Can't wait for the website to go down....

Can't wait for the website to go down....

Can't wait for this website to go down overnight. I know that it will mean the Model X is coming online. It may be an inconvenience for an evening, but all of us that visit here regularly will be able to slap our hands together and rub in anticipation. Teslas are still rare in my neck of the woods (Have seen one from a distance). The Model X will spike production and am looking forward to seeing more and more. Best of wishes to all reservation holders and if ever in Gulf Shores, AL -- come and see us. The most beautiful beaches in the world and plenty of chances to charge up with your SUV... | 09. juli 2015

No change in the website today, so far...:-((

johnse | 09. juli 2015

There is no requirement to take down a web site to update it--though it really does depend on how experienced their web developers and deployment/ops folks are.

ian | 09. juli 2015

Maybe not a requirement but there sure is a precedent with Tesla shuttering the sight to make big changes. | 10. juli 2015

No change today, so far.

ian | 10. juli 2015

Fingers crossed for Sunday night so Monday when ken and I wake up on our birthday it's there in all it's glory! ;-)

ken | 10. juli 2015

@ian, it will be have faith. We can celebrate our birthdays along with an early one for Red Sage. I'm still hoping that Iowa92x got it right.

KyleGoss | 10. juli 2015

I highly doubt the website is just going to go down without notice and all of the sudden the design studio pops up. More likely, Elon will tweet something about an event for founders car deliveries where the final design will be revealed. Then the first batch of signature holders will receive an email that it is time to configure their cars. Based on previous events, I would assume the tweet and follow up email invitations for the event will come about week before the event happens.

ian | 10. juli 2015

Hey Kyle! Don't rain on our parade! :-P

Yes, you're more than likely correct. I'm way past (like a year or so at least) being rational about how this will play out. Just want the damn thing! Ha! ;-)

TonyInNH | 10. juli 2015

From the Model X page...

"More details will be announced as production nears."

Yeah, right!!!

ian | 10. juli 2015

More like, "More details will be announced when production STARTS!"

And the unwritten part, "Because we don't even know the details yet."

ken | 10. juli 2015

Kyle, Kyle, Kyle...please leave logic out of this, the reveal will be on Monday, Ian and my birthday.

Iowa92x | 10. juli 2015

I believe the X studio will go live on the 10th, since X ~ 10. But unsure month, maybe Aug or Sept?

vandacca | 10. juli 2015

I can't believe how silly everyone is acting. X is obviously a variable, to signify that the release date is variable. The release date has been Dec 2013 to September 2015 and everything in between. It is based on a complex function that includes the following parameters:
- leap year
- El Nino
- number of sunny days in California
- number of successful SpaceX launches
- phase of the moon
- the number patentable ideas from George Hawley
- the number of times Elon Musk gets re-tweeted
- Nikola Tesla's Age (if he were still alive, currently 159)
- the number of years left before machines revolt against humanity
- the last 10 digits of pi

Only when the above 10 parameters are just right, will the X be revealed.

Red Sage ca us | 10. juli 2015

"Computer, please calculate the value of 'π' to the final decimal place." -- Leonard Nimoy as Spock, 'Star Trek'


Brian Vicars | 10. juli 2015

I agree, this is utter silliness. How childish. This forum has got me so wound up in anticipation on the Model X release. I have decided to suspend all other activities for the next 60 days so that I can remain online until the Design Studio opens.

drmatt26 | 10. juli 2015

Holy crap Iowa -

X = 10
Today is July 10
Nikola Tesla's birthday
Mercury can be seen "falling" in the morning sky all this weekend and next week - a reference to climate change?
Lady Godiva rides naked on horseback through Coventry this day in 1040, clearly an inspiration for the Model X to begin with.

It all makes sense - the reveal will be this weekend!

Time to don my tin foil hat and start incessantly refreshing the Model X subsite :-D | 10. juli 2015

Is production near yet?

ken | 10. juli 2015

We need to hear from some of the attendees at the Tesla Motor Club Conference, they were doing factory tours today and tomorrow. What did they see? However, as stated, Monday the 13th is the day!!

ian | 10. juli 2015

Well. Over at wart reports that they are trying to schedule a factory tour and have been told that there will be no tours the week of August 10.

This is the first full week after the most likely date they will be releasing the Q2 financials. Sorry ken. Elon doesn't love us. :-(

ken | 11. juli 2015

@ian, this is confusing because the attendees at the TMC Conference were allowed to signup for a factory tour as part of the conference. Maybe because of the conference they were not allowing other tours.

teslagiddy | 11. juli 2015

Umm, I think the site will go down AFTER Model X order page goes live due to people like ourselves flooding it. I hope Tesla allows for all the increased bandwidth.

ian | 11. juli 2015

Yeah, should have made the trip down tor TMC Connect. Would have been fun and interesting.

ken | 13. juli 2015

Expect the site to go down any minute now!

ian | 13. juli 2015

Happy Birthday ken!

Nothing new yet. Day is still young though! ;-)

ken | 13. juli 2015

Thanks, yup, day still young. Happy Birthday to you ian, and while I'm thinking of it, to Red Sage for tomorrow. Can't believe that Elon will let us down. | 13. juli 2015

@flash: Is there still an eatery called Mikee's in Gulf Shores? If so, maybe you could entice Elon to cooperate with a complimentary Gulf shrimp entree?

clublon | 13. juli 2015

Site is loading slowly today. Everyone must be coming here to see if Ken's prediction that the site was going active today is accurate.

ian | 13. juli 2015

Is it just me or have the headlights in the X and S on the X page always been on? I don't recall seeing that before. ;-)

larmorfreq | 13. juli 2015

Messing around with the order link for MS, seems very slow and not responsive... time for MX? or local webstore glitch...

grant10k | 13. juli 2015

@ian, They've always been on. This is from 2013:

ken | 13. juli 2015

Headlights are alerting us to the coming MX, later today.

Svenssons | 13. juli 2015

@ken and @ian Happy birthday! It is also my birthday and I still hope the Design Studio will open today, 23:37 here in Sweden now...

ian | 13. juli 2015

Damn. Thanks for the reality check grant10k.

rpc8169 | 13. juli 2015

@clublon Yep, I've noticed that too. Anyone else refreshing the MX page hoping something new comes up?

Daniel_L | 13. juli 2015

Bad news for us "normal" reservation holders. Got of the phone with a Tesla Motors representative which told me that the deign studio will open up first for signature reservation holders and then for "normal" reservation holders and the public. Disappointed, was hoping for better news. | 13. juli 2015

We will follow @ken's progress with great anticipation. Ken, please keep us informed as you advance through the process to help the lesser beings be better prepared for the anticipated ordering experience.

ken | 13. juli 2015

@George, I will be happy to do so, but .... remember my sequence number is a little under 1500 which means that the design studio won't open to me until late in the Signature game. We need to look to someone that has a Signature sequence number in the first 500 or so to get the early scoop.
@Svenssons, Happy Birthday! I supporse by the time you get this in Sweden, your birthday will be past.

I am sure the early Signature reservation holders will let the rest of us know as soon as it becomes available. My guess on the design studio was 7/24. | 13. juli 2015

@ken: What's the point of making any Sig reservation holder wait longer than any other one?

Rajkrishnan9 | 13. juli 2015

Did the grill change on X Web page

ken | 13. juli 2015

@George, I am not sure that they will but I am assuming that they will take 250 or so at a time, but maybe I am wrong.

timf2001 | 13. juli 2015

Reservation numbers only determine when you are allowed to order, not when your car is built. In order to give early reservation holders a better chance of getting early production, reservation holders will need to be released in waves as they were for Model S. Orders are then batched in the sequence that makes for the most efficient production and are shipped and delivered as they are finished.

ken | 13. juli 2015

@timf, you maybe correct but here is a direct quote from the message that I received when I upgraded to the Signature. "Your reservation Confirmation Number is the number we use to track your account". "Your Reservation Sequence number indicates your place in our reservation queue and the order in which you'll be invited to finalize your Model X configuration, options, and packages." That may be saying the same thing.

teslagiddy | 13. juli 2015

...and I thought waiting for my MS to be built and delivered was torture. I wonder if it would allow me to move to front of the queue if my therapist sends a note to Tesla: "doctor's orders, this patient is a basket case, needs to get his MX ASAP." Of course, everyone on these forums is going a little crazy with anticipation.

Detroit SuperCharger | 14. juli 2015

Not even a reservation holder yet, yet I'm incessantly checking the site and forums and Elon's Twitter account for the slightest peep. Tesla's birthday REALLY would have been perfect. Maybe they're saving that for the Model 3 launch day :)

ken | 14. juli 2015

Heart broken. Today is Red Sage's day, Happy Birthday!

Daniel_L | 14. juli 2015

I am not a reservation holder either (wife says it is not smart to put down $5000, I don't agree but you know how it goes), but have settled on purchasing a model x to replace our 2013 Infiniti. It will be her car and she says she doesn't want to join all the "hype" surrounding the car and that we will get it when we get it. So I'm stuck waiting for it to open up for the public :(

Red Sage ca us | 14. juli 2015

Happy Birthday, President Gerald Ford!

Daniel_L: You realize, of course, the narrative will be that it was your fault your Wife had to wait until August 2016 to get her Model X, right?

Happy Bastille Day, anyone who cares! | 14. juli 2015

@Red: Happy birthday: Also happy Bastille Day. Today the Bastille came down. The Tesla website? Not so much. I join the other optimistic losers.

ian | 14. juli 2015

Happy Birthday Red! And the many other July 14th baby's in my circle. Happy Bastille day as well!

Need to check out here a bit which means it will likely be the time more info comes out. You know, according to that guy Murphy anyway. ;-)


DriverZ | 14. juli 2015

@Ken: I have been signature #228 since November 2012.
Still no design studio for me either.

Instead I got an email for a July 17-19 event celebrating one billion electric miles driven by Model S cars.

I predict nothing until the last day of Q3, then delivery of the Founders' cars. I suspect they want to sell as many Model S as they can before the Model X comes out.