Can you get Android apps on Touchscreen?

Can you get Android apps on Touchscreen?

I'm not sure what our touchscreen uses for a platform, but I'm curious if you can get apps from either the google playstore or the apple store. I know we have some apps, but how can you get more? Anyone know?

ajamison | 23. kan 2013

They (Tesla) has said it uses Linux but that is about as specific as they have gotten with regards to weather it uses a custom Linux kernel or Android.

A lot of journalists have speculated that its modified Android.

hikerockies | 23. kan 2013

Touchscreen platform is neither android nor iOS, it is a custom Linux platform. Unless Tesla chooses to implement a compatibility layer for android or iOS (highly unlikely), there will not be a way to run apps from google playstore or apple store.

ajamison | 23. kan 2013

They do have (or had) plans to allow custom apps to be made, if you go back to the early interviews they mentioned it, even having an app store icon on the top bar of the 17" screen. They are either not ready for it or changed their mind and got rid of it.

Brian H | 23. kan 2013

When and if Tesla proofs and permits them. Unless you'd like a zoo of viruses and Trojans for co-pilots. | 23. kan 2013

The display uses Qt, a common framework that runs on embedded Linux ( It's unclear if outside developers will be allowed to create apps for the MS, but many (like me) would like to create a few apps for the MS.

Perhaps more likely will be some kind of opening in the browser to perhaps allow HTML5 apps to run. This may be difficult too, as it may have to restrict video and animation for regulatory reasons.

A number of people, including me, have gone the browser route to create simple apps. Not ideal, but you can save a page via the web favorites to get reasonably quick access. My first app was a set of simple instructions for guests and valets. Currently some browser features are disabled, including geo-location and video, and there are no connections to vehicle status or controls (maybe a good thing).

My list of various MS web apps and links that are available now from me and others are at:

ajamison | 23. kan 2013

What i find interesting is if they allow apps to be made then enabling after market add ons like parking assist sensors can be interfaced directly to the touch screen.

I have seen videos of the early alpha models where an app store icon existed for the touch screen but it disappeared in the Beta likely due to them not being ready to release it.

Brian H | 23. kan 2013

Yes, one of those "perpetual pending projects". There are issues to be dealt with, for sure. And finite resources.

ajamison | 23. kan 2013

in all honesty I am sure most owners would much rather they focus on features like adaptive cruise control and parking assists over custom apps.

ChristianG | 24. kan 2013

Tesla is fairly behind with all the software stuff. Navigation features in par with free cellphone apps, WiFi, Sleepmode, better phone App, charging timers and so on.

As they didn't talk about apps for a while I doubt that they will enable us to make some in the near future.

Xcell | 04. februar 2017

Hmmm - 4 years passed an besides EVE no other apps are compatible - correct?

bp | 05. februar 2017

The Bolt has both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Musk mentioned a while back they might offer screen mirroring (possibly a different solution).

But since then, hasn't been any mention.

While customers for the relatively expensive Model S/X have been willing to live without the long promised App Store or screen mirroring (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or something similar), it's possible customers for the lower priced Model 3 may be more demanding, and the lack of better smartphone integration could become a larger problem for Tesla.

Maybe we'll hear something at the Model 3 Reveal (next month?)... | 05. februar 2017

Here's an indepth anaysis of CarPlay on Tesla:

And AndroidAuto on Tesla:

leo.moneymaker | 21. oktober 2019

Think not much has happened on that front, a bit of screen mirroring on model 3 but not good enough now, and now we write October 2019

EVRider | 22. oktober 2019

No screen mirroring on Model 3 or any other Tesla, and still unlikely to happen.