Canadian Pricing?

Canadian Pricing?

I've been looking around for a while and haven't found information about how pricing is going to work in Canada (I'm talking about the Model S here). Since the CAN dollar is almost equal to the US dollar I would expect to pay 57,000ish (Minus the 8000$ incentive from the gov.) but I really doubt it'll happen.

I'm willing to pay 50,000 for a Model S, even tho it's a bit too much for my budget - it shows how bad I want a good looking eletric car. BUT, if we get screwed and pay 15%-20% more in Canada even if the the exchange rate is almost the same (PLUS the Federal AND the Provincial taxes, wich means you add another 15% to the final price...), I'm afraid I'll have to go with a Honda Fit EV, kinda my last resort.

Anyone else in the same situation? I live in Quebec.

Oh and are Leather seats optional? I'd rather have non-leather.

Brian H | 19. april 2011

In terms of depreciation per annum, any other EV will probably be more expensive.

Vawlkus | 20. april 2011

Other than the Tesla office in Toronto, I doubt anyone is really sure.
Only reason the Tesla crew might know is because they can see the difference in price on the Roadster.

RalphG | 21. juni 2011

(Michael) Hi guys, this is my first post here so forgive me if I a mess up a couple of rules. I'm in Ontario Michael, I don't know if you've had your question answered but I placed a reservation for a Model S last week(#160). The pricing is the same and unless I misunderstood due to instant shock, there is an $8000 or $8500 tax rebate in the works/approved for us as well. The folks at Tesla have been hard at work making this work in Canada. I'm glade to see that they take our market serious. Give Hans a call at the Toronto store, he can best answer your questions.

It's going to be a long year and a half waiting for this absolutely fantastic automobile.

Options list aren't available yet but should be set by the end of the year or early 2012 in time for when I take my test drive.

As I understand it, Quebec Hydro will be installing approximately 100 charging stations around the Province, if that doesn't get you to pull out your visa card, nothing will. lol

Take care and good health.

s6xspeed | 19. juli 2011

Thank you RalphG! that's great news!

stephen.kamichik | 14. august 2011

If we all get level 2 charging stations at home we can set up our own electric car charging infrastructure. We would of course pay a reasonable fee for the charging of our electric cars.

VolkerP | 15. august 2011


this idea is already being implemented since 2006 here in Germany.
animation of privately operated L2 charging spots see

in UK there is zerocarbonworld with a differing approach. They contact hotels and malls to install charging infrastructure.

I am sure you can find a model matching your personal interests and join or set up a similar movement in your area.

vgarbutt | 04. kan 2014

In Canada we have Sun Country Highway. They are another entrepreneurial company that wants to support the coming of EVs to our nations roads. They are also free to use. There are around 6 in Toronto now (may 2014)

Brian H | 05. kan 2014

Yes, those are sponsored fully by local businesses that want the traffic.