cannot find Tesla Hong Kong showroom

cannot find Tesla Hong Kong showroom

Tesla Hong Kong website said Hong Kong showroom is in Hong Kong Cyberport, I sent a email to Tesla Hong Kong to ask the address (Since Cyberport is big complex, I need to know which building the showroom is located) but no one replied to me. I went to Cyberport last Sunday and I was searching every building and shipping mall in Cyberport but I cannot find Tesla showroom. I called Tesla hotline but no one asked the phone. Is the showroom really existed? It seems ridiculous!

ian | 22. august 2013

I don't believe they have a store in Hong Kong, just a service center.

It just says you can test drive at Cyberport by appointment only.

From the official Tesla website...


Model S is now available for in-person customer demonstrations and test drives in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the first location in Asia where customers can drive on public roads.

Public viewing hours are held at Tesla Motors HK Tsuen Wan Service Center on Tuesday from 10:00am to 6:00pm, holidays excluded. No appointment is necessary.

Test drives are available by appointment Wednesday through Saturday at Cyberport.

Model S reservations can be made via Tesla's Hong Kong website or in-person by appointment.

To find electric vehicle (EV) charging points in Hong Kong, please refer to this map.

You can find owner's voice here:"

If you click the link to the service center, they list an address...

"G/F King Palace Plaza
52A Sha Tsui Road
Tsuen Wan, NT
Map and driving directions"


Toby O | 26. august 2013

"Hong Kong is the first location in Asia where customers can drive on public roads."

Really? They've had two Model S's in Japan for quite some time now, of which I drove one in Osaka on a public road.

Matrix | 28. august 2013

Hi guys in Hong Kong! I was excited about Hong Kong Tesla having available test drives that I booked a flight from 19th - 22nd Sep. Unfortunately upon closer examination, I discovered that only Hong Kong citizens + valid Hong Kong license are allowed to test drive!

Since my flight is booked, I wonder if there are any kind souls in Hong Kong now who is kind enough to go with me to test drive the Model S. You will be driving of course and I will sitting in the back seats. It's not something I would want given that I cant test drive but it's the next best thing and I really don't want to waste my airticket and hotel without getting into a Tesla.

So any kind souls is available from 19th (4pm onwards) - 22nd (2pm) Sep to test drive with me?


Kelvin from Singapore