Camera screen question

Camera screen question

Hi all

My Model S finally arrived and I love it!!! It's one week old, took my first road trip, got my first software update etc.

Anyways, I think its my memory but I cannot prove it, does the camera view use the full screen or just 50%?

I was sure it used the entire screen until the software update earlier today.

BTW, while charging, I have met other owners. They have been so nice. Shout out to Robert22.

michael1800 | 27. juli 2013

I'm not sure about before, but I only get it at half screen now. Kind of a pain to pre-set it up on the lower half of the screen in order to avoid the HomeLink overlay flicker issue while backing into the garage...Annoying, but bearable. I think it was full screen before the 4.5 update though.

olanmills | 27. juli 2013

It was always only a half screen image.