. Very strange. If you tap on one of the input boxes 2-3 times, eventually the keyboard pops up. I had the best success taping at the start of the input field, but it still didn't seem consistent.

A brief look at their messy source code looks like they are doing the right thing, but there is some scripting code too that may be causing problems or not correctly processed on the Tesla browser.

bronto | 02. november 2013

Thanks for confirming TT. I guess it would be nice if the MS browser had a "force keyboard" for these kinds of things...

nickjhowe | 04. november 2013

I've found that the most consistent solution is to zoom the web page (using the 'reverse pinch') to make the input field much larger. The tap-in-field response seems much better.

NKYTA | 04. november 2013

@nickjhowe, I agree - best results when zoomed in.

Captain_Zap | 04. november 2013

I have always had trouble with capacitive touch screens registering my touch. When there is a choice, I go with resistive touch screens.

With the Model S, zooming in does help a great deal. I have a capacitive stylus in my cubby under the screen for times that I have trouble with smallish icons. Thank goodness the Tesla screen has large "buttons" for the most part, or I'd have more trouble.

tes-s | 04. november 2013

Anyone been able to sign in to the Tesla site, or plugshare? I don't seem to be able to. Screen comes up, but won't let me sign in.

michael1800 | 04. november 2013

I've noticed the same as Nick and NKYTA. Normally, the touch screen functionality works great, however, in the browser, it is horrible. I often have to zoom in, then click and sometimes even then...

Great screen, great touch functionality in apps, bad browser on a number of levels. Surprisingly unrefined, but I'd be lying if I said I used the browser very's usually just saved links (the menus work great as far as browser 'favorites').

@Tes-s - I've been able to sign in to Tesla a few times, but it does entail zooming and clicking fields a few times to get the keyboard and invoke the button press action. Shenanigans!